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I'll Remember April

I'll Remember April(1945)

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The distinguished Mr. Garfield, a member of Equity Trust's board of directors, is summoned to an emergency meeting, at which Henry Childs announces that he has stolen $6 million of the board members' money and lost it on the stock market. The board agrees to give Childs thirty days to try to recoup the loss. This shocking news causes Garfield to suffer heart pains, and he sadly admits to his doctor that he had foolishly invested all his money with Childs and is now penniless. The next day, Garfield's eighteen-year-old daughter April is celebrating her birthday by singing in a recital at her exclusive girls' school in Vermont when she receives a telegram summoning her to her father's side. April tells her father she plans to support them by finding work as a singer. She then turns on her favorite radio program, Mike Goes to a Party , in which host Dave Ball and his sidekick Shadow broadcast live from a different location each Wednesday night. While covering a bond rally, Dave is approached by rival reporter Bill Winchester, who has borne a grudge against Dave ever since Dave scooped him on a big story. The following week, April is in attendance when Dave and Shadow broadcast from a honky-tonk café. Dave gives her an opportunity to sing on the air, and after telling him that her name is April Smith, she happily accepts. The next morning, Dave is called into a meeting with his boss, J. C. Cartright, and some executives from the show's sponsor, Polo cigarettes. The sponsors rave about April, and Cartright threatens to fire Dave if he does not sign her for the station's band program. While Shadow is calling every Smith in the phone book, a messenger secretly informs Bill's assistant Whisper about the search for April. Bill is delighted by Dave's predicament, and that night, he broadcasts a request for April to call him. April promptly responds, and Bill has Whisper hide the girl at her apartment, where he soon joins them and calls Dave to gloat. Later, Shadow learns Whisper's address and enters her apartment disguised as a chambermaid. April confides that she will appear on Bill's program that night, and Shadow reports to Dave, who quickly hatches a plan. That night, Dave and Shadow intercept April, telling her that Bill asked them to escort her to the broadcast, and smuggle her into their station's recording studio. When April sees the call letters on the microphone, she realizes she is recording for the wrong station, but sings anyway. After her performance, Dave tells her the truth, and April brings him home to meet her father, who describes the Equity Trust situation, adding that Childs's thirty days are up the following Wednesday. On Wednesday, Dave and Shadow plant a microphone in the Equity Trust boardroom and hide in the next room as Childs regretfully announces that he has been unable to make good on the lost money. Suddenly, the lights go out and a shot is fired. When the lights come back on, Childs is dead, and suspicion falls on Garfield. Vowing to find the real murderer, Dave seeks assistance from Bill, and after a thorough investigation, the two reporters identify a suspect. For his next broadcast, Dave returns to the honky-tonk, where he engages the board members in a reenactment of the crime. When Joe Billings, a window washer at Equity Trust and a regular patron of the café, tries to sneak out, Bill wrings a confession from him. The police arrest Billings, and as Dave and April embrace, Shadow speculates that "Mike" may soon go to a wedding.