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I Married a Witch

I Married a Witch(1942)

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  • family bond

    • a.morris
    • 6/1/18

    and with this union..the grand child known as bewitched..

  • Heavy Film

    • Dan Donian
    • 5/6/18

    A great "witch tale' from 1942, the same year that Lake made Gulliver's Travels and 3 other movies, quite a "busy beaver".I forgot where I read this but Veronica Lake was mad at Fred March so she tied a 20 pound weights to her for when March had to carry her and apparently made quite a big difference as March was a lot older than her and she was mad at his being a "stuck up actor" as the story goes!

  • Enjoyable

    • Calvin
    • 9/18/17

    This is a fun movie. Frederic March and Veronica Lake work well together and it is all innocent fun as it twists some of the history of witch hysteria in colonial New England. Cecil Kellaway is also good in this movie. This film makes a great escape on a rainy afternoon or late at night. It's really quite charming and it is funny.

  • I love this Movie

    • Stephen
    • 3/1/13

    First saw this movie on TCM awhile ago....I Love Veronica Lake...She was so good in this movie. The movie in general is so entertaining. Matter of fact the whole cast was perfectly cast.

  • blackout

    • PJ
    • 3/1/13

    Would enjoy reviewing. It does look like a charming movie, with which was looking forward to sharing a cup of tea and my knitting, but, it was blacked out. Why are some movies blacked out?

  • I Married a Witch (1942)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 4/18/12

    I greatly admire Fredric March's talent as an actor but why he agreed to do this film I'll never know. (Maybe he was really bewitched? Maybe the audience was too ...) This movie is completely unfunny, has the dullest, flimsiest plot ever, and while Veronica Lake is, er, shall we say "unique" (and perfectly cast as a b ... I mean, witch) she is also unbelievably annoying. No wonder actors never wanted to be in a movie with her more than once. Horrible directing rounds out this, surely the most well-liked terrible movie ever made. If you want to see a fantasy movie with real humor and a point to it, do yourself a favor and check out Fredric March in "Death Takes a Holiday" instead.

  • Veronica!

    • Jimmy Johnson
    • 11/8/11

    This was my introduction to Veronica Lake and I've been obsessed ever since. She was only 19 when she did this movie, and her beauty is astounding. This was my favorite of the films Veronica was in, a fun, charming, and delightful presentation that makes you feel good. I am forever a loyal fan of Veronica!!!

  • I Married A Witch

    • David
    • 10/1/10

    This is one of the most charming movies. Great direction by Rene Clair and what a cast, Veronica Lake and Fredric March. Somewhat reminds me of "Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid", fanciful and fun, things we all dream of.

  • I Married A Witch

    • Beverly
    • 9/14/10

    total chaos crashes upon a a man in love and revenge from a ghosts ancestor backfires, when he's daughter falls for the victim! It's hilarious and sweet!

  • perfect!!

    • Dawn
    • 7/17/10

    This movie is so sweet and devilish in a good way devilish, at the same time. I first saw this movie when I was a teenager and now I am 46 and have just loved this movie ever since then. And for it to go DVD it would be great for everyone to buy it and watch it and if they don't want to at the time pop the DVD in the machine and happen to catch it on TCM would be great too!! So you can tell I love this movie also!!!


    • 6/13/10


  • I Married a Witch

    • msmarian
    • 5/15/10

    I was quite young, probably around 10 when I saw I married a witch on TV. I loved it! And looked to see it again for years since. So sorry to see it is not available, maybe someday soon?Msmarian

  • A 9-year old's review

    • Thomas
    • 1/23/10

    I couldn't sleep one night and caught my mom getting ready to watch this movie. I was 9 years old. The lightning coming out of the tree scared the wits out of me and I couldn't sleep well for weeks! What I remember most is how pretty Veronica Lake was and the fun mischief she got into with her future hubbie. I learned a lot about story-telling from the film since the whole "girlfriend as a witch" idea blew my little mind. The blend between dead spirit and real life is interesting in this story. A contemporary similar "movie story" would be "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir," where the corrupting influence is the man. As a woman, Veronica Lake could be much more sexually aggressive than Edward Mulhare could be as "The Captain." I loved this film and wondered what the title was for years. Finally I found it! Im looking forward to seeing it someday again.

  • I Married a Witch (1942)

    • James Higgins
    • 1/14/10

    Whimsical comedy, quite enjoyable. A sort of predecessor to the TV show "Bewitched". Good cast, but there wasn't much charisma between Fredric March and Veronica Lake, even though both are well cast. Nice effects, good atmosphere. Well written. Clever and entertaining.

  • Great classic Veronica Lake flick

    • Craig S Travis
    • 12/9/09

    I married a witch has everything - comedy, love, romance, great actors and a wonderful story line with a superb ending. Please show this one.... it's the only real place I can introduce family to this classic! I have seen it through the years and it always brings a smile. Please, please put this movie on soon!

  • a jem

    • maureen
    • 8/15/09

    a jem Veronica Lake is a great actress this is a jem "waaaaallly"!!! So Proudly We Hail is another great one she did an awesome job in that too.

  • please listen to us mr turner!

    • brigette banks
    • 6/30/09

    this movie is great. the cast is super and story is funny. i own this movie on vhs and now i need it on dvd. i love to watch it during any type of election, thanks for listening.

  • I Married A Witch

    • jim
    • 6/14/09

    I wish there were more people interested in preserving Veronica's movies.With a few exceptions it is very difficult to find Miss lakes work on either DVD or VSH.I Married A Witch is one movie that will most likely be released in the near future, hopefully other titles will also be saved. With the anniversary of Veronica's death fast approaching(7/7/77)it would be am tribute to this fine acttress if TMC would broadcast some of her movies for those of us who refuee to let her memory fade into history.

  • Please release this movie on DVD!!

    • MaryAnne Phillips
    • 2/17/09

    This movie trumps all the "witch/mortal" movies ever made, and should be released in light of the popularity of "Twilight" and other supernatural romantic movies. In comparison, the quick dialogue and extraordinary star power of the cast puts to shame all the more recent offerings. Please get this into your next catalog!


    • Angela
    • 10/30/08

    I Married A Witch, needs to be released on DVD. Today on October 30 would have been the perfect day to release it because it was this date in 1942 when it was released and perfect timing FOR HALLOWEEN!!!!!

  • Another classic

    • marilyn
    • 7/27/08

    that needs to be made available for more people to see. It is a cute movie, but not too cutesy that you'd be sickened to watch it. Anyway, if anything it's the great Frederick March, and the beautiful Veronica Lake. Why not give it your time? If you liked 'Bewitched', at all, then this definitely is a movie for you, w/o as much campiness.

  • Why not on DVD?

    • doc
    • 1/23/08

    Clair's skilled direction of Lake and March makes the seemingly incompatible pair practically waltz through the film. I think the film is a subtle meditation on intolerance, gender, marriage and female empowerment, all lightly worn as a jeu d'esprit kind of comedy. Perhaps all men secretly think (and fear) all women are witches. And the last scene en famille is quite interesting. Veronica's hair is great, too.

  • I Married a Witch

    • Heather
    • 12/27/07

    I wish this was available on home DVD. I would buy two copies, just in case something happened to the first! I love this movie. What more can I say!

  • Great Movie

    • Angie
    • 10/27/07

    I love this movie. Veronica Lake is fanastic. This is one of those movies you can't help, but watch over and over. Too bad it's not on DVD yet.

  • Charming & Entertaining!

    • Alicia
    • 9/12/07

    March & Lake were perfect together,& the actor who played Lake's father was just wonderful. This movie made me laugh out loud several times.

  • Funniest Movie!

    • John
    • 6/18/07

    Veronica Lake is HOT!

  • Bewitched!

    • jacqueline
    • 10/16/06

    I LOVED this movie -- just realized it was the movie used to make my all time favorite sit-com- BEWITCHED!!! I am hoping it will be released on DVD.

  • My favorite childhood movie!

    • Gloria Bernal
    • 1/30/06

    My sisters and I watched it every time it was on early TV. A fantasy, fun, fairy tale type movie, but clean and romantic. I would like a DVD copy of it.


    • Sindi Venus
    • 1/27/06

    This is a highly amusing comedy with Veronica Lake who plays a witch released, along with her alcoholic father, who trouble a descendent of the man who imprisoned them in a tree 300 years earlier.Fredric March plays a politician who falls in love with her.I recommend it for someone who wants to watch a light hearted comedy and enjoys happy fairy tales.

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