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  • Chills and thrills for a sixth grader

    • Tom Kennedy
    • 6/16/14

    Ok I saw this film when I was 12 and in the sixth grade. I found it thrilling and while I had seen Ms Day in films like "On Moonlight Bay" and loved her as the perfect big sister , the film and Ms. day's performance made me steal a few minutes in class to write and join her fan club! I think it was seeing Doris in a role that accentuated her strength and courage while simultaneously allowing her to be extremely vulnerable. She also sports the latest "Italian" hair cut I think invented for Audrey Hepburn and looks smashing.As an adult the film may not hold up - I can't get it anywhere to judge- but if you love Ms Day you don't want to miss this performance. As she and I age, I have grown to love all that she has given us over the years and wish her peace and serenity in her old age!

  • far better than originally rated.

    • Kick Hayes
    • 6/15/12

    "Julie" is an excellent suspense film with outstanding performances by Doris Day and Louis Jourdan, who is creepy as a homocidal maniac.

  • Doris isn't a studio singer in this thriller

    • megan
    • 6/1/12

    Worth viewing at least once;

  • One of the first tales of stalking

    • lynnej
    • 4/5/12

    This is a great movie, very suspenseful. It was refreshing to see Ms. Day in one of the few performances that isn't sunshine and roses.This shows her range. Mr. Jourdan was a delicious psycho. He played this part very well. Mr. Sullivan was also great as a supporting character. This is a must see movie for anyone that likes suspense driven movies.

  • Finally! I can't believe it!

    • KonaRose
    • 4/5/12

    It's on TCM FINALLY! I have waited for this for years, years years! Thank you for showing it, and for whomever decided to convert it to DVD. I so love this movie, from the first time we saw it back in the 1980s. It took years to find out the title since I missed the beginning of it and internet was not available. I asked so many store clerks in video stores and fell flat. Not it's on TCM and I am head over with chills watching it!!!!Doris Day is completely believable in this role, trying to outrun a jealous, murdering husband, and the police are realistic in that they admit that there is nothing they can do about it. You feel on the edge of your seat as the tale winds around highways, streets, hotels, airports and even onto a plane. I loved it then, I love it now, and can't wait to buy it on DVD.Doris Day - you are an amazing woman and actress and forever in my heart. Thanks so much TCM!!! (PS Love you Robert Osbourne)

  • Great Suspense!

    • katsummers
    • 2/17/12

    If you've ever lived in an abusive relationship, this film will strike so close to home the hair on the back of your neck will stand on end.

  • A Superior Thriller

    • KonaRose
    • 4/25/11

    I first saw this movie in the 80s. It left a permanent positive impression!Doris Day's character is serious, dramatic, believable. Her husband, played by Louis Jourdan, is controlling and psychotic. After she learns he murdered her husband in order to marry her, her suspicions are confirmed and she plans to escape. The movie keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, as the tension builds all the way to the end of the movie.It is too bad that the movie is not easily found for purchase because it is a classic suspense film.

  • Julie (1956)

    • Celia Trimboli
    • 12/9/10

    Minor Doris Day suspenser. In the movie her husband is a nutzoid who is jealous of the very air she breathes. Naturally he figures if she won't live with him, she won't live.

  • Better than you thought!

    • KonaRose
    • 6/11/10

    Who would have thought that Doris Day, lady of fun song and dance, comedies and romance, could dig deep inside of her to play the wife of a controlling, abusive murderer? And now he is after her. Constantly on the run, he one step behind her, 'Julie' is tormented by her psychotic husband, his stalking, his phone calls, the insane music he blares outside her hotel window... it goes on and on, until - you have to watch the end to see how this one ends! And yes, this is a nail biter, but just eat lots of popcorn instead. You will not be disappointed - the original, the one and only, JULIE!

  • Julie (1956)

    • James Higgins
    • 4/13/10

    Doris Day's husband reveals a disturbing secret and then begins to terrorize her. This is one of Doris Day's few films I did not think was good. This thriller is just too melodramatic and far fetched. It is occasionally suspenseful but usually it is predictable. Some good cinematography though. Day even gets a bit annoying at times, and her performance is a little too over the top. The title song and the writing were nominated for Academy Awards.

  • I was rooting for Louie Jourdan!

    • Richard
    • 3/29/10

    I was looking forward to seeing this movie, but I was greatly disappointed. The most shocking thing about the film is how bad Doris Day is! Her performance lacks any honest emotion and her breathy line delivery becomes extremely annoying. A weak script with it's too frequent and laughable narration, read by an over-acting Day, help make this "suspense" film a boring waste of time.

  • 50's Stalker Film

    • Bruce Reber
    • 3/29/10

    "Julie" (1956) is probably the first "Stalker" film. It's a very suspensful story of an airline flight attendant (or stewardess, as they were called then) trying to escape from her insanely jealous concert pianist husband. Doris Day gives one of her best dramatic perfromances of her career as woman in danger Julie Benton, and Louis Jourdan is very creepy in his performance as Lyle Benton, her psycho husband. The film follows Julie' failed attempts at getting away from Lyle (he seems to show up wherever she goes), her trying to get the police to believe that her husband is trying to kill her, and the climactic final scene when she has to land a plane full of passengers by herself after the pilot is killed and the co-pilot is seriously wounded after being shot by husband Lyle before being killed himself. Also, "Julie" is one of the few Doris Day films (in fact I think the only one) where she doesn't sing. I saw a colorized version on TNT way back in 1990 with commercials and editing, and I really like seeing it on TCM in B&W and uncut. I would like to see it on DVD. FYI Shirley, you're reviewing the wrong film. I've seen "Midnight Lace" , and it's another great woman-in-danger film starring Doris Day, but the film being reviewed here is "Julie".

  • Bleh!

    • elaine
    • 3/28/10

    I had high hopes for this film, given that it's a suspense story (a favorite genre of mine) and it stars Louis Jordan (a hunk in any language). But this film is a real turkey.There's all manner of plot holes and logic problems, and that's why I'm giving it such a low rating. To begin with, the film establishes from the outset that Julie has suspicions about the death of her first husband Bob. Yet, for some unknown reason, she doesn't seem to question the reason for his "suicide" until she's married to someone else. And the guy she marries was a houseguest at the time of her first husband's death...What possessed her to marry Lyle? Or question his motives now?There's suspense, but much of it is based on sheer stupidity. For instance, when Julie decides she must leave her husband -- he's just left the house and she figures she has 20 minutes -- rather than jump in the car and LEAVE, she wastes time packing a bag. Really? You're in desperate fear of your life and you have to get away NOW, and you spend valuable time packing a bag? Needless to say, the husband comes back (unkown to her) and does something to the car (removes a couple spark plugs or something) and keeps her from using it.So then she could use the phone to call someone, but she just heads off on foot, somehow managing to find a car to hitch a ride from, even though it appears to be a fairly lightly travelled road.Her husband repeatedly demonstrates a preternatural ability to locate her, which stretches the limits of plausibility. For instance, when she goes to San Francisco and checks into a large hotel under an assumed name, somehow her husband not only knows where she is, but what name she's using. He manages the same feat when she's under police protective custody!Also, except for the characters of Cliff and Lyle, much of the acting is pretty bad, particularly from leading lady Doris Day.Would be a much better film, without all the stupid plot holes.

  • midnight lace

    • shirley
    • 3/28/10

    great movie with doris and rex harrison. good suspense would like it available on dvd. made in 1960.does anyone remember this movie?

  • The suspense and tension never lets up

    • catlady4ever
    • 8/12/08

    This was on TCM yesterday (8/11/08)... I saw it once before a long time ago but didn't remember too much of it so it was as much a nail-biter last night as it was the first time I watched it. Doris Day is absolutely believable as a terrified woman in fear of her life. She plays her part so plausibly you can actually feel her panic! I found myself sitting on the edge of the couch hoping she would outwit her husband and that he would not kill her. I also loved the setting at the beginning of the movie (somewhere near Monterey). This is one of the most suspenseful woman-in-distress type movies I've ever seen. Doris Day truly set the precendence for actresses who followed her (and not just in this movie!)

  • A different side to Doris Day

    • Blakeney
    • 8/11/08

    I never liked Ms. Day's "fluff" movies, and I think with good reason. Movies like this show she was capable of serious acting in an engrossing film.It does have its melodramatic moments (this may be the first use of the old film cliche that the hero of the story has to land an airplane because the pilots are incapacitated).But it is a wonderful film that will keep your attention and make you care about the characters (I can't even remember the last time that happened in a modern film).And I agree with Linda 06. The first time I saw this, I was struck by the police station scene and the open and honest discussion of such a "modern" topic as spousal stalking. It was disturbing, too to hear the police in the film (remember this is 1956), say that there was not much they could do and that very often these cases lead up to the wife's death. It made me wonder how many decades of frightened women (and maybe men as well, for all I know) had to go into hiding and fear for their lives before this became a recognized crime.


    • sally
    • 6/8/08

    This should be released on DVD for the public to enjoy.

  • This movie is important for women to see

    • Linda06
    • 7/17/07

    This movie is somewhat melodramatic, but the storyline is important for modern women to see. Everyday, in our media we see husbands such as Julie's and the havoc, the terrible destruction that they inflict on the women in their lives. As often as we see it- little is done- women must see this kind of possessiveness for what it is, and what it can do to their lives.

  • Julie and Doris Day

    • Dave
    • 2/3/07

    TCM once showed a colorized version of was even on e-bay but I was out was issued in colorized....a technique where each original black and white frame is colorized....many purists hate the technique but Doris Day was soooo popular that it was inevitable that it was colorized....TCM is genius at getting old Movies restored and Robert Osborne is a phenomenal host....he adds so much to the entire channel. You can thank Turner for getting Julie released in the first place on VHS back when they owned the MGM library of Movies and for restoring my all time favorite DD movie, Love me or Leave Me.

  • Julie - In color (?)

    • Maranda
    • 1/24/07

    The first time I saw this movie,I swear it was in color. I somehowremember the lovely scenery, ocean view,etc. being in color and Doris Daywearing a green suit. Information I have been able to find tells me otherwise.The next time it was shown was in black and white.Color or not, great movie and Miss Dayis once again a winner.

  • Serious Doris Day

    • Lori
    • 8/17/06

    Give viewers a chance to see Doris Day in a different light. This is a really good movie! And I was impressed by the casting story and all the actors in this film. Also the black and white captures a feel that would not have been as good had it been in color. Good flick!

  • Julie a must see suspense thriller

    • Javasa
    • 2/25/06

    I love suspense and this movie really takes me there. This movie hits the floor running. BAM! it's nonstop edge of your seat roller coaster suspense from the first scene. As the story unfolds its characters the suspense builds!Oustanding dialog, great acting, and socially appropriate subject matter with a nice hollywood spin...Unlike most of todays movies{not put together well filled with bad dialog, unless flesh scenes, and valueless exposions}to boring--so predicable.....Julie is fast tight and unpredicable....

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