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Horror of Dracula

Horror of Dracula(1958)


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    • VIN
    • 10/12/18

    I'm so happy this classic is on TCM on demand. I missed it the other night and was really bummed out! My father took me and my brother to see it when it was first released and I remember it scared us a lot! I have not viewed it since. I'm going to make a big bowl of popcorn and watch it tonight - sure hope it held up after all these years!

  • The strong, silent type

    • Thomas Anthony DiMaggio
    • 10/9/17

    I love the Christopher Lee vampire movies (most of them, anyway) ; but I'd give a good deal to have been present at Lee's first conversation with director Terence Fisher after he read the script for the first time:LEE: "Terry, old boy, I have this rather good opening scene with Harker that gets the ball rolling."FISHER: "That's right, Chris."LEE: "But then -- and do tell me if I've missed something here -- I DON'T SPEAK ANOTHER WORD FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE FILM !!!"FISHER: "Oh." (long pause). "Didn't your agent tell you that?"LEE: "No, he didn't. That's the sort of thing I feel reasonably certain I'd have remembered...""The Horror of Dracula" is, as far as I know, the only film of the sound era whose title character is onscreen throughout the movie, and yet never speaks at all after his entrance. Does anyone know of another?

  • A Must-Air Every October!...

    • joe santus
    • 12/4/16

    The Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing pairing which electrifies this version of Bram Stoker's classic is what made me a lifelong fan of the vampire, especially the Dracula, genre. Thank you, TCM, for your continued scheduling tradition of making October "Halloween-theme Month" (and making December "Christmas-theme Month"). I look forward to that "monthful of monsters" (and that "monthful of yuletidings") each year.

  • horror of dracula

    • kevin sellers
    • 11/3/16

    Love the Hammer horror films. As "Jekyll and Hyde" had already shown us late Victorian London and Scary go together like sunlight and garlic. So sit back and enjoy the creep show, accompanied by great acting, especially from the dance (macabre) team of Cushing and Lee, wonderfully disgusting special effects, and properly eerie music by James Bernard. Give it an A minus. A bit too much of dull Mr. and Mrs. Homewood (although certainly not their doomed niece Lucy) for an A. P.S. Take heart, Anthony. November and Natalie Wood are just around the corner.

  • I love all the Classic Horror Movies in October

    • Mike
    • 10/24/16

    I feel the need to reply to those criticizing the horror movies in October. Every October, one of the things that I look forward to the most are the classic horror movies on TCM. I say keep them coming.Where else are you going to see Nosfratu, The Black Cat, etc.?Nowhere.Now if we can just get Plan 9...

  • TCM programming

    • anthony
    • 10/24/16

    I love TCM but am constantly shocked by its programing priorities. Why is it that just because this is the month that contains Halloween we must have an almost daily diet of "horror" films? It is not the case that the entire month of December is full of Christmas movies. Between these Christopher Lee movies and the seemingly endless Frankenstein pictures, I, for one, am left with next to nothing to look at for a whole month. Prime time slots are filled up with unwatchable stuff, while GREAT movies like Only Angles Have Wings and Mr Smith Goes to Washington get pushed to the wee hours of the morning or to afternoon slots when most people have to work. Sorry for the rant. TCM really is excellent in so many ways, but this sort of thing is really annoying. This isn't the first time I've written about TCM's often bizarre programming priorities.

  • Great Horror Flick

    • James Mccormick
    • 6/21/15

    I enjoyed Peter cushings part as vanhelsing. The whole show was worth watching for the stars and the great makeup on the guest stars.

  • Puts the bite into the Dracula story...

    • Graham Thomas
    • 10/11/13

    Can you imagine what it feels like to be walking home from the movies through the dusk of a Saturday afternoon in October, leaves swirling around your feet, knowing you are about to die?!?! Better start to run.. You must get home before dark! The heart pounding through your chest, utter fear grips you...Vivid, graphic, streamlined telling of the tale, don't turn the lights out......

  • Horror of Dracula

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 10/17/12

    The best film from "Hammer Horror." Both Cushing & Lee give amazing performances as an expert vampire hunter & the iconic count respectively. The story is altered to accommodate "Hammer's" criteria for blood & sex. A unique telling of Stoker's story, but always entertaining. I give it a 4/5.

  • Fabulous!

    • Princess Ananka
    • 10/17/12

    This is a great example of a very rare remake that can hold its own with the original.Both this 1958 version of Dracula and its l930 original can both be watched and be thrilled.In the Hammer version, we're given stunning color, sets, lighting, script, musical score and best of all a phenomenal cast.Even if we can't see this on a big movie screen, it can hold its on a TV screen. Each of the marvelous performers were veteran stage standouts, some performing Shakespeare, and they knew how to deliver their lines and perform.My favorites are Carol Marsh as the doomed Lucy ("Let's go for a little walk!") and John Van Eyssen, as the tall, elegant Jonathan Harker character. Just watch his eyes bulge in horror when he beholds a blood-dripping, crimson eyed Dracula (played with marvelous over-the-top intensity by Christopher Lee.And that musical score by James Bernard sends chills up your spine--one of the very best scorings in movie history.This is a classic that only grows better with each passing year--and makes one nostalgic for those glorious days when Hammer Studios was giving us one fabulous shocker after another.P.S. If you like this one, you should definitely check out THE BRIDES OF DRACULA--a thriller that can match this one easily.

  • Lee and Cushing

    • Linda
    • 10/15/12

    The atmospheric flavor of Hammer Horror..The color,lighting,costumes,and sets can only be made better with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee as the focal points. Hammer Horror, in my eyes, has always been the best in the genre.And Hammer Horror staring Cushing and Lee is the cream of the crop.

  • Don't Turn the Lights Out!

    • Graham Thomas
    • 10/14/12

    Best and most vivid depiction of the elements in the Dracula story, sorry, Bela. It could be argued the oldies were more atmospheric, largely due to the black and white palette, but I'll take vivid in this case. Truly a classic.

  • Excellent 'Dracula' movie

    • Dan Grissom
    • 8/12/12

    Peter Cushing as Professor Van Helsing and Christopher Lee as Count Dracula; what more could you ask for? These two actors, especially Cushing, really turn in great performances in an interesting retake on Bram Stoker's novel. Being in color helps this film but I think it could have been better if Hammer had some more money to spend in making it. Still it's a very entertaining film. Four stars.

  • Classic Retelling of Dracula(1958)

    • nshepard
    • 12/27/11

    Best viewed on the largest screen possible,"Horror of Dracula" is the model in which Hammer used to develop its horror/monster series. Not unlike Universal, Hammer studios tapped into a new audience with a fresh approach at its; story-telling, and the audiences loved it ! With Dracula(Christopher Lee) larger than life, pitted against the wits of Van Helsing(Peter Cushing) it all adds up to a rousing climatic battle inside the castle of Dracula. Awesome...Two top notch Actors at the top of their game,(close friends in real life), the chemistry shines through, and the viewer gets the full benefit. The story goes Dracula has munchies for some of the local women, and the townsfolk aren't happy about their girls being used in such a disgusting manner. Enter Peter Cushing, one of the Greatest Actors of all time, and you have a lively mix . Technicolor, great script, top notch music score, a wonderful time.Great Direction by Terence Fisher. of Bond fame, too.Highly recommended. 5 stars out of 5. I would give it more but then ...

  • Awesome Hammer Horror

    • R. Craft
    • 10/18/11

    The best I have ever seen this title. I subscribe to TCM HD and the print on Horror of Dracula was absolutely stunning. I have never seen the colors so vibrant. Can't wait to see the other upcoming Hammer Horrors the same way. WoW!!

  • Planetary Alignment

    • Paul Schifino
    • 9/28/11

    Cushing, Lee, Fisher... what else can I say? I love this movie. It is so atmospheric, has such great saturated color, and such suspense. October is always my favorite month, and I squeal whenever I see that Horror of Dracula is listed on TCM. I Love it!

  • Great Drac Flick

    • Bart
    • 10/31/10

    Loved both Lee and Cushing,both incredible actors.Prefer them to other Dracula films.

  • Stake-

    • Nell
    • 10/31/10

    Grat movie,grat casting of both Lee and Cushing,both great actors.

  • British chills

    • Reynard
    • 10/1/10

    This was the first time I was really scared of Dracula. Saw it the first time in Seattle during the world's fair in 1962. Those red contact lenses really did the thing for Chris Lee. Stylish and scarry.

  • Horror of Dracula

    • Connie
    • 9/16/10

    I love this movie! Peter Cushing is fantastic as Van Helsing & Christopher Lee also gives a great performance as well. I can watch this anytime and never get tired of it!

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