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Honolulu Lu

Honolulu Lu(1941)

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When Consuelo Cordoba and her crooked uncle Estaban, who has a penchant for rich widows, dock in Honolulu, Consuelo vows to make an honest man of her uncle. Estaban's promise to reform is shortlived, however, and after he cashes a worthless check for $2,000, Consuelo storms out of their hotel room and returns the cash to the hotel manager. From a drugstore phone booth, Consuelo calls her uncle and tells him that she is leaving him and plans to support herself. At the soda counter, Consuelo meets Skelly, Horseface and Duffy, three sailors who are angry at her for tying up the phone and thus causing them to lose their dates. Consuelo also meets Aloha, who offers to be her maid. When Consuelo observes that she needs a job before she can hire a maid, Aloha takes her to the Blue Chip Cabaret to audition. Impressed by Consuelo's singing and dancing talents, the manager hires her but insists that she change her name to Lu. The sailors who frequent the Blue Chip are a demanding audience, and when Skelly, Horseface and Duffy recognize Consuelo from the drugstore, they begin to heckle her. Consuelo trades wisecracks with them, and soon wins them over with her singing and impersonations of Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn and Adolf Hitler. In Consuelo's absence, Estaban has been courting Mrs. Van Derholt, a society matron who is sponsoring a charity contest that will crown the next Miss Honolulu. While Estaban woos Mrs. Van Derholt, Skelly asks Consuelo, whom he knows as Lu, on a date. They are chaperoned by Horseface and Duffy, and later, a group of admiring sailors invites Consuelo and her friends to a luau. After escorting her back to the Blue Chip, the sailors are approached by two of Mrs. Van Derholt's volunteers. When the girls ask them to buy tickets to the charity contest, Skelly suggests they buy them all and vote for Lu as Miss Honolulu. Mrs. Van Derholt becomes hysterical upon learning of Skelly's plan, thus prompting Estaban to suggest nominating his nice niece Consuelo to defeat Lu as Miss Honolulu. Proposing that they visit the Blue Chip to see their opponent, Estaban is shocked to find Consuelo on stage. At the cabaret, Skelly recognizes Estaban as the card cheat who fleeced him in Atlantic City, but Estaban claims that the sailor has him confused with his black sheep cousin. When Estaban informs Consuelo of his plan to crown her Miss Honolulu, she protests that she wants to win as Lu. In response, Estaban promises to reform and marry Mrs. Van Derholt if Consuelo agrees to continue her double identity. To insure that Lu wins the title, the sailors decide to sell their own tickets to the charity show and make Lu the star. After Consuelo decides that she is tired of being two people, Estaban plots to force her into admitting that she is Consuelo. Estaban informs the police that Lu is a spy, and when Skelly arrives at the club to find the police waiting to arrest her, he tells her to don a sailor's uniform, and they escape out the back door. To get even with her uncle, Consuelo instructs Aloha to bring Mrs. Van Derholt and her society friends to the club and asks Skelly to bring Estaban there, too. Still dressed as a sailor, Consuelo climbs onto the stage and confesses to being two people. After Skelly forces Estaban to tell the police the truth, Consuelo orders him to find an honest job or she will file a complaint against him. Consuelo is then crowned Miss Honolulu to the applause of a cheering audience.