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Holiday Affair

Holiday Affair(1949)

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  • One of My Favorite Movies

    • Jean
    • 1/24/19

    I love this movie!!! It has , in my opinion, the best actors, endearing characters, humor throughout the movie, set in the 1940's black and white, with a common girl dilemma plot-pick the bad boy or the less exciting good guy. It is set in New York City with footage of old Central Park, old store fronts, old double buses, how NYC was in the forties. I make my buttered popcorn ,get comfy and watch it throughout the year. I have watched it so often , I memorized all the lines. lol I agree with others about her choice of picking the bad boy but come on Robert Mitchum, who wouldn't ,and her son already has bonded with him. You only live once so go for it I feel. My only complaint is TCM does not show it often enough, just around Christmas. Come on TCM ,show it all year around!


    • Al
    • 12/24/18

    So just in time for Christmas Janet Leigh chooses the bum she just met over the boring lawyer who's been there for her for years. Ah, the romance! Ah, the holiday joy! So what happens after Christmas? What happens when someone has to pick up the slack for what the lawyer was handling for her before she dumped him? Is Steve going to support them? Is Steve going to handle all their problems? Is she going to support Steve? Hmmm, in romance land, I suppose all of you who love this stupid movie expect the lawyer to continue supporting Janet Leigh and Timmy and now worthless Steve, too.

  • I'll Take Wendell Corey Every Time

    • Tawny
    • 12/14/18

    Hard to decide which character is most annoying here--the widowed mother (Leigh) or her annoying son. A textbook case of what happens when a single person allows their bratty kid to choose their mate. She picks a broke drifter (Mitchell) over a sweet, attentive, handsome lawyer (Corey) who helps her dry the dishes!! And then offers to buy her a dishwasher!! The plot is secondary to the overarching theme of how to choose the wrong life partner. I'll take Wendell Corey, thank you very much.

  • Not a fan

    • Larry
    • 12/2/18

    This movie is ok, but it has an annoying quality that damages it. It may be a woman and main character who cannot figure out whom she wants to marry. It may be a because a decent caring guy is thrown over by the aforementioned woman and on Christmas no less. It may be that the drifter she selects seems just a bit conniving and sinister. It may be that the cute kid has a voice that rivals fingernails on a chalk board or the fact that he basically manipulates all of the adults in the room. Or its may be that this is the only thing I've ever seen where I truly dislike Harry Morgan--or the part he plays. He's a smart ass as a judge and incredibly disrespectful to those standing in front of his bench. He plays a jerk trying to be funny. It's just a dumb role. He is a shadow of Colonel Potter but with absolutely no compassion or class and it ruins the movie. I've never found this to be an endearing or uplifting film.

  • "Holiday Affair"

    • Delores Adams
    • 12/1/18

    I seen this movie about 5 years ago, and I just loved it. Janet Leigh is wonderful in this movie, and Robert Mitchum is one of my favorite actors. It is kind of a Christmas Movie, but not too much. It is funny, and I enjoyed it so much, and can't wait till tomorrow to see it once again.Thank You Turner Classic Movies. Dee Adams

  • Holiday Affair leads to lifetime regrets

    • Nina
    • 12/24/17

    I hate this movie. Why does TCM show it so often? Maybe because it's setting is Christmas, but otherwise this is a movie that sends all the wrong messages for the holiday and especially for life choices. I and every woman I know who had to choose between two suitors--one exciting and the other boring but stable--chose the exciting one only to regret the choice for the rest of our lives. We learned the hard way that exciting men make terrible husbands, while the boring but stable guys make great husbands and fathers. A homeless drifter vs a stable caring man who would make a great father for Timmy? I'd like to see the sequel, after she's been stuck for a while with Mitchum's character. This is a terrible movie for Christmas.

  • Seals in Central Park

    • Jeff Boston
    • 12/23/16

    "Holiday Affair" has mid-1970's written all over it, but it would be titled "Hippie Affair" for marriage would not even be in the cards. Leigh would be the proper-but-bored widow of a Vietnam War hero and Mitchum the carefree, live for today, do what you "feel" exciting dreamer dope with whom she and her boy hops on a 2.5-seat motorcycle on a trip from CA to NY (instead of the other way around) so ol' mom could finally have some fun (forget the kid). "Ditch 'em Mitchum's long hair and tight jeans complete the look. Put essentially the same man in a suit, cut his hair, have him make some astute observations while brimming with confidence in NY (instead of spewing empty 70's "sensitive man" platitudes in CA) and put him on a train - now you have the Christmas look we all want and expect. Corey was cool (in every sense of the word). Leigh a fool (girls just wanna have fun). Morgan makes the movie.

  • Don't Miss This

    • Helen Louise
    • 12/18/16

    This classic is my second all time Christmas favorite and I watch it every year (more than once). The stars all look their best and the acting is spot on. Bob Mitchum is his usual self with a low key, seemingly effortless performance which is of course splendid as always. Janet Leigh is beautiful and perhaps never prettier than here, and her acting is a joy to watch. Who wouldn't want a mother like her? Love the story line and in summary this classic movie is not to be missed.

  • holiday affair

    • kevin sellers
    • 12/24/15

    A subversive Christmas movie if ever there was one, and for that reason a welcome relief from all the usual, gooey holiday dreck one has to wade through this time of year. So glad that sexy, curvaceous Janet Leigh chose edgy, menacing Robert Mitchum over safe, staid Wendell Corey. You can bet your G rating that if this film had been made even five years later, during the complacently suburban 1950s, we'd be subjected to a family values speech by Leigh as she righteously rejects noir for perky. Bravo to the (usually) good screenwriter Isobel Lennart for reminding us that there is more to life (and marriage) than cheery domesticity. Give it a B. (Leigh's kid is too obnoxiously adorable for an A.) P.S. Wonder just when exactly, between 1949 and 1979, that "hobo" turned into "homeless"?

  • An Annual Tradition

    • Jack
    • 4/20/15

    Love watching this film every December, a gem. Janet Leigh, always so beautiful, never looked lovelier.

  • he bought him a train

    • mike bradford
    • 12/21/14

    he bought him a train and feed the squirrel but i think it was a wonderful show of love when he goes to the store owner and wants the money back because the man is poor and he want s him to have the money

  • Not your syrupy Christmas story.

    • Denscul
    • 12/1/14

    I have a bone to pick with TCM and whoever writes the narratives. Wendell Corey plays an attorney, not a boring businessman. Corey, who never seems to get the girl, nonetheless is a successful and inciteful person who realizes that the girl he loves is in love with a man she just met. But since this is a film, where most love stories begin with the belief that love is instantaneous. How else could you explain falling for an unemployed, near vagrant unless he is Robert Mitchum. It the roles were reversed, the film would have died. However, in my book, this is on top of my Christmas list of great films. The scene at the Police station is priceless. I will always remember Henry Morgan, in this role, rather than all his work in MASH.

  • How could anyone overlook this!?

    • Fred
    • 12/17/13

    Amid all the commentary over this simple, lovable yarn.....not one single comment was made over ..... the TRAIN! As a baby boomer who loved toy trains all my life, I noticed the train that little Timmy received (and clumsily broke in his trek back to the department store!) was a highly collectible Lionel Santa Fe Superchief decorated with the classic Warbonnet (red, yellow, silver) color scheme. I would have given my right arm to have one of those as a kid (I was about Timmy's age in 1949)! Probably, when Steve, Connie and Timmy were settled in California in an upper middle class suburb of L.A., Steve and Timmy did what any self respecting father and stepson team would do: They built a big Lionel train layout in their den!

  • One of the Best Holiday Movies!

    • Maria Ramos
    • 9/6/13

    First time seeing this movie and I loved it. How refreshing a Holiday movie about giving instead of getting. Love to see a young Janet Leigh and a loving caring Robert Mitchum! Gerbet, a real scene stealer. I hope to see A Holiday Affair played more often during the Holiday season!

  • One of the Funniest Movies ever made

    • thevanishinglady
    • 5/1/13

    How this is not considered as iconic a holiday movie as miracle on 34th street or it's a wonderful life??? so funny, and sweet. Gordon Gebert as little Timothy steals every scene he's in...but every one is pretty much at the top of their game: Janet Leigh, Wendell Cory & Robert Mitchum. Harry Morgan's cameo at the police station on Xmas morning is hilarious...(A girl...with a balloon on her head!) So grateful to tcm for airing this every CHristmas now, and so sorry I didn't discover until a couple of years ago.

  • favorite holiday movie

    • Ruth
    • 12/16/12

    i discovered this little gem a few years ago and have made sure to watch it every holiday season. Robert Mitchum is one of my favorite actors and I liked this movie because it cast him against type to all his film noir movies. This movie is just charming and harks back to a simpler time and place. Love this movie!

  • Just watched

    • Adam
    • 5/25/12

    This past Christmas was the first time I watched this film and I really enjoyed it... Classic holiday movie.

  • I Love this Movie

    • Denise
    • 1/6/12

    I love this movie because it is essentially about the sweetness of finding love when you least expect it or think you don't even want it. The chemistry between Connie and Steve was intense. It took Steve one afternoon to see through Connie's "wall", which is why she is both intrigued and attracted to Steve, yet scared of him as well. Carl was willing to wait patiently while she continued to keep him at a distance and he never figured her out. Steve Mason is no bum. He is a war veteran who has a plan and a goal for his future. While he was risking his life in the war, Carl was safely in law school. Connie doesn't respect or admire Carl. He is so bland and without passion, that it takes him TWO YEARS to figure out that Connie is not in love with him. He never even gets angry in the courtroom scene when it is obvious that there are real feelings between Connie & Steve. Instead he agrees to DEFEND Steve. He should want to ring his neck with the "loud" tie (that was supposed to be for him) that is a symbol of Connie's "wild & firey love" as Mother Ennis later says. Connie is desperate to "feel" again even though it scares her to death. I think Janet Leigh's choice to wring her hands, tug at her hair, and nervously hug her own body many times was a brilliant way to show her conflicted emotions through body lanuguage. The only time she actually says how she feels is after she returns from the park and everyone is grilling her about Steve and she says "he's going to California and I'm never going to see him again, so you can all stop worrying about him."Moving to CA in 1949 was a stoke of genius because that state experienced boom times in the 50' and 60's. I could see the boat building business becoming very successful. Steve & Connie marry and have more kids and by 1962, Timmy is sufing with the Beach Boys!

  • Rather shallow, but likable.

    • Griff
    • 12/24/11

    The entire story line as a whole is rather unbelievable... a young widow fixated on her deceased husband that allows a drifter to occupy her life, a little boy with filled with over-the-top cuteness and pep, and a serious boyfriend that accepts with a tad too much sophistication the fact that he's being replaced by a bum. But of course, this is fiction, so we'll allow such liberal fantasy. All in all though, the movie somehow works, and the 'courtroom' scene in particular is quite hilarious. Definitely worth watching during the holidays.

  • Holiday Affair (1949)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 12/19/11

    Janet Leigh has her mid-life crisis early and chooses creepy drifter Robert Mitchum over staid Wendell Corey. The seriousness of the whole (gasp!) "comparison shopper" thing leave you kind of scratching your head but I guess you had to be there. Kind of a depressing movie on the whole.

  • Holiday Affair~ Superb Christmas Movie

    • Carolyn
    • 11/14/11

    I watched this movie for my first time on TCM a few years ago and feel in love with it.The movie is brilliant and very enjoyable. I bought it on DVD last year!!My fav Christmas Movie!!

  • Charming!

    • Linda
    • 12/6/10

    I eagerly look forward to this movie every holiday season! It's a wonderful, heart warming story. I love that Connie (Janet Leigh) takes a chance on the more adventurous Steve (Robert Mitchum). Mitch is great in this movie. A holiday classic in my film library!

  • Yin and Yang

    • Marsha
    • 12/5/09

    I agree the wrong guy gets the girl. While I thinkMitchum is handsome and sexy, Corey has a boyishcharm and much more likely to go the distance.

  • Awesome Movie!!!

    • Jenna
    • 12/10/08

    This is such a drastically different role for Mitchum, but he still does an excellant job. Hes really funny in this. It is a heartwarming love story for Christmas.

  • My favorite Christmas movie.

    • Lenny
    • 12/24/07

    Christmas isn't Christmas without this movie and Miracle on 34th St. I would like to see it colorized.

  • Much superior to Miracle on 34th St.

    • Merk
    • 12/23/07

    Well written, with interesting plot twists. Janet Leigh is irrestible and a much better actress than Maureen O'Hara. I wish it would play more often!

  • DON'T LIKE!!!

    • Ginger
    • 12/23/07

    Awful and depressing....Yuck....Robert Mitchum is AWFUL!!! So is Janet! When I first saw it, I thought that it was okay..But when I watched it again, I got so depressed I didn't even want to see Mitchum or Janet again. It didn't have enough Christmas spirit!!!!

  • Great film for the holiday!

    • Sloan
    • 12/20/07

    "Holiday Affair" is one of the sweetest holiday films out there. I just discovered it last christmas and instantly fell in love with the film. Its a lovely film with a lovely cast and story. Its a shame it hasnt been released on DVD. If you ever have the chance to see this film, do it! You will have not regrets.

  • Excellent Movie!

    • Kerry
    • 12/9/07

    I saw this movie the Christmas of 2005 while visiting my parents. I couldn't remember the name but the great members of this website helped me! This movie has been my ritual every Christmas! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the DVD version will soon become available!

  • Wonderful Christmas Classic

    • Art Ciccarelli
    • 11/15/07

    A romantic comedy that begins a week before Christmas and ends on a train New Years Eve.This film is suitable for the entire family and is my list of holiday classics.

  • Such a sweet movie!

    • 12/11/06

    I love this movie! I plan on watching it every Christmas to come as well. The performances were delightful.

  • Should Be On DVD

    • Paul Houlihan`
    • 12/9/06

    This is one of the best Christmas movies and can safely be watched by the entire family. Like the 1951 version of Scrooge and the 1947 version of Miracle on 42nd Street, Holiday Affair should be made available in the original black and white version and then colorized for younger audiences.

  • A Delight!

    • jennifer
    • 12/3/06

    "Holiday Affair" is a wonderful story that illustrates so much of our humanity, our compassion,-and our passions. Our need for sincerity! We want to buy it on DVD!

  • A holiday favorite...

    • Marilyn
    • 11/24/06

    I love this movie and anxiously await it every Christmas. There's the right combination of whimsy, romance, holiday spirit, but with an adult theme that really appeals to me.

  • The Wrong Guy Gets the Girl

    • Ann Brown
    • 9/22/06

    This is a charming holiday film thanks to appealing performances by Janet Leigh, Wendell Corey, and Gordon Gebert. Even the fact that Janet Leigh chooses Robert Mitchum over the more reliable and likeable Wendell Corey (would you place your happiness in Robert Mitchum's hands?), doesn't ruin this fun Christmas movie.

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