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Hold That Girl

Hold That Girl(1934)

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Tony Bellamy, a female reporter for the News Graphic , a New York tabloid, is lured to the apartment of H. Zimmerman, a mad man who has offered the newspaper what seems to be a juicy story. When the lunatic pulls a gun on her, Tony locks herself in the kitchen and scribbles "help" on her panties with lipstick. Barney Sullivan, a plain clothes detective, finds her panties on the sidewalk, rescues Tony and then extorts a date by having her arrested for indecent exposure. After Barney releases her from jail, Tony meets handsome gambler Tom Mallory and helps him fool gold digger Dorothy Lamont, who has been blackmailing a former lover, who is a friend of Tom. Tony then accompanies Barney on a raid of a chorus show that has been designated as lewd, and, in order to get closer to the events, trades places with Bubbles, one of the dancers. In the courtroom, the producer, the five dancers and Tony defend themselves and their art by offering demonstrations of the racy fan dance. The judge, who has been told by Barney about Tony's press affiliations, orders Tony to perform the demonstration, which she does so poorly he fines the producer $500. Barney visits Tony at her home, which she shares with her grandmother and brother, and Tony has him drive her to town where, much to his annoyance, she plans to meet Mallory on his yacht. Mallory declares his love for Tony and says he'll divorce his wife for her, but she wants a more respectable husband, one without mob attachments. Later, Tony tries to get information about a jewelry ring from Barney, but fails as the police and her paper are at war. She finds Barney staking out a jewelry store and sneaks into a limousine parked outside in which jeweler Ackroyd and gangster Red, both involved in the jewelry gang, drive away. As they drive, Red shoots Ackroyd. Tony screams and Red pulls her into the front seat and makes her drive. They arrive at a roadhouse, the thieves's headquarters, and Red goes to see his boss, who turns out to be Mallory. Mallory tells Red to get rid of the woman until he sees that she is none other than Tony. When Tony vows to print the story of the jewelry heist, Mallory begs her to join the mob and save herself. She refuses, so he and Georgie, another henchman, send her off in a car alone, intending to shoot her on the road. As the gangsters pursue Tony, Barney spots their vehicles and joins the chase. When the gangsters come alongside Tony's car to shoot at her, Mallory drives his car between them and is shot, and his car crashes into Georgie and Red's vehicle. Later, on a honeymoon vacation in Atlantic City, Barney and Tony enjoy their rough-and-tumble married life, while Tony's uninformed editor threatens Barney with the Mann Act.