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Hit Parade of 1947

Hit Parade of 1947(1947)

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After her show at the Cameo Club in New York, singer Joan Edwards meets her friends, out-of-work musicians Eddie Paige and Kip Walker. Joan's friend and fellow singer Ellen Baker soon joins them and announces that she has just been fired. The four decide to band together and form a singing and dancing group known as the Tune Toppers. The group enjoys some success performing at local nightclubs, and Kip persuades them to try some more "sophisticated" material. He teaches the group his new song, "Schizophrenia on Park Avenue," whose lyrics include words like "psycho-pathology." Afterward, Kip takes Ellen to a diner, where she orders a hamburger with a slice of raw onion on it. When Ellen notices sheet music for a love song entitled, "I Guess I'll Have That Dream Right Now," Kip confesses that he wrote it for her. When he begins singing the romantic lyrics to her, Ellen casually slips the onion from her burger. Kip interprets this as a sign that she is also interested, and before long, the two become sweethearts. Soon, the group is invited to perform with Woody Herman and his orchestra. On their opening night, however, the group sings one of Kip's new songs, whose sophisticated lyrics consist of insulting remarks directed at members of the audience. After the offended patrons march out of the club, the manager cancels their act. Later, Woody goes to Ellen's dressing room to introduce her to Rodney Huntley, a producer working for Hyperion Pictures. Rod tells Ellen that he would like to turn her into a movie star, but is not interested in the rest of the group. She begs Rod to find jobs for all of them, and swayed by Ellen's charms, Rod agrees, and the entire group travels to Hollywood. At Hyperion Pictures, the group is privileged to meet Roy Rogers on the set of his current western. To keep Eddie and Joan occupied, Rod casts them as extras, while Kip busies himself composing songs. Many weeks later, when Eddie, Joan and Kip realize that Rod was only interested in hiring Ellen, they return home dejectedly. After several weeks searching for someone to replace Ellen, the group decides to disband. Meanwhile, in Hollywood, Rod tells Ellen that he would like to "sign her permanently," or marry her, but she asks for some time to think it over. Later, Kip is asked to perform his love song on the radio. Aware that Ellen often thinks about Kip, Joan phones her and tells her to tune in. Before playing the song on the air, Kip reads a scripted "story" of how he came to write the song, but abandons it in order to tell the real story of his first date with Ellen. As she listens to Kip recalling how she had removed the onion, Ellen realizes that she loves him and decides to relinquish her career so that she can return home to be with him.