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One rainy night, truck driver Joe Harper stops to assist a car stuck in a ditch but is slugged from behind. His truck is then hijacked by thugs Matt and Killer. When Joe reports to Stephen Clark, traffic manager for the J. L. Trucking Co., he meets insurance investigator Digbey, who suggests that because Joe has a criminal record, he might be involved in the hijack. Later, when Joe reports to his parole officer, Arthur Kent, and makes a partial payback of money he was imprisoned for embezzling, he meets Jean, his estranged wife. Jean asks to return to him and they reunite. Meanwhile, Clark, who is in league with Hagen, boss of the hijacking racket, tells Hagen that his company is about to ship a collection of expensive fur coats to San Francisco. After that shipment is hijacked and transferred to another truck, Digbey suspects that someone in the company is passing information about valuable shipments to the hijackers. Clark assigns Joe to deliver the re-boxed furs to another destination in San Francisco but, the police, having found the empty J. L. truck, have set up a road block and Joe is stopped. The police order Joe to open one of the boxes, but the furs are concealed beneath other material, and he is allowed to go. Upon delivering the furs, Joe picks up a load of whiskey for the return trip to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Clark, worried about the activities of the insurance investigator, tells Hagen that he wants out of their deal. However, when Hagen threatens him with Matt and Killer, he agrees to do one more job and tells him about Joe's load of whiskey. When Joe stops at a Gorman coffee shop to fill his thermos, one of Matt's henchmen picks a fight with him so that Matt can slip a drug into his thermos. As Joe drives south, followed by the hijackers, he drinks some coffee, falls asleep at the wheel and pulls off the highway, whereupon Matt and his men take over the truck. The next day, Joe tells Romley, the company's owner, that as he was passing out, he heard a voice which he feels certain he could identify again. However, Joe is once again suspected of being involved in the hijacking and quits the company. After Clark warns him about Joe having heard his voice, Matt sends some of his men to rough up Joe and plant a fur coat in his apartment. Joe realizes that only Romley, Digbey and Clark knew about him hearing the voice. He suspects Clark and breaks into his apartment to look for evidence, but Clark returns before Joe can find anything useful. As he returns home, Joe sees Jean and the fur coat being placed in police custody. Joe then returns to Gorman to try to locate the hijackers, who happen to be there on another job for Hagen, and recognizes Matt's voice. The drugged coffee routine does not work on the new victim, because the trucker breaks his thermos. After Joe hides in the truck's spare tire compartment, the driver sets off, but Matt and the gang drive alongside and, at gunpoint, order the driver to pull over. They then take over the truck and manage to avoid several road blocks and return to a warehouse. After overhearing Matt talking about Clark, Joe slips into an office and calls the police, asking them to trace his call and come immediately to the location. Joe is surprised by Matt and they fight. When one of the henchmen tries to leave in the truck, he crashes into Matt and another cohort, killing them. The police arrive and capture the remaining gang members. Later, Clark and Hagen are arrested and Joe is promoted to traffic manager at J. L. Trucking.