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Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again(1942)

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In celebration of their twentieth wedding anniversary, Fibber McGee and Molly decide to invite their friends to a party. When Abigail Uppington and Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve decline the McGees' invitation because they have reservations at the Silver Tip Lodge in Lake Arcadia, Fibber decides to celebrate their anniversary at the lake. Also at the lake are Charlie McCarthy and ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, who is searching for a silk-spinning moth. After spending a night at the run-down Ramble Inn, Fibber checks in at the exclusive Silver Tip Lodge. When Molly meets her former beau, Otis Cadwalader, in the hotel lobby, Fibber becomes jealous. After the snobbish Abigail Eppington enters the lobby, followed by Gildersleeve, who is there accompanying his sister Jean and her Girl Guides, Fibber, who is broke, tries to impress everyone by renting the bridal suite and inviting them to a party at the hotel that night. Meanwhile, Edgar is in the woods searching for the moth when he is beguiled by Jean and her girls. When he finds a specimin, Edgar rushes back to the hotel to phone the institute while Charlie flirts with the girls. In the hotel lobby, Fibber meets Edgar and invites him to the party. After Edgar returns to his campsite, Cadwalader approaches Fibber and offers to pay him if he can convince Edgar to invest in a synthetic gasoline formula developed by inventor Wallace Wimple. At the party that night, as Charlie continues romancing the girl guides, Fibber talks to Edgar about Cadwalader's scheme. Edgar agrees to write Fibber a check on condition that it not be cashed until he has a chance to investigate Cadwalader. As soon as Edgar walks away, however, Cadwalader snatches the check out of Fibber's hands. As the party progresses, Mrs. Uppington, dressed as an Indian, begins to recite "Hiawatha." In her hand she clutches a branch, and when Edgar notices that the branch is covered with silk worm cocoons, he asks Mortimer Snerd, a scout, where the branches are located. After Mortimer directs Edgar to an Indian reservation, Edgar, dressed as a squaw with Charlie as his papoose, visits the reservation. When the Indians threaten Edgar, he throws his voice to make a totem pole "speak" in his behalf, thus impressing the tribe. As Edgar searches for his cocoons, Charlie makes advances to the squaws, angering the Indians. Fleeing from the reservation, Edgar and Charlie return to their laboratory with the cocoons. Back at the hotel, Fibber tells Molly about his business deal with Cadwalader, and when Wimple confides that the formula doesn't work, Molly approaches Cadwalader about returning Edgar's money. Back at the camp, Edgar is crestfallen when he discovers that the cocoons are too brittle to unweave. Soon after, Fibber arrives at the camp with the bad news about Wimple's discovery. When Fibber accidentally spills the formula on the cocoons, however, Edgar discovers that it releases the silk threads and is delighted. Returning to the hotel to talk to Cadwalader, Edgar and Fibber learn that Molly has driven off in a carriage with him. Edgar and Fibber pursue the carriage on a wagon loaded with dynamite while Jean and Charlie follow by car. The chase ends when Molly pulls the carriage off the road, and the wagon is caught on a ledge of a precipice. All ends happily as Edgar offers to buy the formula, Molly tells Fibber that she wasn't running away with Cadwalader but was driving him out of town to avoid a scandal, and Molly and Fibber, Jean and Edgar embrace to the sound of exploding dynamite.