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After Tim Cramer and his gang of outlaws steal some payroll money from a business in Rockhill, they are apprehended by wandering lawman Whip Wilson. Whip asks Tim how he became involved in the gang, and he replies that he turned to a life of crime after his father, Lou, a blacksmith in Rockhill, was falsely accused of cattle rustling. Tim explains that he learned about the charge through his friend, "Rawhide" Rosie Rawlins, so Whip decides to visit her store when he arrives in town. Posted on the door, Whip finds a note saying that the shop will be closed for the duration of Lou Cramer's trial, which is now taking place at the saloon. There, Whip hears the jury find Lou guilty of the charges, and after judge and Lazy "C" Ranch owner Jeff Nugent sentences Lou to be hanged, Marshal Dean takes the prisoner outside. Whip quickly pulls his bandana over his face and shoots the marshal's gun from his hand. When Lou escapes and takes refuge inside a cabin, the marshal offers a $1,000 reward for his capture. Later, Rawhide tells Whip that she suspects Ace Larabee has framed Lou for deeds committed by his own gang. Rawhide then shows him a letter from an official in Washington, D.C., which says that Larabee has recently taken over the ranchers' mortgages from the bank. Later, Whip tells his friend, Winks, that he believes Tim and Lou are hiding out, hoping to get a fair trial later. After Jeff warns Larabee that he has learned of his criminal record, Whip takes over Lou's job at the blacksmith shop. There, Whip reveals to Jeff his suspicions that the gang has learned that a railroad company plans to build a line through the ranchers' land in the next few months. Just then, the marshal and his men break in and begin shooting. After they chase Whip off, the marshal kills Jeff and then charges Whip with the crime. In the meantime, Whip tells Rawhide that he heard Larabee calling Marshal Dean by the name "Barton" and instruct Libby, the telegraph operator, to relay this information to the county seat. When Libby delivers some food to Lou's hideout, she is followed there by Steve, Ace's henchman. Whip arrives and arrests him, but then Steve's three fellow gang members force Whip to release him. The next day, word arrives from the county seat that the marshal is indeed an impostor. At Jeff's house, Whip finds Steve trying to place two branding irons, which his gang used to re-brand the ranchers' cattle, underneath Jeff's bed. At the saloon, Whip tells Dean and his men that he has learned about Larabee's plot to foreclose on the ranchers. Deputy Marshal Stoner then arrests Dean, who is also known as Hank Babbit and Brad Barton. With the Cramers cleared of all charges, Whip says farewell to all his friends, but promises to return sometime soon.