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The Green Years

The Green Years(1946)

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  • Charles Coburn

    • Ed Griggs
    • 1/23/16

    This is a wonderful movie! Great writing, great casting; great acting! What I liked most, was seeing Charles Coburn at his best: It's great to see Charles Coburn step outside his curmudgeonly, irascible, pig headed, judgmental, bombastic, pompous stereotype! We hardly ever get to see this side of his great range of acting abilities!

  • Should be available on DVD

    • Janet
    • 5/24/12

    Charles Coburn has always been a favorite of mine. Grandpa has a quilt on his bed that is quite beautiful. Hard to believe people were ever this naive. How refreshing and a wonderful escape from all the junk out today. I'd hate for this to be forever lost.

  • The Green Years

    • Mary Leonard
    • 2/14/12

    What an astounding surprise. I had never heard of this film before and it instantly became one of my veryfavorites. A more perfect cast couldn't have been picked. It's a lovely story with wit, humor, love, determination, integrity,surprise and most of all a happy ending which one has been hoping for the wholeway. To me it's a classic and I would buy it for myself and my family. Dean Stockwell steals your heartas does his great grandfather.

  • Cries out for Technicolor

    • Jarrod McDonald
    • 2/18/11

    This film was mistakenly photographed in black-and-white. The relationship between the boy and his grandfather is perfectly captured by Charles Coburn and Dean Stockwell (not so much with Tom Drake in the scenes where he's been aged). I feel as if this is Coburn's best film performance...he deftly combines the absurd and the tragic with this role...he should've won an Oscar for it.

  • The Green years - it really was like this.

    • wh
    • 2/13/11

    This is a marvellous film that ticks all the right boxes. Well-written script, and attention to the smallest detail during filming as well. I lived in Scotland as a child, and was instantly transported back in time as I saw all the values that surrounded me then portrayed so accurately in film. The acting, costumes, set decorating, and lighting were exquisite. Additionally, I struggled with being the kid from another country in both Scotland and then Canada, and was embarrassed and bullied mercilessly during the transition times after each move. The film captured poignantly the emotions and struggles of childhood, while offering hope and comfort without straying too far into sentimentalism. This movie is as close to time travel as I can imagine - and I really hope it becomes available on dvd. I'll be giving everyone a gift of home for Christmas.

  • The Green Years (1946)

    • James Higgins
    • 4/11/10

    An young orphaned boy is mentored by his colorful great grandfather. Beautifully produced, marvelous art direction, the score is excellent and the acting is wonderful. Charles Coburn deservedly received an Academy Award nomination for his performance as the great grandfather. Dean Stockwell shows amazing range for an actor his age. Great story and screenplay. The fine cinematography also received an Academy Award nomination. Wonderfully done in all areas. Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy, Selena Royale, Norma Varden and especially Gladys Cooper give great supporting performances.

  • The Green Years

    • Donna
    • 3/15/10

    I saw this movie for the first time the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would love to add it to my collection of classic movies and sincerely hope it comes out on dvd soon. It's truly a classic worth having. I love Charles Coburn.

  • The Green Years

    • Elsie
    • 3/13/10

    I saw this movie when I was in my early teens and loved it. I did not know it was on TV this morning and wonder if you will have it on again

  • The Green Years

    • Jena
    • 3/13/10

    Very enjoyable movie. Does anyone know if Drake, Robbie as a young man, is related to Liam Neeson? He resembles him so much and even has the same voice.

  • Fine Movie, Some Corrections

    • MikeDudnikov
    • 9/30/09

    This movie is very enjoyable and has a fine cast. However the purpose of this review is to correct some errors in the synopsis. The synopsis lists the Hume Cronyn character as a sanitarium inspector. He is a sanitation inspector, and one can even see on his lapel the initials DSL, standing for Dept. of Sanitation for Loganford. Also stated is that the young Robert Shannon is encouraged to fight the young Gavin Blair because he is the school's most notorious bully. Actually Robert is encouraged to fight Gavin because Gavin is considered to be the most respected and important boy in the class, and his grandfather feels that if Robert can lick Gavin he will earn the respect of his tormentors. Robert is reluctant to follow this advice, because Gavin has been the only boy who has not picked on him.

  • Perfect Screenplay and Casting

    • HK
    • 9/30/09

    Wonderful in all respects. Charles Coburn is terrific as grandpa!

  • Pulls you into the story.

    • Marnie Woods
    • 4/3/09

    Loved the book, could not put it down. Heart warming and heart breaking of a story. The book/movie that should be shared by all.

  • Wonderful movie with perfect cast of actors

    • Eleanor A. Brine
    • 11/2/08

    The Green Years is so enjoyable because the actors protray the characters perfectly. I loved Charles Coburn as Grandpa and Hume Croyn as Mr. Leckie. Mama, Kate,and Adam were were perfect too. Oh, how I wish it was on DVD!

  • A charming movie everyone should see.

    • Margaret
    • 7/16/08

    The characters were wonderful. It reminded me a bit of How Green Was My Valley. This movie is a diamond!

  • Excellent Movie with historical importance

    • Phil
    • 5/23/08

    My mother is scottish and was tryign to explain the insurance issue to me and suggested i watch this movie. I thought it was a fantastic movie, that helped me gain great personal insight to the life of my grandmother and other relatives from Scotland who grew up there in the early 1900s.

  • One of the greatest movies made.

    • Sandy M.
    • 5/2/08

    This movie is a 10 on every aspect to me!

  • The Green Years

    • Kay
    • 4/22/08

    I LOVE this movie ! My mother is of Scottish/Irish descent and I know that she would also love this movie. PLEASE, PLEASE, release this wonderful and endearing film on DVD - I've looked and it can't be found anywhere.Thanks,Kay

  • The Green Years Movie

    • S. Machen
    • 3/28/08

    Saw this when I was very young. I thought it would never be shown again. When I found out TCM was showing it I was so excited, except I had already missed the show times.Please show this again as soon as you can and let me know when it is available to buy. I had the book, ads from the movie and a couple posters but not the movie.Thanks

  • the green years

    • c wadell
    • 3/10/08

    this movie was so great that i would love for you to show it again so my children can watch it... please let me know where i can purchase a copy

  • Wonderful Story!!

    • Gail Franklin
    • 3/5/08

    I happened to catch the film very early in the morning and could not leave the room. What a wonderful story. I was disappointed that I had to leave for work and could not see the ending. Please, please make it available on DVD. They don't make movies like this anymore. Thanks TCM for putting playing it. Your the best. Hope I catch it again!

  • Wonderful Story

    • Jim
    • 3/5/08

    What a beautiful movie and story. It was worthy of a Dickens' story. The actors were inspiring.

  • Superb!

    • Kathleen
    • 3/5/08

    I caught this film before I went to work this morning. Very disappointing that it's not one of TCM's DVD offerings. What a simple, but compelling story. 62 years later and the story line is as relevant now as it was after WWII. The character portrayals are solid and the film's message about persistence is evident throughout young Robert's life. I really felt empathy for him. Professor Reid made me think of teachers who made a difference in my life. Please release this on DVD! I don't know if I could ever get tired of this film. Thanks so much for showing it on TCM.

  • Vote for its release on DVD!

    • J. DeRemer-Faris
    • 3/5/08

    Oh my goodness, what a great movie. While home sick today, I stumbled across The Green Years and enjoyed every single minute of it. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that within minutes of its ending, I came down to my pc to order a dvd. Much to my disappointment, it's never been released on dvd. Please take this opportunity to vote that it be released at the tcm website. Vote now! All sick days should be made this enjoyable as watching The Green Years made for me this morning.

  • "Green Years" dosen't disappoint

    • Greg Weber
    • 2/6/08

    I've been a fan of classic movies for years and thought I'd seen all the best ones by now, but this one escaped my notice until now. Watching The Green Years was like finding a large gold nugget in a mine that you thought had been played out. Great dialogue, fantastic acting. My hat is off to those visionaries of the 40's who produced, directed and acted in this movie- they proved that you don't need a huge budget, special effects or flashy stars to make a damn fine, thought- provoking movie. They just don't make them like this anymore. Bravo. Thank you TCM. Material like this is what makes your channel one of my favorites.

  • The Green Years

    • Julie
    • 2/5/08

    Watched it early this morning before I went to work. Did miss about an hr of the movie, but what I did see I loved! I wish this movie could be shown in the evening. There are other movies I would love to watch but they are either early in the am or during the day when I am at work. Darn it! Julie

  • Lovely film!

    • Cynthia Shippy
    • 6/12/07

    I really enjoyed this film, it is quite heartwarming. I hope for it to be shown again and soon.

  • Superb movie!

    • Nelson
    • 1/12/07

    This movie is fantastic. Dean Stockwell (plays Robert Shannon) works very well with Charles Coburn. This is a very touching movie. I don't know why it isn't on TCM more often.

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