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The Great Dictator

The Great Dictator(1941)

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  • Inside The Box

    • H.A.C.
    • 3/3/18

    A talent & an intelligence is the director & star of this movie. Directing the world's hatred against select enemies of the classic party of national decomposition continues to this day.

  • the goat with the little hat and moustache

    • a.morris
    • 2/26/18

    picture political satire in movies as mount Everest.. and this was the first story to go all the way to the top.

  • Chaplin

    • Ellen
    • 3/22/16

    Great movie great message. Charlie Chaplin was brilliant in this movie and the message one of hope. Whatever his politics this movie has moved me. Thank you TCM for bringing it back again and again. I watch it every time it is shown.

  • Sin-sational Socialist Satire

    • Will Fox
    • 3/21/16

    Charlie Chaplin's first talkie successfully satires Socialism's sinister sides, countless, ruthless brutalities against citizens. Awakening awareness, educating and inspiring us, Chaplin plays multiple roles in "The Great Dictator." Chaplin is 19 years ahead of Alec Guinness doing three satirical roles in "The Mouse That Roared" and Peter Sellers in "Dr. Strangelove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb." Film director, writer and producer, Charlie Chaplin also stars as a bumbling German GI, clueless Jewish ghetto barber, and Groucho Marxist doubletalking, doublecrossing dictator. A rival Socialist country's buffoon, "Bacteria's" big bully, Italy's idiot is embodied by George Orwell's "Animal Farm" pig personality, played perfectly by Jack Oakie's self-indulgent, sweet sucking, "Napoleoni." Four stars for stimulating screenplay and symbolic statists' productions with many memorable scenes, including idiotic innovations and invasions. Winning wonderfully with whimsical wit, Chaplin's unique movie delightfully displays many truths about National Socialism.

  • Charlie Chaplin The Great Genuis

    • Beatrice Didio
    • 11/2/15

    This has to be one of my favorite films by Mr. Chaplin. He was brave to face Hitler with this mockery at a time when others held back their criticism. His comedic genus and great musical talent are a pleasure to watch. The Balloon scene reminded me of Jerry Lewis who also choreographed each movement brilliantly to the music. But my favorite scene,which still Haunts me to this day is his Speech at the End. I still cry when thinking abouthis words of Hope for a Brighter Future and World. I watched him closely and rarely did he blink or take a breath. He believed those words he spoke and no one could rehearse that scene. Words spoken from the heart are alwaysthought provoking and resonate with the listener. Mr. Chaplin was overlooked for his Genus and Artistic abilityand we need to insure his Cinematic endeavors are shown to the new generations and treasured . My only wish is that you had this on earlier in the evening. Most people will be asleep. It is my hope that you continue to show more of his films and with abundant fan fare. He and his brother had a harsh life living on the streets as youngsters. It is amazing how they both survived their meager beginnings and used their talents to invent such memorable characters and movies. ~~~ Amazing.~~~

  • Look up, Hannah

    • Dawn
    • 6/3/13

    This has to rank among the all-time great movies. Beautifully photographed, with moments of laugh-out-loud humor set over a theme of underlying horror. Charlie's speech at the end is worth hearing over and again.

  • My First Charlie Chaplin Full Film

    • GypsyPi3000
    • 4/16/13

    Wow! I am absolutely amazed at this film. Previously, I've really only known Chaplin as the iconic funny mime guy. But this film showed me a depth about him that I was unaware of. So, this is kind of rare, but I am honored that I was able to see this talkie. Thanks to Mr. Chaplin for making it and thank you to TCM for showing it to me. I laughed, smiled, saw irony, satire, tragedy, hope, inspiration, and tears all in this one simple film. The ending speech was so poignant to me. How much more so are we all linked to one another now through this here internet. So how much more so do we need to show love to our fellow man, so these monstrosities, like Hitler, are never allowed to ride on the tidal waves of our own fears ever again.

  • Great Classic(1941)

    • nshepard
    • 4/16/13

    Far be it for Chaplin not to take on History itself as he parodies the tragedy of War and the Great misguided/twisted Egos that inspire it, kinda like Washington today. Adenoid Hynkle/Jaeckel the Barber(Charlie Chaplin) in a tour-de-force performance also directs this film in an inspiring assault against tyranny/oppression Basically using Hitler as his foil and the backdrop of WW II as his canvass, Chaplin expresses the perfect dynamics of how some people profit from the suffering of others, like America today. Taught , never a wasted scene, each builds upon the other to a dramatic conclusion. Highly original, a true classic in every sense, it is one of the most humane films ever created , based on inhumanity. 5 stars out of 5.

  • Brilliant satire!

    • RedRain
    • 4/16/13

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why Hitler liked this film. I believe he may not have fully understood Chaplin was laughing at him throughout! I do not believe there is another film out there that is as satirically brilliant as this one. There are so many scenes that absolutely amaze the viewer. The balloon world scene is just one of them. Not only is Hitler satirized but so is Mussollini (Napoloni) and it is equally brilliant satire. The entire Nazi regime is made fun of here but it is Chaplin who is so remarkable throughout this film. I have viewed this film dozens of time and I never cease finding one more thing that I hadn't noticed before. Look for the detail!

  • The Great Dictator

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 8/1/12

    Chaplin's first talkie is simultaneously funny & a brave stand against totalitarian government. Chaplin wrote, directed & earned a Best Actor nomination, Oakie was nominated as the Mussolini-like dictator. Like most of Chaplin's films it has it's memorable gags, but this is unique film considering the context of it themes & the time the picture was made. A funny, touching & powerful film that went toe-to-toe against Hitler's evil. I give it a 4.5/5.

  • maybe i need to see it again

    • chris
    • 8/3/11

    I saw it only this once and it lost me. Maybe another time will be better. I did like Oakie,

  • "The Great Dictator"

    • Taylor
    • 8/3/11

    This is by far the greatest Charlie Chaplin movie I have ever seen. Chaplin shows us how the people were treated before Hitler came into power and it sent a great deal of emotions through me. He uses symbolism to foreshadow what was to come. His speech at the end moved me greatly. He spoke for all of us today and his voice will be forever heard. Thank you Charlie Chaplin, for giving hope to the future generations.

  • Too Good...

    • Sean R. Moran
    • 4/17/11

    Great anti-war film... A true classic that deserves the attention of all people.

  • Classic Satire Of Hitler And Nazism

    • Bruce Reber
    • 12/3/10

    "The Great Dictator" (1940), written, produced and directed by Charlie Chaplin is one of the best satirical films of all time. It's also very daring, because at the time it was made Adolf Hitler was at the height of his power as dictator of Nazi Germany, and he had just invaded Poland to start WW2. MGM released two films at the same time, "The Mortal Storm" and "Escape" which also dealt with Nazism, but in a totally serious and dramatic way. The American studios were reluctant about making these kind of films, mainly because they didn't want to lose the lucrative German market for their product. However, that all changed on December 7, 1941 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entered WW2. I disagree with one of the previous reviewers who said that Hitler had a tendency toward humor and would have laughed at "The Great Dictator". Nothing about Hitler impressed me that he had any semblance of a sense of humor, in fact I think he would have been totally outraged at Chaplin's portrayal of him and such an obvious lampooning of Nazism (Adenoid Hynkel/Adolf Hitler, Herring/Hermann Goering, Garbitsch/Josef Goebbels, Tomania/Germany, the sign of the Double-Cross/Swastika). I also heard that this was one of the first films banned by The Third Reich. Chaplin also made no effort to disguise the fact that the victims of Hynkel's persecution were Jews. My favorite scene in "The Great Dictator" is the quasi-ballet with Hynkel fantasizing about world domination while playing with the balloon globe. I would like to see this classic satire on DVD (I could have sworn that it WAS already on DVD) - I rate it as one of the best films ever. Four Stars!!!


    • william gauslow
    • 11/30/10

    The balloon at the beginning of the scene is quite different from the balloon at the end of the scene (just before it pops). States altered. Explain to me the difference. I know the answer.


    • william gauslow
    • 11/30/10

    How did the Pasadena, California city hall get involed in this scene ??? Isn't Pasadena in California and isn't Berlin in Germany ??? Just exposing a movie discrepency. I suspect the Reigstadt wasn't available for this shot.


    • william gauslow
    • 11/30/10

    I just saw several palms trees on Charlies march in prison. I didn't know there were palm trees in Germany. Hitler was power hungery, but this is ridiculous.

  • Hitler and Chaplin

    • sarah
    • 5/10/08

    Actually, one of Hitler's aids said that Hitler ordered the film twice and likely saw it more than once. Given Hitler's bent towards humor, he would have laughed at it rather than have been angry over it. The Nazi party, however, did falsely portray Chaplin as a Jew to the German people and probably did make threats to his safety, but Chaplin was more concerned about the US government okaying the film to be released.

  • Still as poignant as 1941

    • Narvin
    • 9/22/07

    Dictators will always rise to suppress. Even now, in 2007, leaders with power will still use it to impress the world. In the name of liberty people have died, are dying and will die. The question of how much liberty we really have continues to haunt us.

  • The Great Dictator

    • Craig
    • 4/13/07

    Is it true Adolf Hitler got bent out of shape over this movie , made threats to Mr Chaplin?


    • Virginia
    • 2/16/07


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