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Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Goodbye, Mr. Chips(1939)

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  • Poignant and inspiring

    • el debbo
    • 3/24/18

    This is the penultimate, the Gold Standard version of Mr. Chips. Robert Donat is absolutely superb...every nuance, every expression is perfect and never overdone. He is ably supported by Greer Garson, Paul Von Henreid, and Judith Furse. It reminded me of something Camu said, "In the midst of winter, I found there was within me an invicible summer." So wonderful to watch the slow warming and eventual thawing of Chips. I love this movie.

  • voice over?

    • Jasmine
    • 9/14/17

    I have a VHS tape of this movie, one of the most heartwarming, moving films ever, and there is no voice-over narration going on during the movie. I much prefer it. The narrator ruined this version of the movie for me- I found it annoying. I'm hanging on to my old VHS.

  • An old movie that never grows old.

    • Gary Searles
    • 1/23/17

    I can't improve upon what has been said below but concur with all their sentiments. A truly charming human study set in a bygone era. A favorite that I have only now been privileged to see three times in my 64 years. I am not a sentimentalist or prone to overtly emotional leanings, but this is one film that chokes me up each time I view it. I just recommended it to a young lady at the front desk of the nursing home where my aged mother resides. The 1969 musical version starring Peter O'Toole was good, but this is by far the best. I do not see many men reviewing this film and think that is a shame as it teaches by example how a real man should act in life, with steadfastness and conviction, consideration and loyalty, supported by a charitable heart. I agree, this should be an essential.

  • Goodbye Mr. Chips 1939

    • Cheryl
    • 1/22/17

    One of my all time favorite movies to watch. No matter how many times I watch this film, it always moves me and leaves me in tears at the end. One of Greer Garson's best, although I love her in everything.I also miss movies where manners, integrity, respect for others, and high moral standards were taught regularly.When is this movie going to be made available on DVD?

  • Max marching with the Saxon Regiment??

    • Elise Lang
    • 3/18/15

    Towards the end of the movie, when Chips was old and grey and too old to fight, news came that Max Staefel,Paul Henreid's character, was marching with the Saxon Regiment? Max never grew old?Something was wrong. Can someone explain? I love this movie, just can't understand this.

  • Wonderful family movie

    • Anna Burke
    • 1/9/15

    I have always loved this movie and place it in my top ten favourites. It is charming, "olde world" and a reminder of days gone by when manners and decorum, integrity and morals, were high on the priority list. Great story and brilliantly acted by Robert Donat.

  • One of My Favorite Movies of All Time

    • Clairetta
    • 4/17/14

    I rarely have seen movies that moved me so much as, "Goodbye Mr. Chips." Robert Donat is excellent in this story where two hearts meet. His wife, played by Greer Garson becomes a star due to her role. She is the perfect addition to a lonely man's life when he meets her, and shortly after marries her.If there was ever two people who were opposites, these two sure were it. They, somehow, pull it off as she encourages him, and he changes becoming a beloved instructor. He, on the other hand, gives her security and adoration, which she richly deserves as she, gently, helps him see his students in a different light.I loved the scene, when bombs were being dropped close to the school, where Mr. Chips showed the stuff he, truly, was made of. With bravery and courage, he kept his students calm while continuing with their studies. Amazingly, no one was injured or killed.I enjoyed watching how he interacted with his students by teaching them, not only academics, but also life sustaining lessons, such as, the time when he catches two boys fighting. Instead of punishing them, he has them shake hands. If I remember correctly, they become the best of friends for the rest of the time they attend school.Close to the end of the story always brings a lump to my throat as I watch him, now retired, invite a young fellow, Connor, one of many attendees, with the same name, into his home for cakes and tea, even though his peers were trying to pull a joke on him. (There is a twist to this scene, which you will understand when you watch this movie.) With aplomb, Mr. Chips acknowledges their prank and gives them another life lesson. Don't try to pull the wool over someone's eyes. It will come back on you, in the end.I agree with another of the reviewers here. "Goodbye Mr. Chips" should be shown as one of the essentials.

  • Tender & Touching

    • Judy
    • 4/16/14

    I truly love Mr. Robert Donat's tender & touching performance as Mr. Chipping - so much so that I cry every time I watch this film. He most overwhelmingly deserved an Academy Award as best actor in 1939, though as I understand it, the competition was quite fierce that year. Nevertheless, if a performance such as this for a film made 75 years go can still bring one to tears, demonstrates the power of an actor's ability to transcend a character and move an audience a generation later. A film that should not be missed.

  • A classic that never tires

    • Tracey
    • 8/22/13

    As recently commented upon, this is neither old (as in past its time) nor tired, but in fact a human story full of warmth and heart. If seeing the evolution of a man from isolated loner to well-respected and beloved mentor to students and educators alike doesn't strike you as worth a watch, you'll have missed the opportunity to be moved in both mind and spirit - the ideal of what a movie should do to us. Stand out performances by all involved (Donat receives Best Actor Oscar for his effort, Garson makes her film debut on the way to a stellar career) helps to deliver a story that is still worth our attention more than 70 years past its debut. With the world at the brink of war in 1939 (the year of its release) this film gave both Brits and those across the pond something to escape to, delivering a story that most could relate to: a life that is surrounded and eventually touched by success, love, and the understanding that one person can truly impact the lives of others in a meaningful way...and create meaningful life for themselves in the process.By the way, this film IS available on DVD. Just go to any of the major online book sellers and you'll find it there with no trouble at all.


    • GLORY
    • 8/13/13


  • Today's "Entertainment"

    • Linda Nitzschke
    • 7/31/13

    It's a sad statement about today's world when class, dignity, and charm are now described as "old and tired." This is a wonderful movie. I never miss it. Hello, again, Mr. Chips!

  • Goodbye, Mr. Chips

    • Dashiell B.
    • 3/5/13

    A touching adaptation of James Hilton's novel. Donat won the Academy Award for Best Actor as a school teacher who becomes popular after becoming smitten with beautiful Garson, in an Oscar-nominated debut. Wood's direction makes sure that the story never gets too sentimental and is engaging most of the time. A fine film to see from time-to-time. I give it a 4.5/5.

  • Mr. Chips

    • Cliff Howard
    • 9/3/12

    By today's standards a tired old movie that would probably keep the attention of a few of us. Certainly as time has passed the film has somewhat disappeared into the shadows. But if one of another generation, today's Generation Ys and alike took 112 minutes of time to watch this they would see that the world has not changed that much. It is a story of a lost soul, a lonely man trying to connect with his students. Rethinking if he has made an impact in his life and theirs. Troubled what others think of him and second guessing the career choice he has made. It is the story of war and the horror it brings of destruction and death. It is the story of a man who falls in love and loses everything only to rebound and find his true meaning in life because of that love. It is the story of a life. A man who grows old like most of us will but finds the peace we all search for. The validation of what we have done, tried to do and hopefully will do in our lives. It is a sad, sentimental story that calls out for recognition in a world over 70 years older than when it was produced. Although many, except the most serious of movie buffs will never take the time to watch it, this film still maintains the impact it held for those who watched it an eternity ago. Goodbye Mr. Chips, lost in 1939 because of Gone With The Wind and The Wizard of Oz deserves its rightful place on the shelf next to those monster hits of the genre.

  • Fabulous Movie

    • Emily
    • 9/2/12

    I wasn't planning on watching this movie when it appeared on my screen this morning. I was captivated instantly and glued to the TV. I was sad when Greer Garson passed away so early in the movie and didn't know if Robert Donat alone would hold my interest. But between his acting and the directing of this movie and the heartwarming story I was swept into a beautiful movie that is now one of my favorites.

  • Five Star Classic

    • RedRain
    • 9/2/12

    Beautiful film with outstanding, very understated, performances by Robert Donat and Greer Garson. Mr. Chips, as a young man, is hired by Brookfield, an elite boy's school in England in the late 1800s. He is a rather timid soul but learns quickly he must be firm to handle young boys in his Latin classes. He is befriended by a male German master and, as time goes by, they go on holiday together where Mr. Chips meets and falls in love with the beautiful and much more worldly, Kathy. A rather short courtship and he brings her back to Brookfield, introducing everyone to his new wife. All of the masters are charmed by her and she becomes a welcome addition to the school. At this point, it would be unwise to give away the rest of the story, as it encompasses WWI and so much more, plus one of the all-time most stellar and heart-wrenching endings in film. This is a completely genuine and sweet film but one written (and must be understood) within the mores of the time. Please do not mistake this terrific original for the dreadful remake starring Petula Clark. The latter is simply not deserving of your time while this one, this remarkable one, will never be forgotten!

  • Classic

    • The Best
    • 5/12/12

    The wonderful version.Paul Henreid deserves praise,too.Greer was the once-in-a-lifetime love and would always be remembered by all at the school for making Chips be all he could be.

  • Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 9/4/11

    Robert Donat deserved to win Best Actor for his performance. Greer Garson was also wonderful, although her appearance was all too brief. While the movie is full of sentiment, often tear-jerkingly so, the major problem with this film is that the story is unevenly told and the plotting sporadic. Just when you are starting to get into Mr. Chipping's first day of school, the story jumps ahead many, many years. This keeps happening throughout the movie; just as things start to get interesting, events are cut short. More time is spent showing "passage of time" scenes instead of using them sparingly to connect major events. Perhaps the movie could have stood being ten or twenty minutes longer, although movies that deal with the long passage of time always seem lengthier than they are already. While this is not a movie I could easily rewatch, it was definitely worth seeing once, if only for the acting and the ambiance. The music also helped capture the feel of an old British school. This had to be the model to which Hogwarts aspired!

  • movie fan

    • sheila
    • 9/3/11

    Love this movie....

  • Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939)

    • Mark Sutch
    • 4/14/11


  • Better screen version of Mr.Hilton's story.

    • Kevin4Butler
    • 7/4/10

    This 1939 movie version of Mr.Hilton's classic captures the charm and warmth of the original tale.As Mr.Donat goes from being an unfeeling and shy fellow to a caring and beloved icon for his students.A great plot and fine performances by Bob Donat and the supporting cast.

  • Sublime Movie

    • R. Austin Healy
    • 1/19/08

    A storyline that tuggs at one's heart with its poignant realism and fine acting. A wonderful,timeless movie. Sam Wood was a directorial genius.

  • Best Actor Oscar was well deserved

    • A. Ballard
    • 9/5/07

    If I am not mistaken, Robert Donat was awarded the oscar for his performance as Mr. Chipping that topped Clark Gable's performance as Rhett Butler in 'Gone With The Wind'. It is difficult to image any actor who could have had as large an impact on cinema in 1939 as Clark Gable in his signature role, but Robert Donat is brilliant in this film. The quiet strength and dignity of Mr. Chipping is portrayed amidst his foibles, joys and disappointments. This is a wonderful story with a stellar cast, and ranks as one of the best films of its era. The ending is particularly memorable.

  • This one is no sleeper!

    • FrankieCee
    • 9/29/06

    Although I have many, I would have to say this movie is one of my "all time favorites"! Mr. Chipping is a special soul. A true hero in his own right. Robert Donat plays this role to the hilt and is quite believable as the years transform him. Greer Garson is also phenomenal and plays a perfect soul mate to our hero. I would have to say that this was Mr. Donat's best role and performance ever! I can't get over just how endearing this film is to me. Goodbye Mr Chips, sleep well sweet prince!

  • Good Bye Mr Chips

    • Craig Brewster
    • 9/29/06

    Good Bye Mr Chips is in a long line of great English films. I had the honor to trace my roots and see England with the USAF. To see the country your ansestors were asked to leave because of there faith. Mr Chips reminds me of many English who dont quit and keep charging.

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