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Girl Rush

Girl Rush(1944)

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In San Francisco in 1807, Jerry Miles and Mike Strager manage a successful music hall revue until word comes of a gold stirke and their audience pours out of the saloon to go prospecting. When their patrons fail to return and revenues dwindle, the show girls, led by Flo Daniels, grumble about their unpaid wages. To placate the girls, Jerry and Mike decide to go prospecting, promising to take the girls to fame and glory in New York with the treasure they find. After six weeks of prospecting, the boys are goldless and near starvation when they wander into the town of Red Creek and are tantalized by a bar laden with food. Stealing two walnuts from the spread, Jerry devises a crooked shell game to win some money. When saloon owner Barlan, whose policy is to shoot all cheaters, exposes Jerry's scheme, he chases Jerry and Mike from the saloon in a hail of bullets. Taking refuge at the hotel, they meet Emma, the kindly owner. Over dinner that night, Emma, Muley and Jimmy Smith, two of her boarders, lament the tyranny of Barlan, whose saloon provides the town's only diversion. When Emma learns that Jerry and Mike manage a revue of showgirls, she decides that the girls would be the perfect remedy to end Barlan's reign in the woman-hungry town of Red Creek. After the miners provide them with a sack of gold to finance the girls's journey, Jerry and Mike board the stage for San Francisco. Feeling guilty because he has promised to take the girls to New York, Jerry decides to double-cross the citizens of Red Creek until he discovers that Jimmy and Muley are driving the coach. When Barlan's gang attacks, Muley and Jimmy jump down to delay the bandits, leaving Jerry and Mike behind in a driverless stage. After stopping the horses, Mike and Jerry continue to San Francisco without Jimmy and Muley and there buy wagons to transport the girls to New York. When Muley and Jimmy unexpectedly appear at the music hall, Mike and Jerry decide to drug them and leave for New York before they can inform the girls about their bargain to go to Red Creek. Mike switches the glasses, however, and as a result, Mike and Jerry down the drugged drinks and pass out. Awakening in a wagon on the road to Red Creek, Mike and Jerry plot to hijack the wagons and head for New York while Jimmy and Muley are asleep. Their plan goes awry, however, when Jimmy tells Flo that the miners of Red Creek have financed the journey. When Flo refuses to perform in Red Creek, Mike and Jerry hide in the woods to escape the wrath of Jimmy and Muley. After Jimmy takes Flo in his arms and kisses her, however, she changes her mind about Red Creek and they continue their journey. As the wagons near town, Emma gallops out in her carriage to warn them that Barlan and his gang are waiting in ambush. To trick Barlan, the men dress as women and drive the wagons into town where they are warmly welcomed by the women-starved men. Barlan and his henchman Scully begin to flirt with Mike and Jerry until Mike's wig falls off and exposes his true identity. In the ensuing fight, Barlan and his thugs are vanquished. The Frisco Follies are staged and become a big success in Red Creek until word comes of a gold strike, sending their audience scurrying to the hills once again.