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Girl in Danger

Girl in Danger(1934)

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Society girl Gloria Gale becomes involved with a jewelry robbery, just for the thrill of it. She helps gangster Dan Terrence steal the famous Cortez emerald, which is worth $500,000. Dan leaves the stolen gem with Gloria, believing she is above suspicion, and tells Gloria that he will send one of his men to collect the jewel from her the next day. The police, meanwhile, start a manhunt for the jewel thieves, fearing that if they do not recover the emerald quickly, it will fall into the possession of underworld boss Mike Russo. Gloria receives a visitor the next day, and assumes that it is Dan's henchman. In actuality, it is Inspector Trent of the police. Trent takes Gloria dancing, so that his men can search her apartment for the gem. At the cafe, Dan sees Gloria with Trent and sends her a note telling her who her escort really is. Gloria promises to give the emerald to Trent, but slips away instead. In the meantime, Dan is killed by Russo's men, who suspect the gangster of double-crossing them. The police search of Gloria's apartment turns up nothing, so the next day Tolini, one of Russo's henchmen, abducts Gloria. Trent and his men, who have been staking out Gloria's apartment, give chase, but the gangsters manage to elude them and take the foolish socialite back to their hideout. Gloria is sent back to her apartment to get the emerald, where she is surprised to find Trent waiting. Russo arrives at the apartment just as she gives the policeman the stone. He shoots Trent, then takes Gloria and the gem back to his hideout. The next day, the newspapers are filled with the story of Trent's murder, and Russo's lawyer, Beckett, contacts the insurance company and tells them that he can acquire the emerald for them in return for half the insured value. The company agrees, but goes to the police as well, who set a trap for the gangsters. A rendezvous is agreed upon at a roadhouse just outside of town. Russo is shocked when he sees Trent at the roadhouse, and he, Tolini, and Beckett are all arrested. Under intense police questioning, Tolini tells Trent that Gloria is being held as a hostage by other members of the gang, and that they have orders to kill her if Russo is captured. Trent and the police manage to rescue Gloria just as the gangsters are about to do her in. In returning for her help in capturing Russo and his gang, Gloria is not prosecuted for her part in the theft. The socialite tells Trent that she has had her fill of thrills, and promises to lead a less adventurous life.