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The Girl Can't Help It

The Girl Can't Help It(1956)

Remind Me

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The working title of this film was Do Re Mi. The opening credits begin in black and white in a 1.33:1 non-widescreen aspect ratio as Tom Ewell strides into the foreground and states that he will play the character of "Tom Miller." Explaining that the picture has been "photographed in the grandeur of CinemaScope," Ewell then pushes back the edges of the frame to widen the screen. When he states that the picture was filmed in "gorgeous, life-like color by De Luxe," the screen changes from black and white to color. Ewell then observes that the story is about music, and the sound of a jukebox blares over the rest of his dialogue. The film ends with Tom taking the stage to address the audience once again, followed by "Jerri," their bevy of children and "Fats." After concluding that Fats has become a fabulous baby-sitter and a major star, Tom pulls together the edges of the screen, much like a theatrical curtain, to black out the image. Fats then jumps out and offers to sing to the audience.
       The scene in which Fats first meets Tom features a film clip of Betty Grable singing "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate," excerpted from the 1950 Twentieth Century-Fox film Wabash Avenue (see AFI Catalog of Feature Films, 1941-50.) Hollywood Reporter news items yield the following information about the production: A January 1956 news item announced that Ewell was to star with Sheree North, and the film was to be directed and produced by Nunnally Johnson from an original story titled "Do Re Mi" by Garson Kanin. By July 1956, the project had been reassigned to Frank Tashlin. Modern sources add that Mansfield was cast after Fox purchased the rights to Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? and with it, Mansfield's release from her Broadway contract. Although a Hollywood Reporter news item adds Stephen Goodwins and Joey Scott to the cast, their appearance in the released film has not been confirmed. The picture's guest stars were all popular rock and roll performers of the 1950s who performed their signature songs of the time. The Girl Can't Help It marked the screen debut of Little Richard.