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Gildersleeve on Broadway

Gildersleeve on Broadway(1943)


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Inspired by the romance of spring, Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve proposes to his longtime sweetheart, Matilda Brown. Also a victim of spring fever is Gildy's niece Margie Forrester, who is distraught because she has not heard from her boyfriend, Jimmy Clark, who is away in New York. Consequently, when Peavy, the Summerville druggist, tells Gildy that he is attending a druggists' convention in New York in order to convince his supplier, Laura Chandler, the president of Sun Drugs, to stay in business, Gildy decides to join Peavy on his trip. As Gildy bids farewell to Matilda, she decides that he can not be trusted and follows him to New York. On the train, Gildy meets the recently widowed Laura Chandler and her bow-and-arrow shooting brother Homer. Laura, who is just as eccentric as her brother, instantly falls in love with Gildy and announces that she is going to marry him. They meet again at their hotel in New York, and Laura invites Gildy to a party at her penthouse that night. Hoping that Gildy will agree to convince Laura to stay in business, the druggists treat him like royalty, thus attracting the attention of gold digger Francine Gray. Francine is seated at a table in the hotel dining room with Jimmy, and when Gildy sees the two of them together, he mistakenly believes that Francine is pursuing Jimmy and determines to expose her as a fortune hunter. Francine tricks Gildy into spending the afternoon window shopping and buys a $4,700 mink coat on approval. Upon learning of Gildy's predicament, Peavy offers him $5,000 if he can persuade Laura to sign the contract. Gildy, who has a dinner date with Francine that night, arranges for Peavy to bring Jimmy to the hotel dining room so that he will see Francine two-timing him. Gildy's plan goes awry, however, when Jimmy tells Peavy that he doesn't know Francine and Matild then arrives at the hotel accompanied by Leroy and Margie. When the store manager appears to pick up the coat, Gildy sneaks into Francine's room to retrieve it, but when Francine returns unexpectedly, he climbs out onto the window ledge. Francine notifies the front desk that her coat has been stolen, and when Gildy alights from the hotel elevator with coat in hand, Matilda thinks that he bought it for her. Francine then appears and grabs the coat off Matilda's back, ripping it in half, and the furrier sends the police after Gildy, who tries to escape onto the roof. There, he runs into Laura's party, and when Gildy asks Laura to sign the contract, she thinks that he is proposing and announces that they are to be wed that night. After Gildy calls Peavy for help, Leroy suggest that Peavy pose as "Mrs. Gildersleeve" to get Gildy off the hook. Wearing one of Matilda's dresses, Peavy arrives at the party as Mrs. Gildersleeve, accompanied by her son Leroy. Laura takes the news of Gildy's wife with grace, and agrees to sign the contract anyway. When a furious Matilda appears and rips the dress off Peavy, however, Laura demands the return of the contract, but then becomes attracted to the hotel window washer and decides that theirs is a match made in heaven.