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The Gift of Love

The Gift of Love(1958)


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  • The Gift of Giving Love

    • Tawny
    • 11/1/16

    This film examines some interesting topics: Getting married at a slightly older age, children awaiting adoption, choosing to adopt a child, and then attempting to piece all of these things together inside a relationship. Bill and Julie are as happy as clams, peas in a pod. Bill (Robert Stack) loves Julie (Lauren Bacall) so much that he agrees to adopt the little girl Hitty, even though he is obviously happy without having children. His primary relationship with Julie drives him and this becomes all the more evident when she becomes ill. During her illness, she is determined to bond Bill with Hitty, knowing that she will eventually die. It doesn't work. Bill enters a deep depression upon her death and the anxious-to-please Hitty aggravates him to no end. She goes back to the orphanage when things don't work out with Bill. The child actress here paints an interesting portrait of what a child awaiting adoption feels like and then offers another portrait of what it feels like to be rejected--to be sent back because things don't work out. Her continual companion through it all is a toy horse to whom she relates all of her troubles. I won't give up the ending, but Bill learns that there is a love beyond that of a man and a woman and that loving a child who loves you back is truly a gift.

  • Agree with Maltin

    • el debbo
    • 6/24/16

    Shallow and boring. Both this story and Sentimental Journey put a huge burden on the adopted child. This movie seemed so superficial that I simply thought Bacall, Negulesco, and Stack must have needed the coin. Two stars.

  • Hitty's A Hit With Me

    • lovedthegiftof
    • 7/28/15

    Most reviews I've seen elsewhere really tear this movie down.I enjoyed it from start to finish,and really loved Hitty.She and Scatman really made it worth staying tuned for me.Great acting from Ms Bacall,Stack okay,nothing to pick at with Lorne Greene.

  • Blind Date

    • phyllis duncan
    • 6/4/14

    I met my husband on a blind date in 1959... We went to the drive-in and The Gift Of Love was playing. Yes we are still together 54 years. I've not seen this movie anywhere since. I'd love to buy this. It is quite special to me. The Gift Of Love is what we still have. I voted for this movie to be put on Home Video. Crossing my fingers it will become available

  • quality

    • dana marlena grant
    • 9/29/12

    just a superb, wonderful love story with fantastic acting. One of my best.

  • quality

    • dana marlena grant
    • 9/29/12

    Just a superb, wonderful love story with fantastic acting.

  • Nice effort but problems

    • Jarrod McDonald
    • 9/27/12

    SPOILERS AHEAD: In this film, Lauren Bacall dies around the 70-minute mark. One would think we would see her as a ghost, but they just keep mention talking to her spirit (off-camera mostly). The little girl was not good enough to handle such a huge part; she was no Natalie Wood. The last thirty minutes where the narrative relies on her and Robert Stack was difficult to watch, because he was trying to get her to bring some depth to the role, especially in those dramatic scenes but her line deliveries were so monotone and emotionless that all the hard work Bacall had done earlier in the picture was compromised. The scene where she calls the orphanage and tells them to come back and get her had no real feeling to it at all. She should have been borderline hysterical, or at least very bereft, at that point. Lorne Greene also seemed miscast here (a year before he started his famous TV role).

  • Great movie, loved the music as well

    • Angelica Reyna
    • 9/27/12

    I loved The Gift of Love, I love the spectacular images from TCM and the actors are some of my favorites. The music was beautiful. Could anyone tell me what is the name of the Spanish song that was sung where they show the mountains' view? This song is not on soundtrack.


    • Paula Rae
    • 9/27/12

    So much to say....... The Gift of Love has it all.....for me. Thank you TCM for playing the movie I so adore on Wednesday Sept. 26th 2012. A day that will never be forgotten as long as I live. I saw this movie on TV when I was (know don't for sure about) 7 or 8. Way way back in the '60's. I have not seen it since. My husband and I have been married for nearly 33 years and every year I say to him " Honey maybe this will be the year I will see the Gift of Love" and for 33 years plus I have been waiting.....I thank God for directing me. I was so overcome with delight and memories I nearly fell to the ground! I would love to buy this DVD. I saw it on one site for $110.00. WOW I understand Lauren Bacall was not crazy about the movie but loved the actors! I loved every performance no matter how sappy. After seeing the movie for the first time as a young girl...I felt like Hitty. I would play like a horse myself and run all over. My Grandma made me a dress that matched the dress Hitty wore when Bill returned from the Cemetery, she jumped on the bed to help remove his coat. i have two grown children....I want them to see it too!


    • jeannine cogliano
    • 9/16/12

    Never saw "Gift of Love" which was remade; plan to see it because I loved "Sentimental Journey" which I hope will be aired for viewing sometime in the future. I truly believe "Gift of Love" will not live up to the "Sentimental Journey" version with Maureen O'Hara and John Payne.


    • 8/6/12

    I saw this movie in the 1950"s i liked very much and the music was the first soundtrack i bought.

  • I have been looking for this movie

    • Sharon
    • 12/12/11

    I watched this with my mother .. she hads passed & I would love to own it ... I just remember some .. but is this the one where she runs away in a snow storm ? There is a swing on a tree where she saw Julie & talked to her ... please let me know where I can get this movie

  • A Gift Of Love

    • Marilyn Austin
    • 11/3/11

    I saw this movie when I was very young. And I've been looking for it to purchase for years. Can anyone tell me if it's available on DVD or VHS!

  • The Gift of Love

    • jannette
    • 9/1/11

    Oh my gosh, I have been looking for anything about this movie! I too, was very young when I saw this movie, and it touched me since then. Amazing-I thought for some time, I was the only one, Hurray! I want to see this movie-when, where, how can I make this happen? Is TCM able to play this movie for us or am I able to purchase through TCM? TCM please HELP! Any suggestions? I have been searching for this movie for YEARS!Thank You,

  • The gift of love (1958)

    • Francesca Franklin
    • 4/16/11

    I have seen this movie when I was a teenager, and enjoyed and cried my eyes out. When will this movie be for sale. I have looked for it every where. I wish they would show this on the TCM channel, and if it does, I hope someone will inform me. I would love to cry my eyes out again.

  • The Gift of Love

    • Zaida Malave
    • 2/28/11

    I loved this movie. The last time I watched it was when I was a young girl. Would love to see it again and it to be released on VHS or DVD.

  • childhood tears

    • annhasse
    • 7/2/10

    I remember this movie from when I was a young girl back in the 60's. I saw it several times on the Saturday movie spot. I loved it so much that when the sound went out on my parents black & white TV, I was found watching the picture only by my mother, because I knew the movie that well that I could watch the screen & hear the words in my head. I looked for a copy of this movie thru Critic's choice video search line @ least 15 years ago, & it sounds like it still is not available. Such a shame! I could use a good cry right now.

  • Mum told me about this movie

    • Julie
    • 10/1/09

    I love old movies and the great actors that star in them as when groving up as a little girl I would watch them with my Mum. She always told me about this sad movie "The gift of Love". I've been wanting to see this movie for years and wished that it could be released as a dvd movie.

  • Very good movie.

    • Ruby
    • 2/9/09

    I remember viewing this moving aobut 10 years ago. Very touching and moving drama.Robert Stack and Lauren Becall were fit for this role. Would love to see it again.

  • Watched this movie as a child

    • SB
    • 9/24/08

    Love old movies. I was very sick at the age of 10. I remember watching this movie around that time. I loved it and could not remember the name. I've tried searching for it before only remembering bits and pieces. This is my second attempt. How cool that I decided to search under adoption and picked it out first choice/stab in the dark at the title. I hope it comes out on DVD or is shown on TCM someday soon.

  • Bring The Movie The Gift Of Love TO DVD

    • Victor Martinez Jr
    • 1/23/08

    My Mother Who Loves This Movie Wishes She Could Have On DVD.She Keeps Asking Me To Let Her Know When Or How I Can Buy It For Her

  • Wonderful Movie

    • Ruby O'Quinn
    • 10/12/06

    This movie stars two great actors, Lauren Becall and Robert Stack. Togeather they provide a nice chemistry just as they have in previous movies. Very moving drama for all to enjoy.

  • The Gift of Love (1958)

    • Linda Saggs
    • 1/23/06

    Remember seeing this movie so many years ago when I was a child. I always loved it and had quite a time trying to remember the title and then finding any records of it at all. I would love to see it again and wish that it was made available on DVD. Lauren Bacall, Robert Wagner, Lorne Greene, Scatman Crothers...such great entertainers in this movie.

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