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Getting Gertie's Garter

Getting Gertie's Garter(1945)

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Dr. Kenneth B. Ford, a researcher at Boston Mass Hospital, is working on a new anesthetic when he receives news that he has been elected to the prestigious Society of Scientific Research. Ken is thrilled about the honor, but his delight sours when Winters, an investigator from the district attorney's office, arrives at his laboratory and asks to talk to him about a case involving a larcenous jeweler. Winters questions Ken about an expensive purchase he made two years earlier, and although Ken pretends not to remember anything about it, he is obviously concerned. Winters gives Ken a subpoena ordering him to testify about the matter the next morning, and warns him of dire consequences if he does not comply. As soon as Winters leaves, Ken calls Gertie Kettering, his former sweetheart and a glamorous artist, and drills her about the purchase in question, an elaborate jeweled garter engraved with the words, "To Gertie from Ken, with all my love." The conservative Ken, who fears that the bauble will arouse the ire of his wife Patty and cause a scandal, demands that Gertie return it. Gertie states that she has sent the garter to Ipswich, where she is to be married to Ted Dalton, Ken's best friend and lawyer, the next day. Dispirited, Ken returns to the laboratory and finds Patty waiting to watch the experiment that he is to conduct with the new anesthetic. During the experiment, Ken mutters about the garter and the subpoena, and the jealous Patty, who has learned about Ken's proposed clandestine visit to Gertie, follows him when he goes to Ipswich that evening. When Ken arrives at the home of Ted's sister Barbara and her husband Billy, he begs Gertie to return the garter so that he can destroy it. Gertie overhears a conversation between Ken and Ted, however, and misunderstands Ted's remarks to mean that he disapproves of unmarried women who accept jewelry. Gertie then decides to keep the garter to prove her innocence in case Patty and Ted suspect her of wrongdoing. She orders Ken to reveal the truth, but Ken, who has developed a complex about keeping the garter's existence a secret, determines to get it away from her. Patty becomes increasingly jealous as she sees Ken and Gertie heatedly confering, and while trying to eavesdrop on them, falls into a rainbarrel outside the house. Soaked, she hides in the barn, where Billy finds her. When Billy enlists Ted's help in obtaining dry clothes for Patty, he arouses the suspicions of Barbara, who believes that Gertie and Ken are conducting an affair in the barn. Meanwhile, the garter has fallen into the hands of Charles the butler, who intends to use it to blackmail Ken. Gertie persuades Charles' wife Anna, the maid, to retrieve the garter and place it in the barn, which leads to more complications. Eventually, the garter winds up back in Charles' hands, and Ted catches Gertie and Ken in a compromising position. Ken then finds Patty wearing only a horse blanket, hiding under Ted's bed, and Barbara is shocked to see Billy covered with hay from the barn. Ken and Gertie attempt to explain about the garter and the subpoena, but because they cannot produce it, no one believes them, and everyone declares their respective relationships to be over. Just then, Charles approaches Ken and Gertie, hoping to incite them into a bidding war over the garter. After Billy claims the garter, Ken and Gertie, their story proven, reconcile with their loved ones, while Billy and Barbara, and Charles and Anna also embrace.