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The bloody massacre of his family by the white man imbues the Indian leader Geronimo with a fanatical hatred and an obsessive desire to drive all "palefaces" from the Southwest. In his campaign, Geronimo is aided by Gillespie, a renegade white who supplies the Indians with rifles and ammunition. To cope with the Indian unrest, the United States Army sends General Steele to the fort in Grant, Arizona. Steele, a strict disciplinarian, insists that his troops be only comprised of seasoned soldiers, and consequently, when Jack, the son he has not seen since childhood is assigned to the general's command fresh out of West Point, the general gives the boy the cold shoulder. Although he is befriended by Captain Bill Starrett and Sneezer, the Indian scout, Lieutenant Steele rebels against his father and submits his resignation. Deciding to leave the army and go to California, the lieutenant sends for his sweetheart, Alice Hamilton, who is chaperoned by his mother. However, after Alice is wounded and Mrs. Steele killed when their coach is attacked by Indians, the lieutenant decides to single-handedly eliminate Geronimo. When Geronimo captures Jack, Starrett begs the general to let him lead a rescue mission, but Steele refuses. Defying orders, Starrett rides to free Jack and is himself captured by Geronimo. Back at the fort, a remorseful general finally realizes that he has failed his family and leads a small band of men to free his son. Learning that the general has left the protected fort, Geronimo leaves his prisoners behind in a trap to ambush the soldiers. After the detachment rescues Jack and Starrett, Geronimo and his men swoop down on them and in the ensuing gun battle, the general is wounded. Defying death, Starrett and Jack ride to the fort for reinforcements, but only Jack makes it alive. As Geronimo leads his massacre on the troops, Jack leads the reinforcements to the rescue. Not to be deprived of his prey, Geronimo, disguised as a soldier, is about to deal a death blow to the general when Jack pounces upon the renegade chief, and father and son are at last reconciled.