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Fury Below

Fury Below(1938)

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Elderly Mr. Cole, the owner of the Cole Mine, retires from his company when a series of unexplained accidents at the mine result in severe losses. Cole then hands the company over to his grandson, Jim Cole, 3rd. Unknown to Jim, accidents at the mine have been caused by the general manager, Fred Johnson, and his underling, Dorsky, who tried to make the senior Cole sell at a low price. Just after Jim arrives, another accident occurs, injuring a miner named Emil, who suffers a severe mental breakdown. Hoping to distract Jim from the business, Johnson brings a woman named Clair to the mine and introduces her as his sister. Jim is at first responsive to the diversion, but soon returns to business when Joe Norsen, the mine's honest foreman, finds Dorsky trying to get the miners to strike. Joe and Jim break up the strike meeting, then Jim makes Dorsky the head foreman and Joe his assistant. At first Joe is angry at his apparent demotion, but soon realizes that it is part of Jim's plan to save the mine. Although Dorsky pretends to work hard, he soon rehires Emil and convinces him to go back into the mine. Jim and Mary, Joe's sister, who is also a secretary in the mine office, learn of Dorsky's plan to use Emil to start an "accidental" explosion, and go to the mine to stop him. Because Emil has gone crazy, they cannot stop him, and soon even Dorsky realizes that the man's instability is dangerous. While this is happening, Johnson has tried to leave with the company's funds, but Jim intercepts him and has him jailed. Back in the mine, Dorsky is powerless to stop Emil and both men are killed in an explosion. With Johnson and Dorsky now stopped, the mine returns to normal, Joe is made the new general manager and Jim and Mary look toward a future together.