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Frontier Revenge

Frontier Revenge(1948)

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Lash La Rue is given an assignment by Col. Winston of the U.S. Marshal's office to catch a gang of outlaws working out of Rhyolite, a town run by Duce Rago, who poses as a legitimate citizen. A marshal's widow owns a ranch near the town, and Lash is instructed to use her as a contact. As Lash is leaving to follow a stagecoach carrying a large payroll into Rhyolite, Deputy Fuzzy comes in to book two suspicious characters, the Dawson brothers, who have been hanging around the express office. As the Dawsons are notorious outlaws, Lash suggests that he and Fuzzy impersonate them so that they can more easily infiltrate Rago's gang. Meanwhile Brant, Rago's henchman, has sent Jake, Bart and Pete to hold up the stage. They are about to open the express box when Lash and Fuzzy, wearing bandanas across their faces, hold them up and send them on their way. When the coach arrives in Rhyolite, Rago introduces himself to the coach's female passenger, Joan Delysa, and escorts her to the hotel. Lash and Fuzzy go to see the widow Owens and leave the money they have taken from the stagecoach with her to pass on to its owner, Adams, the boss of the Silver Queen Mine. After Jake and his partners convince Brant that they were held up by the Dawsons, whom they know from a very distinctive belt buckle that Lash was wearing, Brant tells Rago that the Dawsons appear to be horning in on his territory. Lash, accompanied by Fuzzy, goes to Rago's saloon and calls attention to himself by asking to exchange a large amount of gold pieces for bills. Rago spots the Dawson belt buckle, but Lash introduces himself as "Jones." Joan, who is working as a singer at the saloon, assures Dago that Lash and Fuzzy are the men who held up the stage. Although Brant wants to get rid of them, Rago says no as they still have the $20,000 they took from the stage. When Lash and Fuzzy go out to Mrs. Owens' ranch, they are followed by two of Rago's men, whom they then ambush and tie to a tree. Rago is convinced that Lash is Dawson, so Lash suggests they do a "job" together. When Lash later catches Brant bothering Joan, he tells him to stop, and they have a fight. Later, Lash passes Joan a note saying he is being watched and instructing her to inform Adams at the mine that there will be a payroll holdup the next morning and that he should mark the bills. The next morning, on the way to the holdup, Rago's men separate Lash and Fuzzy from the group and try to discover what they did with the money from the previous robbery. After Lash is rescued by Joan, who shoots his captors, he uses his whip to rescue Fuzzy and rides on to the mine. However, Brant and Dago get to the mine office first, knock out the guard and take the money bag. Lash chases after them, using his whip to knock Brant off his horse, then pursues Rago on foot. During their final showdown, Lash reveals his true identity. Later, Lash receives a letter from Col. Winston telling him to report in as soon as things are cleaned up and identifying Joan as their new operator. As the trio rides off, they come upon the two men Lash and Fuzzy had left tied to a tree. Fuzzy unties them and when he discovers that they cannot read, he offers to get them work as deputies and sends them off with a note to see the marshal. The note reads, "Hang these two men quick...dangerous."