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Frenchman's Creek

Frenchman's Creek(1944)

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  • Frenchmen's Creek

    • Maria
    • 12/31/16

    Love it !!!!!! Everything about it was wonderful to watch.

  • Frenchman's Creek - Washed out (follow-up)

    • Rose Anne
    • 12/31/16

    In response to Elise's comments in April about the Energy Saving feature causing this film to be washed out, I looked at the settings on my TV and this feature is not turned on. Thanks for posting a possible solution, though! The movie is playing again right now on TCM and it is still washed out. I fiddled with the contrast and tint settings on my TV and though that helped, the film still looks like an over-exposed public domain transfer. I don't have trouble with any other Technicolor films on TCM. Sure would love to see this in all its gorgeous color!

  • Good Costume Drama

    • joannomatchforolivia
    • 4/29/16

    Always look forward to Fontaine dispatching the evil Rockingham.Rathbone's sexiness in those scenes,IMO,greatly surpasses any cinema prettyboy,Flynn or Power,and would've been a better French pirate than de Cordova or even Charles Boyer who was the one sought after.

  • Love The Countryside Visit

    • crummyprint
    • 4/29/16

    The film really rocks when Rockingham appears in Cornwall.Rathbone would've been the Frenchman in his earlier movie career.Who cares if Joanie was miserable,you want fame,you put up with what goes with it.Same as Henry Daniell being impatient with constant retakes,don't like it,get out of the business.IMHO,Daniell was no Rathbone!

  • Picture washed out?

    • Elise
    • 4/15/16

    A couple of years ago, I talked by phone with my sister who lives in a different city about a movie with both loved.'Lilli' was the movie. I said the movie's picture was rather dim. My sister said it was not so, in her case.So I figured that it was my TV. I called the TV manufacturer. They told me how to turn off the energy-saving featureof the TV set (which was fairly new at that time). After that, the picture was fine. This may or may not be the case with Pippa and Rose Anne.I wonder if TCM can get a better print of this movie. BTW, I saw this movie in March and will watch it again.Love this movie and the story by Daphne du Maurier.

  • Washed out

    • Rose Anne
    • 4/6/16

    I found the same thing detailed in Pippa's review - the film is washed out. I was very disappointed, especially because these Technicolor films are known for their lush and intense colors. TCM apparently owns a poor transfer of this film. Too bad. The poor quality ruined this viewing experience for me.

  • Think Better w/o Fontaine

    • lovebasil
    • 3/26/16

    Film has its moments,best scenes when party interrupted by the pirates-Rock's suspicions,his breaking free,just in shirt tail with an incredibly sexy/threatening mien.Lost interest after his demise.Pippa,more Basil Rathbone movies scheduled from 7am thru 7pm 6/13/16,the Baz's birthday.Daphne D had a crush on Baz during his London stage idol-looking years.So did Larry Olivier,calling him a Greek god.

  • So disappointed

    • Pippa
    • 3/25/16

    As I said before this is one of my favourite films, and I was so excited to see if in the schedule on February. So I sat down with a lovely glass of wine to watch the recording only to find that the film was completely washed out. I tried changing the brightness on the TV and the indoor shots were slightly better than the outdoor ones, especially the ship scenes. But it didn't become the lovely film I remembered. I realise TCM can't do much about a film that is suffering from age, and I will record it again in April to compare it. But it is a film that is distressed and I'm concerned about buying the DVD if it will be as bad. I have given it 3 1/2 stars simply because of the quality, I still love the film and the book.

  • Daphne du Maurier and Basil Rathbone

    • ELise
    • 3/9/16

    To Pippa: Daphne du Maurier wrote that she had a big crush on Basil Rathbone when she was young. She was 13 and him 28. She said he was so handsome! When I was watching movies in my teens, Rathbone had settled in the roles of villains that he played so well. So I never had a crush on him. I don't now what I missed, perhaps.

  • The Best Scene-Rock Attempts To Kill Dona

    • woody
    • 2/15/16

    That scene is what earns my 3 1/2 stars.Joan Fontaine apparently had no problem showing how she looked down her snoot at this film.Trying to make chit chat w/Arturo,she asked him why he came to USA-reported back to gossip columns as she told him to "Go Back To Mexico!"With a co-star like that,who needs enemies-she never did say anything that mean,but she blamed Baz & Bruce for that getting in the columns.DeMaurier's book far more scandalous,Dona having affair,getting pregnant by the pirate,but electing not to leave her worthless husband,not played by The Baz!Rockingham was very much lusting after her in the book.

  • Frenchman's Creek - remembered with fondness

    • Pippa
    • 3/26/15

    I remember watching Frenchman's creek when I was young back in England and loving the costumes, the story and the wonderful scenery. I especially love Basil Rathbone as the villain for the film. Up until then I had only ever seen him in Sherlock Holmes films. After seeing Frenchman's Creek, I started noticing Basil Rathbone in many other films, often playing the villainous parts and I thought he was a great actor. I would love to see more of his films on TCM, but especially would love to see Frenchman's Creek again, now I have read the book and loved it - don't agree with the ending though...

  • favorite

    • Sandy Phipps
    • 2/11/15

    This is one of our favorite movies. Wonderful musical score. Great story costumes. And the character William should have won an Oscar for BestSupporting Actor. Never get tired of watching it.

  • Frenchman's Creek-Visual Delight! Love this Movie

    • Alana
    • 7/15/14

    I first saw this movie when I was a teen and fell in love with the story, the costumes and scenery and of course Joan Fontaine! Wonderful story of a swashbuckling pirate who sweeps an unhappy,unfulfilled Joan Fontaine off her feet while she's seeking time away from her unpleasant husband (Basil Rathbone).Joan gets swept away in the romance, mystery and excitement of this other life and is left with a difficult choice.

  • Frenchman's Creek

    • Nancy Z
    • 6/26/13

    One of the most dreamy romantic movies I've ever seen. Joan Fontaine is wonderful. I treasure my video. Please release on DVD.

  • Colourful adventure romance

    • Susan
    • 8/6/12

    Definitely a chick flick but such a great romantic adventure! The acting is a bit overdone, but that was the style of the day. The costumes are exquisite and the story is very well presented. The 1998 remake is dreadful, without any of the charm of the original. But my VHS tape is starting to give out. Please put this onto DVD!

  • One of the Best

    • AWycoff
    • 6/27/12

    One of the best book to movie adaptations. My VHS tape no longer plays. Need this on DVD or Blu-Ray. Basil Rathbone at his most dastardly. Joan at her most beautiful and strong. Great story. Beautiful landscape.

  • Frenchman's Creek 1944 Version

    • Brenda Gray
    • 2/26/12

    Please Release this wonderful movie on DVD! Thank You Brenda Gray


    • el debbo
    • 1/23/12

    The Cornwall setting and the costumes are just wonderful, if you're only in it for the eye candy. For me, I enjoy a movie where the woman is strong... male/female balanced... and with Dona becoming a pirate, this made a great story. I loved the immediacy of her relationship with Arturo de Cordova's fantastic captain. Who wouldn't fall for a guy like that? Like all other reviewers, I think this one needs to go to DVD.

  • Frenchman's Creek

    • Lee
    • 1/6/12

    This is one of my favorite Daphne DuMaurier books. The 1944 movie translation brings the fun and romance to the screen. Basil Rathbone is as always the perfect villan/the man you love to hate. Joan Fontaine brings Dona St. Columb to life. And Arturo De Cordova is lively as the French pirate. Add stunning Technicolor and the haunting Debussy's 'Claire de Lune' and prepare to sail away on the French ship 'La Mouette'. Super romance. If it can't be released on dvd, PLEASE air it sometime on VHS version is sinking slowly from age and too much play.

  • Frenchmans creek 1944

    • Darlene Eaton
    • 10/20/11

    Would love to see this on dvd

  • Frenchman's creek 1944 version

    • Brenda Gray
    • 4/16/11

    Would like it rereleased on DVD it is an exceptional pirate Love Story!Thank you Mrs Gray

  • Love it Please offer it on Video

    • bigmike
    • 4/30/10

    A wonderful romance\pirate movie. would love to see it on the Big Screen sometime!But for now Please Release it on Video!

  • Frenchman's Creek (1944)

    • Meg Ross
    • 3/8/10

    One of the best book to movie adaptations ever. Based on Daphne du Maurier's novel. I saw this film once two years ago and have been driving everyone around me crazy trying to find a copy ever since. One of the most enjoyable swashbuckling/love stories I have ever seen. If you ever have an opportunity to see it DO! You won't be dissapointed.

  • Frenchman's Creek

    • Gordon Brown
    • 2/11/10

    This is a beautiful movie about the secret romance between a titled English woman and a French pirate, superbly acted by Joan Fontaine. I saw it many years ago, it became one of my late wife's favorite movies and now is one of my favorites. I can't believe that so-called experts have seen it and not recognized how great it would be to make it available as DVD

  • Romance! Adventure!

    • Christine Harrison
    • 8/27/09

    Beautiful, colour film with romance, adventure and asense of humour. Arturo de Cordova is handsome and dashing, Basil Rathbone villanous and Joan Fontaine lovely in techicolour. I have been waiting for this to come out on DVD for years...Fairly faithful to the book, it is fun entertainment, and rarely shown, even on TCM!

  • Fabulous Film

    • Catherine
    • 11/11/08

    I highly recommend this film. It has everything. There is Joan Fontaine, looking so stunningly beautiful in Technicolor, Basil Rathbone, bad to the bone, and a brilliant supporting cast. The scenery and the art and set direction are Oscar worthy. The use of the haunting Clair de Lune makes this an unforgettable and highly entertaining romance-adventure film. This film needs to be on DVD.

  • Basil Rathbone at his most villainous

    • ALarkin
    • 1/2/08

    Lovely romantic adventure although it does stretch credibility, but Daphne DuMaurier seems to be good at that. The final scene between Joan Fontaine and Basil RAthbone is great.

  • A wonderful, entertaining movie.

    • A.M.K.
    • 10/8/06

    Highly recommended. An enchanting adaptation of the Daphne DuMaurier's 1941 novel brimming with intrigue, adventure, pirates, secret rendevous and a forbidden romance. Joan Fontaine is well cast as the restless Lady Dona wed to a clueless bore who yearns for excitement. The versatile Basil Rathbone aptly portrays Lord Rockingham, the treacherous rogue lusting after her, and relatively unknown Arturo de Cordova is the carefree and charismatic French pirate, Jean Benoit, who reinvigorates Lady Dona's lackluster life and steals her heart but whom the English vow to capture and hang. Actors Nigel Bruce and Cecil Kellaway are perfect compliments to a fine ensemble, and Victor Young's movie score is hauntingly exquisite.A classic swashbucker the likes of which are no longer made.

  • excellent movie

    • andre' turner
    • 4/9/06

    i enjoyed this film very much when i saw it a few years back. i would really like to see it again

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