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Four Jacks and a Jill

Four Jacks and a Jill(1942)

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Band leader Nifty Sullivan meets Karinina "Nina" Novak when he pulls her from the path of an onrushing car. Nina is ungrateful, however, and accuses him of causing her to lose her ticket to a concert that night. Chagrined, Nifty trades in his own concert ticket for two balcony seats, and they attend the performance together. Later, Nifty returns to Mike's Cellar, where he and his band, "Four Jacks and a Queen," perform. There, band members Happy McScud, Nat and Eddie inform Nifty that their singer, Opal, is thinking of deserting the group for The Noodle, her gangster boyfriend, and convince him to try to change her mind by romancing her. Nifty makes a date to meet Opal that night, but when a suspicious Noodle comes looking for his girl, he is about to throttle Nifty when Nina appears and claims that she, not Opal, is his date. In gratitude, Nifty invites the hungry Nina back to his apartment for a meal. There, she meets the rest of the band and tells them that she comes from the Balkan state of Aregal, where she enthralled King Stephan with her singing. Recognizing that her story is a fabrication, Nifty invites Nina, who is destitute, to spend the night at their apartment. The next morning, Nina tells the boys that the owner of Mike's Cellar has fired them because Opal has announced her retirement. Spinning her story of King Stephan to Mr. Hoople, the owner of the Little Aregal Café, Nina secures an engagement for the band, which is renamed "Four Jacks and a Jill." As Hoople awaits the appearance of the king, Steve Sarto, a taxi driver who has been dating Opal, takes refuge at the club to escape the jealous Noodle. Steve, an exact double for the king, is mistaken for his highness and decides to continue the charade. When Nifty, who has fallen in love with Nina, becomes jealous of Steve's attentions to her and quits the band, Hoople cancels their contract. Unemployed and hungry, Nifty is reduced to pantomiming prizefights to feed himself. Trying to reconcile the pair, Steve drives Nifty to meet Nina at the band's apartment, and during the ride there, he sees Steve's taxi license. At the apartment, Nifty exposes Steve as a lowly cab driver and announces that he is planning to take a job in Chicago. Promising Nina that he will prevent Nifty from leaving, Steve has him arrested for stealing his cab, and when the other band members try to prevent the arrest, they are jailed, too. Steve then convinces Hoople to rehire the band to stage "King's Night," promoting the appearance of King Stephan. Noodle deems "King's Night" the perfect opportunity to trap his rival Stephan and bails the band out of jail, and Nifty and Nina make up. The night of the performance, Steve arrives wearing the king's uniform. When the real king, who has been vacationing in South America, appears at the club, Steve flees with Opal, leaving a confused Noodle in his wake.