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Fools' Parade

Fools' Parade(1971)

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  • fools' parade

    • kevin sellers
    • 12/10/17

    This is one of several late 60s/early 70s Hollywood redneck gangster films, set in the Depression, that were designed to capitalize on the success of "Bonnie And Clyde", some others being "Dillinger," "Boxcar Bertha," and "Bloody Mama". That none of them made even half the dough of B/C is eminently just since none of them were even half as good. This one is hampered by a too cute screenplay from James Lee Barrett that is heavy on the Dumb Hick schtick and over the top acting from pretty much everyone in the cast with the exception of James Stewart and Kurt Russell, and which shows that director Victor McLaglen, like his old man, had very little interest in controlling the ol thespian hambone tic. On the plus side is visually interesting, West Virginia location shooting as well as some strong if too fleeting moments of rural darkness reminiscent of another, much better film based on a Davis Grubb novel, "Night Of The Hunter." Give it a C plus.

  • lie it all down.

    • a.morris
    • 11/29/17

    the thing that makes this movie anything special is james was the last movie he really starred in. it was a good story..not a great one..but that is alright. time has made it more than it was.maybe his stint in movies dripped off.maybe that was his plan..maybe does not hurt his legacy at any rate. kind of funny that kurt russell does not really talk about about stewart and the rest of those guys he worked with.the faces he makes when he he is drinking castor oil.maybe not bad..does not want to brag or maybe being a good tabloid stuff. what he should do is the old stretch the truth..or better yet just lie.. but say he is lying first. make for good talk show stuff. he could say jimmy stewart almost shot his dad in the butt..but missed.he hit the 40th president in his keester instead.robbert donner was always mad..because so many people confused him for directing superman.strother martin really told george kennedy to step off..when he thought kennedy was ripping off his prison capt.character.go the extra mile..say strother martin coined the phrase..step a huge lie..say william windom slapped a guy silly for saying righty o.anything to save the next generation the pain of thinking these guys did not exist.

  • Fool's Parade worthwile endevor

    • Danny Donian
    • 11/29/17

    A decent movie if you can get by Stewarts glass eye and some half baked comedy routines. A good look at the old south and a bygone (thankfully) prison system. The movie has a fairly decent plot full of character actors from the seventies, Kennedy chases the trio of Stewart, Russell and Martian through the dark back country of Virginia with genuine on location sets and cars as well as some great scenery and thirty's buildings of the old south. Kurt Russell (as a convicted rapist)pre Goldie Hawn makes this film worthwhile alone. It seems as everyone had a shotgun as well and a attitude back then, and given the easy going Jimmy Stewart's southern drawl keeps this plot a "winding down the road." Best viewed at night, this hidden gem beckons to a audience that misses a innocent plot with excellent locations, well devolved characters and good camera work.

  • Remembering Fool's Parade filming pt 2

    • Randy W
    • 4/20/16

    Around the time of the film's release, Jimmy Stewart appeared on the Tonight Show to plug the film. During the chat, Stewart discussed some of the issues he had with the glass eye and mentioned one Dr, Nugent of Wheeling WV, who corrected the problem and allowed continued use of the prop. That doctor was the same doctor who removed my grandmother's cataracts just about a year earlier.So it goes in the valley. Not much happens until something does, then it's a long time of nothing happening again.

  • Remembering Fool's Parade filming pt 1

    • Randy W
    • 4/20/16

    In the small towns up and down that section of the Ohio River, not a whole lot goes on. In 1970, when Moundsville became the valley's center of attention due to the production of Fool's Parade, everyone wanted to witness Hollywood history. Here are a few memories I have of that time.I was from Bellaire, Ohio, a few miles upriver from Moundtown. Our grade school class took a field trip to Moundsville to witness some of the filming. The day was dark and rainy, and little was going on. We were hanging out in the Marshall County court house to keep out of the rain. Some of us ended up out on the roofed porch, when suddenly Jimmy Stewart stepped out of a courthouse door onto the porch and began signing autographs. He posed for a couple pictures as well. I remember scrambling around trying to borrow a piece of paper and a pen for an autograph, then got in line. Finally, it was my turn. I stood before Jimmy, grinning nervously, and held out the pen and paper to him. He looked at me, never changed expression, didn't say a word, didn't sign the paper, then he turned and walked away.My uncle was a bit more disruptive. He lived in Shadyside, Ohio, just a couple miles upstream of Moundsville. He has a nice little outboard motorboat at the time that could do about 35 knots on the river. It had been announced on the local news that the film company would blow up a houseboat on the river one evening and that locals should stay clear. My uncle thought he'd cruise down and check it out. Allegedly he went into the area right about the time they were going to detonate the boat, and he received a good deal of shouting, hand signals, and unfriendly waves from the film crew on shore. I can still remember him chuckling about it.

  • Russell Stand-In

    • Robert
    • 12/7/15

    I was a teenager when this was filmed in Moundsville. A friend of mine, Jeff Kirk, played the stand-in for Kurt Russell during filming. Jeff was from Martins Ferry and had an old car that he had restored. The car was chosen to appear in the movie and one day while Jeff was on set the original stand-in for Kurt Russell quit and walked off theset. As I understand it, the Director thought that Jeff looked enough like Russell that he asked him to be the newstand-in. Jeff remained friends with many of the cast members after filming. I guess he got to know Kurt andStrother Martin quite well. Thanks for the memories. Hope to be able to show this movie to my kids someday soon.

  • Friend was stand-in for Kurt Russell

    • Robert Ritner
    • 12/7/15

    Remember this movie very well. A friend of mine Jeff Kirk worked as the stand-in for Kurt Russell during thefilming. Jeff had an old car the he had restored. The car was in the movie and one day while Jeff was on theset, the original stand-in for Russell suddenly quit and walked off the set. The director thought that Jeff lookedenough like Kurt Russell to have him fill that role. Jeff kept in touch with many of the cast members after thefilming was finished, especially Kurt Russell and Strother Martin. Local Wheeling people might remember Kirk'sPhoto Studio on Market Street for many years was owned by Kirk's mom.

  • FOOL'S PARADE the film

    • JAN
    • 9/25/13

    Have memories of watching this film FOOL'S PARADE years ago. Also waiting for the film to be on view using the DVD format. Great memories riding the 4501 stream engine in 1971 to Crossville, TN and being colored black from being in the film FOOL'S PARADE. The film needs to be released on DVD for others to watch.

  • Memories

    • greg miller
    • 11/30/12

    I have enjoyed this movie for many years. My grandfather Pete Miller was in this movie and they also used his car in the movie. He has passed on and left great memories with us to love and cherish. I continue to preserve the car that he once owned (1925 dodge) once my dad handed it down to me a few years ago. We get the car out during the summer months and enjoy telling the stories about the cars history. I no longer live in Powhatan Pt. ohio. Now i live near cincinatti to where my parents have relocated as well. To see people and their intrest in the movie makes me grin, and i know that the movie is not available due to the lock down of Jimmy Stewarts movies from his wife. You can find the movie if you look hard enough,but it is diff to find. I myself need to transfer my copy to a dvd. So my dad and i continue to tell a bit of our family history to others in our area that we now live in, and will continue on with these stories with my son, so that he can enjoy the same type memories that as a family share together. Thank you so much Pete Miller for the memories of West Virginia State Penn, Glory

  • About time!

    • lynn
    • 8/20/12

    I have been searching and waiting forever and a day for this classic to surface! I saw this film one late night about 1983. My sister and I were totally committed to the end, and it was all worth it. I hope it will be available again.

  • Entertaining movie complete with misfits

    • Joe Chaykowsky
    • 3/7/12

    Wheeling is my hometown and when this movie was being filmed my brother and I were visiting at my uncle's home during summer vacation from school and he would take us down to Moundsville to watch some filming. We only briefly saw any real filming and I couldn't discern any characters so far in the distance from our vantage point. The movie was released the next year and while staying with my grandmother during the summer I remember us going to the theater several times to watch Fools Parade. This movie has stuck in my mind and I think about it often probably because some remnants left of the filming are still around Moundsville and partly because of the oddball actors such as Struther Martin. He and Dubbs Taylor have always been my favorite character actors. I visit my relatives in Moundsville several times a year and driving past where the the train scenes were filmed bring back alot of fond memories. I remember picking up on the late model cars in the background the first time I saw the movie and would state this fact to anyone in the theater within speaking distance. There were alot of good not great movies in the 70's that had big stars in them, this is one of them, I would like to see TCM run this movie on cable so I could enjoy it again.


    • chuck
    • 6/9/11


  • Fool's Parade

    • Jim Pearl
    • 12/15/10

    Great movie....Jimmy Stewart classic....Why is it not on video?

  • Fool's Parade

    • nancy zubek
    • 12/10/10

    I hope that one day this film will be avaialble on dvd. My parents grew up in Moundsville W. Va. My grandmother lived with my Aunt and uncle in a house right behind the prison. Part of the movie was filmed in my grandmother's store. I have been looking for a copy of this movie so I can give it to my mother.There is alot of history represented in this movie and I would like to share that with the younger generation. Sooo, PLEASSE put this movie on dvd!

  • Fools Parade

    • Clyde Potts
    • 10/19/10

    Mr Pete Miller was from Monroe County, not far from Moundsville, W. Va and it was his own old DODGE car that he drove George Kennedy around in . I never knew PETE , but knew his daughter that told me about her Fathers old car. If i remember right , it was a 1925 touring car . I am originally from Monroe County Ohio , not far from Clarington Ohio , where PETE lived at the time he had a part in the movie .

  • fools' parade

    • Jean
    • 4/4/10

    My brother talks of this movie, OFTEN. He is getting up in years and continues to hope that he can see it again. I have written, asking for it to be released several times. He would not care if he didn't think it wasn't a great movie. Please make him happy!

  • Good Movie Good Book (Fool's Parade)

    • Charles Hutchins
    • 9/7/09

    I was in Moundsville in 1972/73 for a plant startup. I remember the old prison (looked like an old English fort.)I read the book,"Fools Parade" a few years later. (I was told by locals in Moundsville) that Jimmy Stewart had trouble with the glass eye and he had a lot of trouble with infection from the glass eye).The book is a riot as well as the movie is entetaining and comical in many ways.I was led to believe that the movie was based on an actual event. (Of course if this is so, it probably was embellished by Hollywood to a great degree.)I would like to be able to have this movie because Stewart and Kennedy are so good.

  • like this movie

    • harold branch
    • 12/28/08

    please puy this movie out on video. isend this movie when i was a littie boy.

  • when will fools parade to be on dvd

    • philip lightner
    • 4/3/08

    the movie was shown on april 1st. the movie was filmed in my hometown when i was a teen. i have been looking for it a long time. iam a history buff and look for anything from the past.if it could be released i would be first in line to obtain a copy. thank philip lightner hundred wv.

  • TCM & A Classic Jimmy Stewart Gem

    • William Riffle
    • 3/21/08

    Thank you Robert Osborne & TCM for finally acquiring this wonderfully weird movie. This film has alot of abstract value .. glass eyes, old locomotives, houseboats, & a collection of extremely odd characters. Jimmy Stewart gives one of his best performances, & even though the film boggs down in a few spots, it still is quite an entertaining piece.

  • Comic Stewart

    • terry adams
    • 10/10/07

    Jimmy Stewart constructs a very plausible role as an ex-con who is determined to get his just deserts. George Kennedy performs another unflattering role to perfection.

  • Fool's Parade

    • John Grannell
    • 1/12/07

    Why thia movie is not better known is a mystery. The characters are a selection of odd balls and wierdos; and if memory serves;they were all crooks. This is a funny and wonderful picture with an element of dead-eye humor. if you happen to see this gem, you will know exactly what that means.

  • Fools Parade

    • Marty Fox
    • 11/27/06

    This is a hard to find movie By Jimmy Stewart that is entertaining to say the least. It has a star studded cast including Stewart, Curt Russell, Anne Baxter, Strother Martin and George Kennedy. The movie is filmed in my hometown, which makes it a little more appealing to me. Stewart and his cast give strong performances in this picture that is set in the depression era. If you need another reason to watch this film, It's James Stewart for crying out loud!

  • Fools' Parade

    • Joe Frey
    • 10/28/06

    Fools' Parade is one of the better movies that Jimmy Stewart ever did and is based on the events of a man who did time at the old prison located in Moundsville, WV. But not like Mattie Appleyard (Jimmy Stewart), the real man never did get out of prison. This movie was also filmed in Moundsville, WV where the prison is located and uses part of the actual prison in a few scenes.

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