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The Flying Missile

The Flying Missile(1951)

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During war games, it becomes apparent to the U.S. Navy that current submarine torpedoes are inadequate against highly developed anti-submarine devices. Realizing that new equipment is needed, Commander William A. Talbot asks that he and his men receive training in experimental guided missiles at Point Mugu Naval Base in California. Despite a lack of funding, his request is approved, but the instruction time is limited. At Point Mugu, Talbot reports to Admiral Scott and meets Scott's attractive secretary, Karin Hansen. The crew starts training the next day, but Talbot grows impatient with the slow and detailed instruction. The men practice shooting the missiles on a practice range, but Talbot wants to see how the missiles function on a submarine. Talbot and his men decide to "requisition" the parts and build their own launcher. While Talbot is at the officers' club dancing with Karin, his men steal the necessary parts. Unknown to them, they have been photographed by a photo-electric camera, but rather than arrest them, Scott decides to watch their progress. The men finish their launcher only to learn that the last missile has been used. Shortly before the end of his assignment, Talbot tells Karin he loves her. During the conversation, Karin inadvertently discloses that more missiles are stored at the ordnance depot at nearby Point Hueneme, and Talbot sets out to acquire some missiles from them. With much effort, Talbot tracks down General Benton, the commander of the depot, who agrees to give him three missiles. In talking to Benton, Talbot reveals that Karin supplied the missile location, and she loses her job with Scott. Talbot's test launch is plagued by trouble. Because the crew must leave the following day, some of the safety procedures are neglected to expedite the test, and the missile explodes, injuring Talbot and killing "Fuss" Payne, a member of his crew. In the hospital, a recovering Talbot continues to re-design the missile launcher and is informed that he will be stationed at Point Mugu to continue the work. When Talbot learns of Fuss's death, however, he has a psychosomatic reaction and loses the use of his legs. Despite his paralysis, Talbot invents a firing key that will not fire unless all safety devices are engaged. Between them, Scott and Karin scheme successfully to convince Talbot that he can walk. New war games prove the soundness of Talbot's designs, and he is reunited with Karin.