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Flesh and the Spur

Flesh and the Spur(1956)

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After killing a guard during a jail break, convict Stacey Doggett escapes into the desert. Pursued by the authorities, Stacey slays farmer Matthew Random, steals his ivory-handled gun and escapes on horseback. Matthew's twin brother Luke vows to avenge his brother's death after learning that the escaped convict was a member of the Checkers gang. Stacey camps in the desert nearby, and when his fellow Checkers' members ride up, one of them shoots Stacey in the back, but he survives. Luke, meanwhile, rides in search of Matthew's gun, which matches his own, believing that it will be in the killer's possession. At a lake, Luke attempts to rescue a Havasupi Indian woman named Willow when she is assaulted by Checkers member Pete Longo. When Stacey shoots Longo, Willow flees. Luke allies himself with the gunman, unaware that he is Matthew's killer, because Stacey is also seeking revenge against the Checkers. When the men catch Willow stealing the clothes they hung out to dry, she reveals that she was exiled from her tribe because of her relationship with Longo, who later turned on her. As Willow knows that Longo was headed for Red Bud, she agrees to accompany Stacey and Luke there to identify the other gang members. Stacey reluctantly consents to Luke's decree that they leave Willow alone. One night, Willow secretly admits to Luke that she has seen his gun before, and warns him not to trust Stacey. They kiss, but Luke withdraws because of their agreement. When they encounter two medicine show wagons, Willow recognizes Rena, the daughter of snake oil salesman Windy as being the girl friend of Checkers gang member Cale Tanner. Stacey buys some of Windy's "Wonder Water," and they agree to ride together to Red Bud for safety. That night, while Stacey flirts with Lola, a performer in the show, Windy warns Luke not to trust Stacey, and also teaches him gun-handling tricks. Windy fears for his daughter's chastity, and when Rena attempts to run away with Tanner, Windy fires a shot at him, sending him fleeing. Windy then warns Rena that he will kill Tanner at the first opportunity. Later, Luke and Stacey watch Windy's medicine show at the Red Bud saloon. When Luke sees the mate to his gun hanging from a belt near the door, where everyone is required to leave their weapons, Luke identifies a Checkers gang member and assaults him. Unaccustomed to brawling, Luke is quickly knocked out and Stacey jumps into the fray. Stacey gores the man in the throat with a spur, after which Windy interrupts his show to pursue Rena and Tanner, who has taken Matthew's gun. A revived Luke joins Stacey in a search for Rena, whose body they find in the woods. After Rena is buried, Windy joins Luke, Stacey and Willow on their mission of vengeance. One night, Stacey forces himself on Willow and beats her when she resists. Luke confronts Stacey, but Windy breaks up their fight and insists they make peace. The small group is ambushed by the Checkers gang when they later ride into Havasupi territory. In the ensuing gunfight, Stacey is wounded and after Luke rescues him, they retreat. Stacey survives his injury and later that night, Willow confides to Windy that she recognizes Stacey as a former Checkers gang member. Willow then asks Windy to help her look after Luke. A few days after Stacey has recovered, the vigilantes engage in another gun battle with the Checkers gang and, after killing many men, they follow Tanner into the desert. One evening, Willow encourages Luke's affection, but he insists that his mission comes first. After two more gun battles, Willow is abducted by her tribesmen, who strip her and tie her to a tree. Tanner kills Windy during a gunfight and escapes, with Stacey and Luke in pursuit. When Stacey meets up with Tanner and hesitates pulling the trigger, Luke shoots and kills Tanner, then recovers Matthew's gun. Stacey reveals that Tanner is actually his father, and shot him in the back so he could take over the gang. Stacey then admits to killing Matthew, and challenges Luke to a duel. Although Stacey had previously mocked the farmer's unskilled gunmanship, Luke now kills his former friend, then rescues Willow.