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Fence Riders

Fence Riders(1950)

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On a country road, Whip Wilson and his friend Winks help rancher Jean Martin and her ranch hands defeat a gang of rustlers, although Jean's foreman is killed in the attack. Two of the rustlers, Pete and Joe, are captured, and Whip and Winks accompany Jean and her ranch hand Hutch into town to turn the men over to the sheriff. Hutch then goes to see Crogan, the saloon owner, who reproaches him for botching the job. Meanwhile, Jean offers Whip and Winks jobs on her Lazy T Ranch, and Winks, enticed by the prospect of a bed and home-cooked meals, happily agrees. Jean soon offers Whip the foreman's position, and he agrees to do the job until all of the rustlers have been cleared out. That night, Crogan's henchmen, Gus and Ted, break Pete and Joe out of jail, wounding the deputy in the process. At the ranch, Hutch jealously accuses Whip of trying to curry favor with Jean, and Whip fires him. Later, at the saloon, Crogan receives an angry visit from the slaughterhouse owner who had planned to buy Jean's stolen cattle. Crogan assures him he is working on a plan that will deliver all of the Lazy T cattle to the slaughterhouse and enable Crogan to acquire the ranch. Hutch comes in for a drink, and when Crogan refuses to pay him for his role in the rustling attempt, Hutch draws his gun, and Gus shoots him in the back. Crogan, Gus and Ted are preparing to dispose of the body when they spot Whip across the street, playing with a stray kitten. They prop up Hutch's body in an alley and fire a shot at Whip, and when he shoots back, Hutch falls to the ground. Crogan then tells the sheriff that Whip had been out to get Hutch, and the sheriff arrests Whip and refuses to let Jean bail him out. Winks helps Whip escape, however, and the sheriff swears in a special group of deputies to track him down. As the posse rides off, Crogan offers to send Jean some men from his ranch to help her. Whip returns briefly to the ranch to retrieve his belongings, and when the posse arrives, the sheriff finds a note for Winks, telling him to meet Whip at their campsite. The posse hides, planning to follow Winks after he reads the note, but Winks sees them, and tells Jean to go to Whip at their secret meeting place while he leads the posse in another direction. When Jean finds Whip, she tells him that the undertaker discovered two bullets in Hutch, and that Whip's bullet merely winged him in the shoulder. Suspecting that Hutch and Crogan were connected to the attacks on the Lazy T, Whip tells Jean to accept Crogan's offer of help. Jean asks Crogan to recommend a new foreman, and when Gus shows up, Whip is waiting for him. After Whip defeats Gus in a fistfight, Winks arrives with the news that rustlers have killed two of Jean's fence riders and are making off with the whole herd. Whip and Winks intercept the rustlers and capture Crogan. With the rustlers dispatched, Whip and Winks say goodbye to Jean and ride off.