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Fate Is the Hunter

Fate Is the Hunter(1964)

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  • Fate is the Hunter

    • Rosemary
    • 1/7/18

    I love this movie. It makes you think that the easy answer is many times not the correct answer, especially for explaining tragedies. Time and effort is needed.

  • fate is the hunter

    • rich
    • 9/30/15

    excellent movie have not seen in a long time but would like to see again better yet ad to my collection of dvr's

  • fate is the hunter

    • richard
    • 3/30/15

    this one you either love or hate .Personally I loved it I think it should be shown more than it is which is almost never.

  • Stays with you.

    • Jim
    • 1/9/15

    With the death of Rod Taylor, not many left of this great original cast.This movie effects me deeply every time I see it. Glenn Ford's faith, in light of his experiences with Taylor's character, is truly moving.Ford is a practical man and accepting fate is very difficult for him, however, even fate plays a role when all else can be or is explained.For those of you you haven't read the book, it is very interesting. Written by Ernest Gann, a pilot in the infacy of commerical aviation, it is quite technical. If you're a pilot, it is a must read. It is the story of Gann's aviation career. Fate is the Hunter includes many of Gann's experiences which are historically true, buy Fate, as a whole, is fiction. Gann objected to it and left the production. Shame as, I think, it is an excellent movie and story.

  • Bad. bad movie...beneath Glenn Ford's reputation

    • Ian Sutton
    • 12/22/13

    This hokey movie -- which was disowned by the other of the novel by the same title, Ernest K. Gann -- is silly and stupid (as the NY Times described it at the time). It is totally illogical and pointless. Ford's character spends the whole time trying to prove his pilot friend was not a drunk and a playboy (which he was) and that he was blameless for the crash of an airliner. Yes, it turns out that his only wrong-doing ws spilling a cup of coffee (and yes, that's a spoiler, but it's hinted at very early in the movie -- which begs the question what was the point of the next wasted hour and 35 minutes?) The weirdest part is Ford's testimony at a hearing that all 53 people died, including a cute little girl, as a result of 'fate' -- in short, he bemuses that it was 'God's will.' Gimmee a break! It was because of a spilled cupa java. If you really want to know how that happened, fast-forward to the last five minutes and you'll save a lot of time that could be spent watching something worthwhile. Ford made many other films that are worth watching. Not this one.

  • sorrow

    • Joseph Pozzuolo
    • 4/27/13

    I lost my wife in 1961 crash [SABENA] this movie was a hard reminder of that loss.I try to ease the pain by watching this movie.Nuts i guess,but i need closeur.

  • Friend's

    • Joe Pozzuolo
    • 2/3/13

    This is one of Glenn Ford's best.He prove's his friend's inocence .Wish the world was the same. Joe P.

  • Top Ten

    • Jeffrey Jones
    • 10/13/11

    It's simple, this movie has affected me more than the other 9900, maybe it was the right time, place, whatever. I truly believe that sometimes... ' fate is the hunter'. All to often we look for simple answers, blame someone or something, scream at God in the sky. Life is more complicated; be thoughtful and thorough about the important things and you will find deeper meaning and causation, and once in a while you will decide that fate is the hunter, like Glen Ford.

  • Excellent film - now on DVD

    • Max Starr
    • 5/20/11

    Lots of familiar "Old Hollywood" faces in this film, in addition to the main cast (Ford, Taylor, Pleshette, Kwan). Agree with a previous poster about Mark Stevens' performance. His scenes in the hanger containg the reconstructed plane wreckage (with Glenn Ford) are heartbreaking. This film finally made it to DVD (legitimate copies) in May 2011 on Fox's "Twilight Time" DVD label and available in limited supply from

  • Very Good Film

    • Bruce Reber
    • 1/7/11

    I watched "Fate Is The Hunter" on TCM Sunday night 1/2/11 and I think it's a very good film, with an excellent cast (Glenn Ford, Rod Taylor, Suzanne Pleshette, Dorothy Malone, Jane Russell and Wally (Mr. Peepers) Cox), a fine script and a very suspensful story of an airline investigator (Ford) out to prove that his pilot buddy (Taylor) was not responsible for a plane crash that killed 53 people. It was directed by Ralph Nelson, an underrated director with many other good films to his credit ("Lilies Of The Field", "Requiem For A Heavyweight", "Father Goose", etc.). You're in suspense wondering what the cause of the crash could have been, until the re-enactment of the fatal flight reveals that a spilled cup of coffee on the cockpit control panel caused the wiring to short out and give a false alert that the other engine had failed, after the plane had already lost one engine due to a seagull being sucked into it just before it took off. I would like to see "Fate Is The Hunter" on DVD, and also would like TCM to show it more often.

  • Glenn gets no respect

    • yukonjoe
    • 1/3/11

    Why aren't Glenn Ford movies more available?. Fate is the Hunter one of the most under rated movies.Great beginning the crash seen still looks real. Great story and acting. Ransom the original blows away the Mel Gibson one and I am a Mel Gibson fan. Lust For Gold I finally got on dvd another excellent film. The original 3:10 to Yuma. The Fastest Gun Alive. Wow I could keep going.

  • fate is the hunter-watch Mark Stevens

    • everson fan
    • 1/3/11

    The story and it's "punchline" stays with you. The performance of Mark Stevens in a single scene is worth the price of admission! I believe it was his last-and that he was nominated for it. Sorry that i missed it last night.

  • Fate is the Hunter

    • Ellen T
    • 1/2/11

    Very good movie with an all star cast. I can't wait for it to be released for home video.

  • fate is the hunter

    • DL
    • 12/10/10

    Saw this movie years ago and loved it! It is a mystery/thriller with a great ending!

  • Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" On DVD

    • Margaret Neill
    • 5/25/09

    Hey all you Glenn Ford Fans, I just thought I would let you all know.I saw it on Movies Unlimited Website. It's supposed to be available on 7/1/09!

  • It's about life.

    • David
    • 5/5/09

    This movie has class and is very "hip" although most of the characters are "straight" - dig?Understated and underplayed, this is a deep but humble movie that deals with ultimate questions to which we may never know the answer.Glenn Ford as always is sincere and represents ordinary people at their best.The plane crash gets your attention, because it's out of the ordinary...but haven't you had coincidences that were meaningful happen to you?Rod Taylor sings "Blue Moon..." to a nervous Wally Cox while running out of gas over Greenland. Now that's cool!


    • sally
    • 3/29/09

    Hope this is released on DVD SOON. I want more and more of GLENN FORD'S movies released.

  • Still Waiting

    • Mickie Ross
    • 3/26/09

    I am not sure who holds the rights to the Ernest Gann movies but I waited years before they released "The High & The Mighty". I keep looking to see when and if they are going to release "Fate" because it is a wonderful movie and I would love to have it in my collection.

  • Irresponsible and Unforgivable

    • Ron Hudson
    • 3/13/09

    My headline speaks for itself regarding the decision not to release this title on DVD. It's trully regretable that with so much crap on dvd's they could choose to overlook a movie of this caliber with so many quality actors. I wish I knew who is responsible so I could express my dismay directly with them.

  • not run of the mill

    • rich b
    • 12/29/08

    the piecing togther of the sequence of events leading to the crash will hold your attention thru the whole film only when the final piece falls into place does the whole thing become clear

  • forgotten gem

    • r.g.robinson
    • 5/1/08

    I too would like to see this film again. It's astonishing that with so many awful 'turkeys' on DVD, this one has never been converted. Most interesting is the fact that several years following its release, a real accident occurred in England involving a British Airways jet aircraft under virtually identical conditions(misinterpreted cockpit signals) and most if not all passengers perished. Fate IS the Hunter.

  • Appeals on many levels

    • Richard
    • 4/13/08

    "Fate Is the Hunter" is appealing on many levels. It is a story about loyalty, and how perseverence in face of adversity can have its rewards. The characters are likeable and colorful. There is nostalgia, and above it all, mystery: why did the crash happen? The acting by well known stars like Glen Ford, Rod Taylor, and Suzanne Pleshette is superb. It was nominated for an Academy Award, and won a Golden Reel Award. If you have not seen the film, for increased enjoyment try to avoid reading the ending spoiler information in reviews.

  • Why have they not been recognized ?????

    • David Stivers
    • 3/2/08

    This is a truly great film. I am a great Glenn Ford and Rod Taylor fan . Putting the 2 together was like icing on the cake. The cast was superb and the story line was superb---so---why was it not recognized. Someone missed the boat and we, as fans, suffer the consequences. No VHS--no DVD to see this GREAT movie again. It's a darn' shame. You show a lot of trash as well as treasures, so, why not this particular treasure?? Please reconsider about showing this great film on your channel!!!

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