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Escape from Red Rock

Escape from Red Rock(1958)

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When young rancher Cal Bowman assaults two men for accusing his brother Judd of robbery and murder, Sheriff John Costaine breaks up the fight. Although Costaine is sympathetic to Cal's loyalty, he warns Cal that he cannot defend Judd, a fugitive from the law, from the whole world. While they are talking, Deputy Al Farris brings in seventeen-year-old Janie Acker, who has run away from her brutal stepfather Pete. When Pete appears to claim his daughter, Costaine reluctantly turns her over to him with a warning to stop beating the girl. Upon returning to his ranch, Cal finds outlaw Bronc Grierson and his henchmen, Rube Boyce, Joe Skinner and Arky Shanks, waiting for him. When Cal sees a wounded Judd with the outlaws, he realizes that the accusations are true. Judd is badly in need of medical attention, but Bronc refuses to let him see a doctor unless Cal agrees to scout the Railroad Express office for an upcoming robbery. To save his brother, Cal acquiesces to the outlaws' demands, and during the robbery, an innocent woman bystander is killed, and Boyce shot to death. After Janie rides to the ranch to warn Cal that a posse has been formed to lynch him, Cal discovers that Judd has died from his injuries and decides to flee to Mexico. Later, when Janie's father brutally assaults her, Cal knocks him out and agrees to take her with him. After a dangerous journey through Apache country, they stop at a little town on the Arizona side of the border and are given refuge by Miguel Chavez and his wife Maria, who think that Cal and Janie are eloping. After arranging their marriage, Miguel sends Cal and Janie to the home of Mr. Willis, a friend of the Apache who can give them safe passage to Mexico. When they arrive at the Willis ranch, however, they find that Willis and his wife have been massacred by the Indians. The Willises' infant son has survived, and rather than abandon the child, Cal and Janie remain with him at the ranch. Soon after, Bronc and his gang, also on their way to Mexico, stumble upon the ranch. When Arky and Skinner decide to kidnap Janie and kill Cal, Bronc, softened by the infant, opposes them. As Arky and Skinner scheme against Bronc, the posse arrives, after which Janie sends them on a wild goose chase. When Arky and Skinner try to kill Cal and Bronc, Bronc shoots Skinner and disarms Arky, then insists that they immediately leave for Mexico. As they prepare to ride off, the Indians attack. After Bronco is felled by an Indian arrow, Arky and Cal run back into the house to defend themselves, but Arky double-crosses Cal by stealing his gun and riding off. While the Indians ride off in pursuit of Arky, Cal and Janice brace themselves for the next attack. Soon after, Sheriff Costaine arrives with his posse to arrest Cal. When the sheriff learns that Cal and Janie risked their lives to stay behind and take care of the baby, he decides to drop the charges against Cal and instructs the newlyweds to take the baby to its relatives in California.