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Always Together

Always Together(1948)

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When wealthy Jonathan Turner believes that he is dying, he commissions his lawyer, Mr. Bull, to deliver a check for one million dollars to twenty-two-year-old secretary Jane Barker. Jane is in love with Donn Masters, an unsuccessful writer of gloomy stories, who lives across the hall from her. Donn and Jane spend a great deal of time together at the movies. After watching a film in which a marriage breaks up because the husband is not happy living on his rich wife's money, Donn and Jane argue over whether they could be happy if she were wealthy and he were poor. The following day, Bull delivers Turner's check to Jane. At first, she does not believe the check is valid, but Bull soon convinces her that she is indeed a millionaire. Worried that her relationship with Donn will be ruined if he learns she is now a rich woman, Jane postpones telling him. Then Donn sells a story, and with the money, the couple gets married, although Jane continues to keep her wealth a secret. When Turner unexpectedly recovers, he wants his money back and, in order to get it, decides to worm his way into Jane's life. Using the name Oliver Ramsey, Turner rents Donn's former room. He then asks Bull to reveal Jane's secret to Donn, hoping that the couple will quarrel and he will thus be able to relieve her of the money and return them to happiness. The plan backfires, however, when Donn becomes deliriously happy at the news. Jane and Donn hire Turner as their business manager, move to an elegant apartment and buy clothes. Donn even starts writing cheerful stories. Eventually, however, Jane's insecurity causes her to quarrel with Donn, and she resolves to file for divorce. Donn follows Jane to Reno and causes a sensation by demanding alimony because he believes that if he has money of his own, he can then remarry her. At the divorce hearing, Turner inadvertently reveals his real identity. Donn and Jane learn that Jane's father had been defrauded by Turner, and that Turner gave her the money to assuage his conscience. Later, Turner admits to Donn that he tried to break up the marriage and agrees to repair the damage. Donn and Turner find Jane at a movie theater, and there he tells her that he will never take another cent from her. He then turns around and asks her for a loan to start a magazine, and the couple is reconciled.