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Easy to Love

Easy to Love(1953)

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Ray Lloyd, operator of the lush Cypress Gardens resort in Winterhaven, Florida, credits his marketing acumen--namely, using bathing beauties to promote everything from toothpaste to freezers--with having "made this country bathing suit-minded." Ray's star attraction is swimmer Julie Hallerton, who has worked tirelessly for him for eight years. One day, after completing a water-skiing show, Julie complains to Ray about her long work hours, and is infuriated when he asks her to cancel her dinner date that evening and perform an extra show for a film crew shooting a travelogue on Cypress Gardens. Julie ends up giving in to his request, but after the show, informs Ray that she is quitting to marry her swimming partner Hank. When Ray offers to take her to New York, however, Julie joyfully accepts, and while packing her bags, she confesses to her roommate, Nancy Parmel, that she lied about marrying Hank to make Ray jealous. Despite his promise to show Julie a good time, Ray keeps her busy working in New York. At a Life magazine photo shoot, Julie attracts the attention of debonair Barry Gordon, a singing star who is also being photographed. Barry arranges to take the place of the male model in a lipstick ad Julie is posing for, and their on-camera kisses soon become genuine. When her long work day finally ends, Julie persuades Ray to take her to see Barry's nightclub act, but he insists on leaving early. Back in her hotel suite, Julie gets a call from Barry and agrees to go out with him, and they dance late into the night. When Barry learns that Julie swims, models and even types for Ray for only seventy-five dollars a week, he arranges for her to meet Oscar Levenson, who is producing a new water follies show. The following day, Julie auditions for Oscar, who offers her a job at a considerably higher salary than Ray's. That afternoon, Julie tells Ray about her new job, and after a quarrel, Ray pretends to give up gracefully, leaving Julie shaken. She is unable to get Ray out of her mind, and at the last minute, rushes to the airport and returns to Florida with him. Ray asks Julie to dine with him that evening, adding that he has something to tell her that will make her very happy. Julie euphorically tells Nancy that she thinks Ray will propose that night, and when Barry calls from New York, Julie pretends not to be in. Hank comes by to tell Julie that his father has struck oil and wants him to return to Texas, and she gently tells him that she is in love with someone else. Hank then storms into Ray's office and accuses him of stealing his girl friend, and Ray is surprised to learn that Julie is in love with him. That evening, when Julie comes for dinner, Ray pretends to take a phone call from another woman, and makes cavalier remarks about having too much fun to settle down. He then tells Julie his "good news": that he will reward her loyalty by doubling her salary. Crushed, Julie runs out, leaving Ray feeling suddenly depressed. Julie returns to the resort and is surprised to find Barry sitting at the piano, and when he sings a love song to Julie during her water show the following day, Ray becomes jealous. Barry asks Julie to go to Paris with him, and before she can ascertain whether the offer includes marriage, they are interrupted by Ray, who contrives to get Julie alone with him in his motorboat. Ray confesses his love for Julie and proposes, only to discover that Julie had jumped out of the boat the moment he started talking. The next morning, after performing in a spectacular water-skiing show, Julie tells Barry she is quitting her job at the resort. Nancy accidentally knocks Julie out with a water ski, and Ray, Hank and Barry rush to her side. While Hank is jealously attacking Barry, Ray carries Julie away, and when the other suitors see him lovingly tending to her, they graciously concede defeat. Nancy then tells Hank she has always been interested in him, and Barry meets a stunning model by the pool. Ray revives Julie by repeating his marriage proposal, and they kiss.