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Duke of the Navy

Duke of the Navy(1942)

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Bill "Breezy" Duke, a sailor who passes himself off as the heir to the Duke Chocolate Company fortune, and his Navy pal, Dan "Cookie" Cook, are granted thirty days' leave from their naval air station in Miami. While hitchhiking, the sailors are picked up by Mrs. John T. Duke, of the real Duke Chocolate family, and she is so amused by Breezy's pose that she allows them to stay in her suite at the Coral Beach Hotel while she is out of town for a month. The hard-up sailors soon become celebrated guests, and manage to feed themselves by making dinner dates with eligible society gold diggers. "General" Courtney, another guest at the hotel, poses as a wealthy retired general, and plots with his partner, "Sniffy" Higgins, who poses as his valet, to lure Breezy into a con game and get some of the Duke fortune. To this end, the General employs a shill, Maureen, to pose as his daughter. When Maureen pretends to faint in an elevator, Breezy and Cookie take her to the General's hotel room, where they all become acquainted. Breezy and Cookie are impressed by the General's tales of adventure and excitedly agree to become part of his hunt for pirate treasure. When the General asks for $2,000 for expenses, Breezy and Cookie convince their fellow sailors to come up with the money. Unknown to them, the General uses the money to pay for the boat and his hotel bill. After arriving at San Torga Island, Breezy and Cookie are introduced to "Professor Bisbee," a con artist whose real name is Bunco, who is working with the General and has buried phony treasure. Breezy and Cookie indeed dig up a chest of extravagant jewels, and that night, Breezy and Maureen become engaged. In accordance with the scheme, Bunco demands half interest in the proceeds from the treasure as it was found on "his" island, and insists on receiving $40,000 collateral. Panicked, Breezy claims that he does not keep a large checking account, and the General pretends that he will write the check and collect from Breezy later. When Bunco, the General and Sniffy realize that the sailors found real treasure, Bunco and Sniffy plot to steal the chest. Breezy overhears their conversation and confides in the General, who puts sleeping powder in Duke candy bars and gives them to the black guards. When Sniffy becomes suspicious, the General knocks him out, and escapes with Maureen and the sailors by plane. After the plane takes off, Sniffy and Bunco emerge from a hiding place and demand that the sailors jump out. Breezy fights with Bunco, and while they are fighting, the treasure chest slides out the open door and is lost. After taking Bunco and Sniffy hostage, Breezy admits his real identity to Maureen and the General. The swindlers are arrested, and Breezy reluctantly returns to the base where his bunkmates tar and feather him. However, Cookie brings the good news that Bunco was a federal fugitive named Al Bunciello, and that he and Breezy have won a $10,000 reward, with which they can repay their friends. Later, Cookie drives Breezy and Maureen to get married, and they pick up the hitchhiking General along the way.