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Dragon's Gold

Dragon's Gold(1953)

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Scotsman Donald McCutcheon, chairman of a major New York bonding company, assigns investigator Mack Rossiter to go to Hong Kong to find Eustace Crosby, whom they had bonded but who absconded with seven million dollars in gold bullion entrusted to him by Chinese warlord General Wong Kai Hai. Crosby is rumored to have reappeared after being missing for several years. In Hong Kong, Mack is visited by former private detective Mortimer Cheng, who takes him to a flophouse where they find a dead-drunk man whom Cheng claims is Crosby. On their way back to Mack's hotel, Cheng is shot and killed. Later, Mack returns to the flophouse, takes a room opposite Crosby's, then switches rooms with him. The next morning, when Mack goes to check on Crosby, he finds the room occupied by police examining Crosby's dead body. Mack is arrested by the police but escapes with the help of a mysterious Chinese woman. The next day, Mack uses Crosby's key to open his post office box and discovers an invitation to an exhibition by a Chinese painter. Mack attends, posing as Crosby, and is welcomed with open arms by several people, including Crosby's wife, Vivian. Later, however, Vivian draws a gun on Mack and demands to know her husband's whereabouts. Mack takes her to the morgue to see the body of the man found at the hotel, but she states that the man there is not her husband. When they return to Vivian's house, they find that it has been ransacked and Mack assumes that Crosby must have hidden the gold bars somewhere in the house. Mack and Vivian then decide to visit General Wong in Macao to see if he can clarify matters, but Wong can only confirm that, years before, he took the gold to Crosby when forced to flee from invading Japanese. After a confusing encounter with Wong's private guards and the local police, during which Mack is accused of murdering Crosby, Mack and Vivian return to Wong's estate. There Wong admits that he accidentally killed Crosby after obtaining a receipt for the gold, but before learning its location. Wong now wants to recover the gold secretly as he fears that a Hong Kong court will rule that it belongs to the Chinese government. Sen, a Chinese treasury agent, rescues Mack and Vivian from Wong and advises them that Mack is no longer a suspect. Back in Hong Kong, Mack and Vivian interview a plumber who had done work for Crosby and when Mack returns to the Crosby house, he finds Wong's men draining the fish pond. Just then, Sen's men arrive and, in a gunfight, force Wong's men to leave. Later, Sen, Mack and Vivian discover that Crosby had hidden the gold bars within the wall surrounding the pond. With the money now recovered, Mack returns to New York with Vivian as his wife.