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Dracula's Daughter

Dracula's Daughter(1936)

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In Whitby, England, Professor Von Helsing is arrested for the murder of Count Dracula after he drives a wooden stake through his heart, and Renfield, Dracula's assistant, is found dead nearby. Sir Basil Humphrey of Scotland Yard refuses to believe that Dracula was a vampire and, that as one of the living dead, has already been dead for five hundred years. Von Helsing is convinced he has finally put Dracula to rest, but while his corpse is being guarded, a mysterious woman hypnotizes the guard and removes the body. The woman, Countess Marya Zaleska, Dracula's daughter, lights a funeral pyre in a rite to exorcise his spirit, hoping that this rite will also free her from the curse of the vampire. Marya and her companion, Sandor, who is in love with her, return to London, where, much to her dismay, she finds the same bloodthirsty urges calling her at night. At the same time Von Helsing seeks the assistance of his friend, psychiatrist Jeffrey Garth, for his defense. At Lady Esme Hammond's party, Jeffrey and his fiancée and secretary, Janet Blake, meet Marya. Jeffrey discusses Von Helsing's case and states that Von Helsing is merely deluded and can be cured. Marya sees Jeffrey for some personal counseling, hoping her vampirism is also a delusion that can be cured. Jeffrey advises her that the next time she feels the influence of the dead using her for their own will, she should face it, and fight it. Jeffrey is called away, and that night Marya attempts to follow his advice. She has Sandor bring in a young woman, Lili, to pose for one of her paintings, but is unable to resist the need for Lili's blood and attacks her. After she is found in the alley, Lili is rushed to the hospital and, diagnosed as an amnesia case, is placed under Jeffrey's care. He recognizes the symptoms of a post-hypnotic trance and notices puncture wounds, which are like those discovered on a man the night before. He becomes suspicious of Marya upon recalling their strange discussion. Jeffrey warns Marya not to leave London. While he brings Lili out of her trance, Jeffrey discovers where she was assaulted, after which she dies. Meanwhile, Sandor has kidnapped Janet under orders from Marya so Jeffrey will come to her. Jeffrey finds Marya at her studio, where she tells him she will do anything to be rid of Dracula's curse and hints that she has Janet. Marya disappears, and when Von Helsing later tells Jeffrey she has probably returned to Transylvania, Jeffrey charters a plane and goes to the castle alone. There, Marya promises to save Janet's life if he will allow her to make him a vampire and join her for eternity. In a jealous rage, Sandor attempts to kill Jeffrey with a wooden bow and arrow, but accidentally pierces Marya's heart, killing her forever. Just as this happens, Sir Humphrey, Von Helsing and the police arrive and kill Sandor. Marya's death releases Janet from unconsciousness, and she and Jeffrey are reunited.