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Perversion For Profit

Perversion For Profit(1965)

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  • Equality For Sale

    • H.A.C.
    • 7/9/17

    5:30 AM Sunday is a good time to view this public service message for about 2% of the population! Why shouldn't the terms 'transgender, homosexual, lesbian, consensual sex, premarital sex, erotica, kiddie porn', etc. be included in most 3 year-olds vocabulary? After all it's what the immigrants who ran Hollywood in the 1930's showed Americans in their 'baby burlesque' movies! And Alfred Kinsey proved the legitimacy of this lightened-up attitude through his own research on the effects of sexual stimulation of infants & toddlers during the next 2 decades! From Hugh Hefner to the beatles to Tiny Tim to Harvey Milk to Tiger Woods to Clinton to Bruce/Kaitlyn Jenner to homogender weddings- humanimalism is the law of the land thanks to coexistence! This film's presentation & message that propagandizes the protection of youth from the propaganda of the joy of aberrant sex is way above the moral mentality of many of today's people types! But what the many are made to comprehend is to equate the sins of John the Baptist (financial fraud of the backers of this film) with the sins of Judas Iscariot (the world-wide corruption & killing of the innocent to the highest bidders).

  • How far we have fallen

    • Elaine
    • 5/22/16

    I love watched this and understood how far we have falling as a society. Some would laugh at how dated this sounds, it would be Laughable if it was not so true. Now, where are we? Most shows are aboutMurder, murder and more murder. Murder of sexual predators, it pethetic. Other shows about sexual immorality as if being pure is a joke. Old fashion. The homosexual movement is now normal when it is still sooffensive. This generation has grown up with this as normal even thoughit is against what the bible teaches. My granddaughter was forced to write a paper on what is it like To be a transsexual for her final English grade. She didn't know that. She had To research this subject at 16 years old. Soon the Bible will be outlawedas a book of hate speech. THE BIBLE. Wake up people! Soon the law of the land will supersede theLaw of God. Soon being a Christian will be against the law.Free speech will only be for the perverted. Pray for our nation.Stand up for the Lord Jesus. Read you bible, book of Romans.Pray for our nation. Thank you TCM for showing thisshow. It took courage.

  • Perversion for profit

    • Jesus is Love
    • 7/19/15

    The prophetic message of this documentary is real. In 1965 I was 4 years old and I wish there were documentaries such as this when I was growing up. I respect the opinion of every reviewer's response here. However, the information in this short documentary should be broadcasted more often because it is a true prophetic depiction of the mindset of our society today. Our societies morals and values has taken a downward spiral into moral decay. This is no LOL (Laugh out Loud) matter. We are born into sin, however sexual deviations are learned. We are visually stimulated by what we see and the continuity of what we see is then embedded in our minds. Yes, we were born with intimate desires to be shared with our husband/wife, and I don't mean male-to-male, and female-to-female. These desires are to be shared by the Godly union of a male and female. I understand and appreciate the documentary because I too have been a victim. The mind can easily slip into perversion at a young age from visual perception. As a teenager, my guardian had nude magazines and explicit books. And, no they were not laying on the table tops, I stumbled upon them in a closet. Children are already curious about sex, but it is best for them to learn the morals and values of sexuality. That is, the way God intended for our intimate lives to be. So curiosity got the best of me, and I started sneaking into my guardian's room viewing the pictorial nude magazines and reading the books. I was hooked instantaneously! I learned to masturbate and soon became addicted. I was addicted to nude magazines and sexually explicit books of all kind. I fantasied about indulging in lesbianism and vowed to experience that gratification before I die. Thank God I didn't, but the visualizations of various perverted acts in those books stimulated me to seek self gratification on a daily. I was filled with guilty after masturbating, but like the film express, these perversions taint the mind. With much prayer, I'm delivered.

  • It's intereresting/relevant that.....

    • David Mills
    • 11/14/14

    ... one of the backers of this film, Keating, was indicted for financial fraud, something much more corrupting and damaging to people and economies than nudity ever was. There's a big hypocrisy/double standard there: Fraud is more morally acceptable than frolics (in the nude).

  • Please Update

    • jim
    • 8/10/14

    Keep the message but update the film. Censorship is the answer to many of today's problems.

  • Narrator George Putnam was Famous LA TV Anchor

    • Jon Hendry
    • 7/17/14

    For those interested in the narrator, George Putnam was a famous LA television news anchorman from the 1950's thru the 1970's--and a right wing radiohost thru his death in the 2000's. That style was George Putnam--thru and thru--the over amped "voice of the newsreels", racing between clips of a war and a beach of bathing beauties.If John Facenda (the "Voice of Doom" on NFL films) was a local Philadelphia TV anchorman turned legend, that's what Putnam became--both popular and easily parodied in LA.Many say the Ted Baxter character in the Mary Tyler Moore Show was a George Putnam impersonation--you be the judge.

  • Outdated, yes, but....

    • Alice
    • 3/23/14

    Yes, this little film may be outdated in its information. The message it presents, however, is far from outdated. Unfortunately, the story this film depicts, is now the norm, for the most part, today. Our culture has bought, embraces, and even protects and defends the information on this film which was once warned against. Sad, in my opinion, are the choices this culture is making. Even if the information by one previous viewer about the narrator is true, (I don't know if it is), it does not negate the value of the warnings this man tried to inform us from.Thank you, TCM for this film and all the other little informational shorts you show on Saturday nights with your, "TCM Underground". I don't care for most of the movies themselves because of the violence and language, but look forward each week for the little short films and those like , "TheGreen Slime". Thank you so much.

  • Guys, you are taking this way to seriously.

    • Boris Karloff
    • 10/18/12

    This "scare" film is utterly hilarious. Yes, the commies are taking over because people view pictures of naked men and women. Oh my God, homosexuality is accepted and normal! Because of that, the United States is no longer a Democracy! Yes, people, sex is normal, healthy and a part of the human experience. And nudity in pictures has been around ever since man first learned to draw. And yet, society has not crumbled, faith in God has not ended, and our nation has not disappeared from the face of the Earth. You guys really need to lighten up.

  • Charles Keating strikes propaganda gold

    • Tim E.
    • 9/30/11

    Charles Keating quit the University of Cincinnati due to poor grades, enlisted in the US Navy during WWII, and then agreed to swim for the university if they gave him "credit" for his Navy service. They did, he took six months of classes, and was admitted to UC's law school. He became a succesful attorney in Ohio, and in 1956 began a lifelong anti-pornography crusade. He testified before Congress in 1958 (the first of many such appearances), was appointed to President Richard Nixon's President's Commission on Obscenity and Pornography, and helped ban Russ Meyers' VIXEN! in Ohio (a ban which remains in place to this day). He went after Larry Flynt, which led to Flynt's 1976 obscenity conviction. Keating later was involved in the S&L scandal, which led to the multi-billion dollar collapse of American Continental Bank and Lincoln Savings & Loan. "The Keating Five" were five members of the U.S. Congress (Alan Cranston, Dennis DeConcini, John Glenn, John McCain, Don Riegle) investiagted but never indicated for improperly assisting Keating with his regulatory problems. Keating was in 1991 of 17 counts of fraud, racketeering, and conspiracy, and sentenced to 10 years in prison. He was convicted in 73 federal charges in 1993, and sentenced to 12 years in prison. Both sentences were overturned on technicalities after Keating had served 4 years, but in 1999 plead guilty to four counts of wire and bankruptcy fraud. The punishment was time served.Reporter George Putnam narrates "Perversion for Profit." Fully funded by Keating, it explicitly says American civilization will collapse due to porn's pernicious influence. It briefly links the widespread availability of porn to a Communist conspiracy. The film was not widely shown at the time, and is now in the public domain.

  • Perversion For Profit

    • orphy
    • 9/25/10

    The depravity and obsceneness of this film exhibits how people can and DO some of the temptations that is common to man and women. The narrator speaks with conviction and diplomacy, I found his voice to be too be "to Theatrical". The elements of thematic materal, could be constured as being ludicrous and guileful because of his manner of speaking and this I find to be deplorable. The context of the film speaks of the pernicious behaviors of pornograpic publishers that can influence all of mankind. This film is involved with the exploits of demeaning of the eyes and mind to elicit publicity, perversion, and wealth of all involved to gain recognition from the basest desires of the mortal souls downfall. I have given 4 stars out of 5, because of the narrators "theatrical"elocution. The problem that I find most disturbing, is that in the year 2010,some would think this is 'FUNNY" and is a comedy! The degenation of our familes are at stake, our values and mores need to be examined daily to fulfill our earnest requests for purity and freedom from corruption.

  • Are You People Kidding?

    • Neal2
    • 6/5/10

    TCM is showing this film for it's sheer hilarity! I couldn't stop laughing through the whole thing. The way the idiotic host was intoning one stupidity after another. Filth peddlers recruiting children who will eventually become communists through perversion! I suppose the other reviewers here take Reefer Madness seriously too! It's a sad commentary that in this day and age, ANYONE could or would take this exploitative garbage to heart and actually think it has relevance! Thank you TCM for providing big laughs for those of us who "get it". Truly one of the most laugh out loud funny films I've seen in ages.

  • Perversion for profit

    • Mary Errichetto
    • 6/5/10

    I did not see this complete film, what i did see shocked me, to know that these things were going on while i was a child growing up, the world is in a much worse state today, nothing has really changed, We need to get back to the GOD of the bible and find His wil for our lives,satan is alive and well and destroying our very existance, I would like to see this film on regular televion, and also i would like to know who the christian narrator was, is he still living, he was very good and knowledgeable.

  • Yeah its ForReal!!!

    • Winkyb
    • 10/3/09

    I was surprise at the an earlier "Michael Moore docko" that a it shed alotta truth on the degradation and negative impact pornography and obscenity can have on the pillar points in society: communities, home, families, goverment, marriages, and it's corruption as a whole. It's views were presented from a very secular view without the fire and brimestone. The cue card poster and photos I thought were quite frank for the time period. Sadly, but profoundly, how this film is so erielly prophetic...for every predicted outcome is true today...goes to show you da old-heads know what they are talking about. TCM should really provide more background commentary about this one.

  • Is this for real??

    • Greg Moss
    • 4/25/09

    I would like to know the background of this "infomercial".. But it's great......

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