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The Dirt Gang

The Dirt Gang(1972)

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In the Southwest, a gang of motorcycle dirt bikers led by the one-eyed Monk kill a service station attendant and then a policeman. After reuniting with other members of their gang, among them, a large, masculine woman named Big Beth and other females, the bikers travel toward Mexico. Although Monk vows to find and exact revenge on the man who caused him to lose his eye, his companions remind him that the ex-gang member who accidentally caused the injury was defending himself in a fair fight. During their journey, in the middle of the desert, the bikers spot a movie set of false-front buildings where a film crew is shooting a Western. Hungry and interested in mischief, the gang storms the set, frightening the cast and crew and demanding food. Hoping the bikers will soon depart if they are not provoked, Curt, the director of the film, has the interlopers shown to the food tent and brushes aside the suggestion of stuntman Zeno that they alert the sheriff. Concerned about the gang's potential for violence, loner Zeno confides to Mary, the script woman, that he used to be like the people in the gang, which is made up of gypsy dirt bikers kicked off motorcycle racing circuits for misbehavior. The film crew resumes shooting, but Dawn Christian, the difficult, aging leading lady, annoys Curt, with whom she has worked frequently over the years, by refusing to take the film seriously. In the food tent, where the callous and disorderly gang has helped themselves to food and harassed the crew, Monk recognizes Zeno as the person who damaged his eye and confronts him. Unintimidated, Zeno tells Monk that he knows it was an accident. Dissatisfied by the calm Zeno's unwillingness to fight, Monk announces to his cohorts that they will stay for a while. Monk's girl friend Stormy seductively tries to relax him, but Monk ends their relationship by grabbing her throat and threatening to kill her if she approaches him again. To amuse themselves, the outlaws interrupt the filming by attacking and harassing members of the cast and crew, among them, actor Jason, whom they try to force into a sexual encounter with Big Beth. Monk again confronts Zeno to suggest they settle their differences on bikes. Although Monk indicates that he would put a stop to the mistreatment of the filmmakers if he could get satisfaction from Zeno, the stuntman refuses. Meanwhile, Mary slips away and tries to call the police from one of the trailers, but Snake, a lecherous and sadistic member of the cyclists, follows and attempts to rape her. Arriving in time to rescue Mary, Zeno knocks out Snake. While the dirt biker gang disrupts the front street of the set, Zeno and Mary sneak away in a dune buggy, intending to get help. However, when Snake comes to, he alerts Monk, and the gang members chase them across the desert. After forcing them back, Monk prepares to shoot a now-unconscious Zeno with a rifle one of his cohorts found, but changes his mind when Curt calls out to him. Then, a sheriff investigating the two murders drives up and the gang hides and watches while Curt, following Monk's orders, pretends that they have not seen the gang. Afterward, fully in control of everyone on the set, the bikers convene for an orgiastic party, grabbing the crew women, as well as their own, and Monk reminds Zeno once again that he can be persuaded to end it if Zeno will agree to a fight. Dawn offers herself to Monk, in the hope that it will satisfy him enough to leave, but after he has sex with the actress, Monk returns to the party, bragging about his experience, and urging his group to enjoy themselves. Meanwhile, one crewman sneaks out of the camp on a motorcycle, but is killed by a biker guarding the perimeter, and soon after his body is returned to the set. When Monk realizes Zeno has escaped during the distraction, several bikers find him in the dark desert and drag him back. Knowing that Mary helped Zeno escape, Monk orders Snake to rape her in the street, while everyone else is held at gunpoint. Snake rips off her clothes, but Zeno calls out for Monk to stop and offers to face him in a duel. The next day, everyone gathers on the main street, where Zeno and Monk face off, on motorcycles and armed with chains. Big Beth shoots a rifle in the air to signal the beginning of the duel. Mounted on motorcycles, Zeno and Monk joust with each other, whipping the chains. Watching, Snake suggests to one of the more reasonable bikers that they should help Monk, but his comrade insists that the fight must remain between the two enemies. Soon, Zeno and Monk are fighting with any weapon they can grab. Just as Monk is about to overtake Zeno, the stuntman grabs a prop Indian spear and Monk, riding hard, inadvertently impales himself on it. Without their leader, the dirt gang loses its momentum and ceases terrorizing the film crew.