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The Desert Hawk

The Desert Hawk(1950)

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In central Persia, 2,000 years ago, Omar, The Desert Hawk, fights against Prince Murad, a harsh tyrant. Meanwhile, Princess Shaharazade, the daughter of the Caliph of Baghdad, journeys to marry Murad. Determined to prevent Murad from forming an alliance with the powerful Caliph, Omar dresses in Murad's family garments and together with his men, including Sinbad and Aladdin, arrives at Shaharazade's camp. While Sinbad and Aladdin cheat the guards of money, the handsome Omar convinces Shaharazade to wed him immediately. The next morning, Shaharazade awakens to find Omar gone, her guards drugged and her dowry stolen. When the real Murad arrives, Omar's ruse is revealed. Furious, Shaharazade orders Murad to capture Omar and bring her his head. Murad, however, has his own plans for Shaharazade. He visits Kibar, the lord of the assassins, and commissions him to kill the princess and blame her death on The Desert Hawk. Kibar then orders his men to pretend to kill Shaharazade and instead bring her to him. The assassins, dressed like Omar and his men, attack Shaharazade's camp. She changes clothes with her handmaiden, Yasmin, hoping to evade Omar, but the assassins carry off all the women. When Murad learns of Kibar's betrayal, he sends for the Caliph. Meanwhile, Kibar, who believes that Yasmin is the princess, sends Shaharazade and Maznah, her second handmaiden, to the slave market, where Omar, who is really a blacksmith, is asked to make their chains. Kibar learns of the trick Shaharazade played on him and sends Yasmin to join her in the slave market. In disguise, Omar bids for Shaharazade and her handmaidens. Temporarily, Omar, his men and the women evade Murad and Kibar, but later, Kibar's men capture the women and Sinbad. Murad then meets the Caliph and together they ride to Kibar's palace, where the women are imprisoned. Omar and Aladdin sneak into Kibar's palace, drug the guards and release the women. When Murad and the Caliph arrive, Murad kills Kibar. After Shaharazade tells her father about Murad's plan to kill her, Omar kills Murad in a swordfight, but instead of rewarding Omar, Shaharazade asks her father to arrest him. Later, Shaharazade, who really loves Omar, tells him he will take Murad's place as Prince of Teheran, and she will take her place as his wife.