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The Denver Kid

The Denver Kid(1948)

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At a Colorado border patrol office, Lt. Fletcher "Fletch" Roberts tells Sgt. Cooper that they will meet Lt. Allan "Rocky" Lane at Oak Pass. As they prepare to leave, Fletch opens a letter informing him that his brother Tim has suffered a broken leg and is stranded at Schooner Rocks. Along with the letter, the sender has enclosed a ring that Fletch recognizes as Tim's. Meanwhile, on a dirt road, a courier rides up to Tim to deliver a message to him, when he is shot by a rustler disguised as Fletch. While waiting for his peers at Oak Pass, Rocky witnesses rustlers attacking a cattle herd. He then stops a runaway stagecoach and finds Cooper inside suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Cooper drags himself to town, accuses Fletch of the attack and dies. Later, Rocky decides to visit Cemetery Ridge, a town populated by fugitives hiding from the law. Before he leaves, Fletch's father Capt. Stan Roberts tells Rocky to contact Marshal Frank Laughton, who is working undercover in Cemetery Ridge. Rocky is entering the town, when he is stopped by Jason Fox, the leader of the rustlers. Claiming to be "The Denver Kid," Rocky asks for permission to hide out in town. When Rocky mentions that he needs a place to stay, Fox tells Rocky that he will arrange for Sheriff Howie Trumbull to "arrest" him so that he can stay at the jail. After he hears shots, Rocky rushes into the Oasis Saloon, and Fox follows him. Fox grabs Sam's gun and accuses him of killing Laughton, who lies dead on the floor. Later, Rocky convinces pharmacist Nugget Clark to help him capture the bandits, and while one of them is apprehended, the rest escape in a stagecoach. After Fox purchases three wagons full of gun powder, Rocky deduces that the town's new deputy, Tom Richards, is actually Tim. When Rocky accuses Tim of killing Fletch, he explains that he lost the ring while playing cards with a man named Andre. Rocky tries to question Andre about the ring, but he pulls out a gun. Just then, Tim arrives, shoots Andre and threatens to kill Fox. Later, Rocky gives Nugget some sleeping pills to dissolve in some coffee, which they then serve to the men who are unloading the gun powder that Fox ordered. Weakened by the sleeping pills, Howie accidentally cracks open one of the containers, realizes that the gun powder is fake and arrests Tim and Nugget. When Rocky orders his horse Black Jack to round up the gang's horses, Fox's henchman, Slit, is trampled to death. After the sheriff is shot and the gang arrested, Tim accepts Stan's offer to join the border patrol. Stan tries to persuade Rocky to join up as well, but he politely declines, announcing that he has already been sworn in as sheriff of Cemetery Ridge.