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Daughter of the Jungle

Daughter of the Jungle(1949)

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Caught in a violent thunderstorm while flying above the African jungle, a small plane piloted by Paul Cooper and carrying government agent Kenneth Richards and his prisoners Dalton Kraik and Lamser, is forced to crash land. Meanwhile, in the jungle below, Irene Walker, known by the natives as "Ticoora," and her once-famous father, millionaire Vincent Walker, who were stranded twelve years earlier when their own plane crashed, spot the aircraft and pray that it has come to rescue them. Hearing the ominous drums of the renegade native chief Mahorib, Ticoora senses danger and swings on tree vines across the jungle floor to the site of the crash. After convincing Mahorib to call off his attack, Ticoora introduces herself to the crash survivors. Upon learning that Richards has been critically injured, Ticoora offers the group refuge in a village ruled by the benevolent chief Liongo. At the village, Walker explains Liongo's belief that the white men are immortal gods, and thus has granted them protection from the malevolent Mahorib and his voodoo worshipers. Recognizing Walker, whose disappearance led to his funds being held in trust, the diabolical Kraik schemes to secure Walker's millions for himself. He is aided by Carl Easton, Walker's embittered, alcoholic secretary, who blames his twelve-year jungle exile on his employer. When Paul decides to return to the plane to radio for help, Ticoora leads him through the dense undergrowth toward the craft. Lamser, who was duped by Kraik into selling war materials to revolutionaries, decides to go straight and joins them. Upon reaching the plane, Ticoora leaves the men to repair the radio and soon after is captured by Mahorib's men. Hearing Ticoora's calls of distress, Lamser and Paul locate her, and after freeing Ticoora during the night, they return to Liongo's village. Later that same night, Mahorib's men attack and release a vicious caged ape. When the enraged ape chases Paul, Ticoora kills the animal. Soon after, Richards dies of his injuries, and Mahorib's drums proclaim the vincibility of the white gods. As Liongo's village prepares for imminent attack, Paul proposes escaping down the Kotobi River, a tributary of the Nile. Walker, who is too infirm to attempt the passage, stays behind to await Paul's return with a rescue plane. As the group embarks upon their journey, Kraik tells Easton his plan to eliminate Ticoora and then use an impostor to claim her inheritance. Mahorib, meanwhile, drives the lions from their lairs to attack the white intruders. After rescuing Paul from the jaws of a hungry lion, the group makes camp. Lamser, Ticoora and Paul then proceed to the cliffs above the narrow river where Ticoora spots a log spanning the water. The bridge has been booby trapped by Mahorib, and when Ticoora tests it, she plunges into the river below. After Paul dives in to save her, Lamser is attacked by an alligator and is rescued by Ticoora. Upon their return to camp, Ticoora discovers that Liongo's son became drunk, spurred by Kraik and Easton, and has fled. As Ticoora and the others search for the boy, Kraik and Easton decide to seek out Mahorib and use Easton's jug of liquor to incite the natives to violence. They are intercepted by Mahorib's men, who grant only Easton an interview with Mahorib. After Kraik returns to camp, Easton offers to trade Mahorib his life for those of the others and hands over the jug. That night, the drunken natives attack the camp and take Ticoora and the others prisoner. After Kraik denounces Easton for betraying him, Mahorib knocks Easton down and condemns them all to death. Because his hands are still free, Easton unties the others. In the ensuing struggle, Easton is killed and the natives flee into the jungle. After recovering their guns, Kraik mortally wounds Lamser, and Paul kills Kraik. Paul and Ticoora then proceed to the river, where Paul insists that Ticoora accompany him to civilzation and promises to return to rescue her father.