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The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

The Dark at the Top of the Stairs(1960)


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  • Sexist and misogynist

    • Mark
    • 5/3/18

    I am probably in the minority on this but my two cents. I find William Inge's work to be sexist and misogynist and Dark at the Top of the Stairs does not disappoint. Example is where Angela Lansbury warns Dorothy McGuire that it is her responsibility to keep hubby from straying.

  • A Must See For The Serious Viewer!!!

    • wildkat
    • 4/10/18

    Simply put....a beautiful movie on many levels. Robert Preston gave a knockout performance!! I was able to view this movie on a competing broadcast option but sure would love to see TCM show this very special movie. Don't know what is preventing them from airing this gem but hope they can resolve the issue.....

  • The dark at the top of the stairs

    • Lou
    • 2/20/18

    Saw this movie when I was 11 years old. The story made a big impression on me. Very well written and acted movie. Knew nothing about anti semitism at that time. It would be great if TCM would broadcast this well done and enlightening movie.

  • The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

    • Johanna
    • 2/1/18

    The Dark at the Top of the Stairs It has been a long time since I have seen this excellent movie, it truly is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Will it ever be released on DVD? When will it be seen on TCM.

  • Dark At the Top of the Stairs

    • John Hart
    • 10/16/17

    After countless comments made by others regarding the lack of availability of this film, it would be nice if TCM or Warner Bros. would at least give a reason as to why the film has never been distributed on VHS or DVD.

  • pres

    • bob cruice
    • 6/26/17

    robert preston in the three movies he made in the early '60s played the most wonderful characters in all of movies charming goodlooking honest welldressed and what a salesman in short he was everthing we all wish we were and what a ladies man too. he is long gone now but lucky for us his best work is still avaiable on film pls. tcm play these three: dark at the top of stairs music man all the way home more often...bob cruice

  • The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

    • m horstman
    • 4/3/17

    After trying to find this movie to purchase for years (not avail from TCM) I just purchased it from Queensbury Video for a very reasonable price.Excellent movie.

  • Does anyone read these entries?

    • Tbflaherty
    • 8/7/16

    Virtually every one of the entries for "Dark" asks that the movie be shown on TCM and/or included on a TCM DVD. Yet neither ever happens. Are we users merely talking to each other? Hello!!!!

  • Excellent Coming of Age Story

    • Jane
    • 12/20/15

    This movie has always been my favorite. When I was babysitting in the mid to late sixties, it was always a midnight movie to watch again and again. It saddens me that it still is not available to the public. What a story!

  • The dark at the top of the stairs

    • Bridget
    • 10/6/15


  • Well acted, thoughtful, excellent movie

    • Valerie Parenica
    • 7/23/15

    This movie shows the heart and struggles of young and older through joblessness, bigotry,and loneliness. What a gem! It's time for this one to be highlighted and sold. It has a tremendous cast and it gets to the heart. It's in my list of top movies. Robert Preston is outstanding, but all the performances shine. Angela Lansbury as Mavis Pruitt sticks in my head when she tells Dorothy McGuire to love her husband or there will be others waiting. It is such a poignant moment of self-knowledge.

  • Still Waiting

    • enaj55
    • 5/16/15

    I wrote about this film back in Dec of 2010. My feelings than are the same today. Why can't we purchase this film on DVD? I still say it is one of the best films relating to family that I have ever seen.


    • Arce
    • 4/2/15

    It has been many years since I have seen this movie. Was hoping to see or beable to buy on TCMDorothy McGuire has always been a favorite actress of mine but in this movie the whole cast is wonderful.I love old movies with their meaningful drama. Concerning the subjects that it covers, manages to do it tastefully and with good acting!

  • Beautiful and Relevant

    • Lucy
    • 1/19/15

    This movie is a beautiful and touching story that is still very valid today and the poignancy of the themes and struggles have not been dampened by the passing decades.I have literally been looking for this movie for over 10 years and I found a seller on the Movie Trade House website and I ordered a copy, however reading some reviews after I posted my order, it seems this is not a reputable company and I may never receive my DVD or if I do, it will be a pirated copy - none the less I hope for the best.To avoid scammers, it would be awesome if TCM could release this on DVD for purchase. I'll be the first to buy it!

  • Very Fine Forgotten Film!

    • CaryGranty
    • 1/1/15

    It is a real shame this film is not available for viewing. Wonderful performances of a very good American play. This film does not belong relegated to dim memory, attics, etc.

  • The Dark at The Top of The Stairs

    • Angie
    • 8/29/14

    This is one of my top ten movies of all time. The sweetness of first romance and of old romance is brilliantly acted. I always cry at the end. I need to have THE DVD!!!!

  • A True Classic - Dark at the Top of the Stairs

    • Sparrow
    • 3/9/14

    Simply stunning movie from beginning to end. Cast is superb and script is masterful. Please show this movie or put on DVD so future generations (and those who already love it) will have access to it.

  • In my best five ever

    • William Wells
    • 8/15/13

    My top five are tied for number one. It depends on my mood. The Music Man is another, also A Robert Preston Movie. He was a great actor and a great person.

  • The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

    • Ken Wuestenfeld
    • 7/12/13

    It has been a long time since I have seen this excelent movie, it truly is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Will it ever be released on DVD? When will it be seen on TCM.

  • The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

    • Anthony Richard
    • 5/20/13

    I really like this movie, teaches us about the different types of racism and how dangerous it could be to others. The young man in this movie who is Jewish, took his life because of other peoples opinions of him. I teach my kids how is it is important to validate yourself. There are people out there who can't think good about themselves, so how can they say anything good about you. I would really like to sit down with my family and see this movie. Can you please notify me by email and let me know when this movie is going to aired. THANK YOU!!

  • The Dark At the top Of the Stairs

    • Annette Rodriguez
    • 5/2/13 a lot of other old movies, I've been looking all over for this one..I wish I could buy it on DVDI missed it on TV.....hope it comes on do I find out when it does?

  • The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

    • Deborah Singer
    • 4/7/13

    This is one of the finest movies I have ever seen. Is there any possibility to either air it on TCM or find out if it is available on DVD?It has been many years since I have seen it, cried and laughed with it and thoroughly enjoyed watching it.Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.Deborah Singer

  • The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs

    • Faye McCartney
    • 11/17/12

    I saw this movie when I was a very young girl.I have always wanted to see it again,but as far as I know it has never been played on television.I would love to see Turner Classic Movies add it to their play list.It is without question one of the best movie's I've ever seen,and you know it must be for me to still remember it and loving it after so many years ago seeing it...

  • the dark at the top of the stairs

    • steve dorman
    • 9/24/12

    I'm 69 years old and have seen a lot of movies and this is by far the most poinoint movie i've ever seen. I recorded it in 1963 on vhs and wore out the tape. I finally found it on dvd and paid 50 dollars for it. I would have paid 200. I make everyone I know watch it. It's a shame it is never shown on tv and cost more than the average person would pay to own it. Maybee some day tcm will play it.

  • dark at the top of the stairs

    • robert daly
    • 8/19/12

    I saw this movie in the theater years ago. Robert Preston and Shirley MaGuire are just wonderful. It's worthless putting any requests for movies here TCM doesn't respond or give any reasons why they won't show this movie or others I've requested. They just keep showing "Singing in the rain" by popular demand. Now, don't get me wrong it's a good movie. But there are others that never make it to there popular demand that you never see. It would be nice when you search a movie if they would put a reason why it's not going to be ever shown.

  • The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

    • Linda
    • 8/9/12

    I have only saw this movie once as a teenager . I have never forgotten it . It was such a powerful movie and I have been looking for it for years . Can you please run this movie? Thanks so much

  • Great Movie

    • louie
    • 6/9/12

    Please Tuner Classic put this movie on your schedule. I have an old VHS copy of this movie and would love to see it again. It is one of my favorite movies and has never been released.

  • The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

    • Deborah Singer
    • 6/4/12

    Please show this movie on TCM. It is a classic and I would love to see it.Thank you.

  • PLEASE release this movie!

    • Kelsey Moore
    • 4/27/12

    I have never had the pleasure of seeing this film.But it has an amazing cast and is an even more beautiful play.I know there are a lot of people who would love to see it.I think the play is even being revived off-broadway this year, as well as it has been performed countless times regionally and in NYC over the years.People are still very interested in this piece of classic film.Truly worthwhile TCM.Thank you.

  • A little known classic

    • Johnny La Rue
    • 3/19/12

    Why is this a classic? Because everything is so darned believable. The sexual tensions within each of the two families rings true. The enormous stress put on the proud, role model father is convincing. The raging prejudices are illuminated for all to see. On top of that, Robert Preston, another of one of the all time unappreciated great actors, gives his best performance ever. And the supporting cast ain't bad, either. In fact, the supporting cast is first rate. It's just so rare to see any film, much less one from that era, deal with serious adult issues so well.

  • The Dark At THe Top Of The Stairs

    • Don Leffler
    • 3/14/12

    Would you please show this marvelous movie. It's been years since it was shown. Thanks

  • Angela Lansbury tribute

    • Sammy
    • 11/16/11

    I was hoping TCM would air "Dark......" during their January Angela Lansbury film festival, but, upon perusing the schedule, I don't see it listed. What a shame. A wonderful film that I saw years ago and would like to view again, but never to be seems like!

  • Dark at the top of the stairs

    • Marsha Neilson
    • 8/14/11

    I was told the movie was lost in the vault and no longer available. Please find it. It is a great movie and I would love to have it. Thank-you


    • Joanie
    • 8/1/11

    this is an excellent movie I watched every time it was on TV. The cast is wonderful. the story line really hits home with alot of people.PLEASE SHOW this marvelous film. The story line is in everyday life. From the 1950's to the present time. Thank you very much for your time. When I have look on line they only show the poster we need the mo vie!!!!

  • The Dark at the Top fo the Stairs

    • Kathy
    • 6/23/11

    I too LOVE this film, want to purchase it, and see it on TCM. If anyonecan help, please advise.

  • The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

    • Linda Franklin
    • 6/3/11

    My husband and I have been searching and searching for this wonderful film. It's apparently not available on DVD, but if it is, we would love to buy it. Please, TCM, find and air this film if you have it available. Or, is it one of those films that has deteriorated and not been restored? Crying shame if that's the case.

  • The Dark at the Top of The Stairs

    • Sharon Klein
    • 5/30/11

    I was hoping that this movie will appear on the TCM channel soon and I was also wondering if a DVD of this memorable movie is available! If it ia availabe I would definitely purchase it. Thanks, Sharon

  • Great missing picture

    • Tom Franks
    • 5/15/11

    I want to join those who are calling for TCM to PLEASE show this marvelous film. I remember it as one of the great films of my younger days, with a superb cast. We always get the same Inge inspired movies; this one would be a real crowd pleaser and also a deeply affecting movie. Please see if you have it; I've never understood why it isn't shown.

  • The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (1955)

    • baseballannie
    • 4/3/11

    Several weeks ago I searched the TCM site for this film (it was before the site was revamped and rendered, I'm afraid, far less "user-friendly") and found that it was scheduled for a showing sometime in June. Since then, the showing no longer appears. What a disappointment. It's been more years than I care to count since I last saw this gentle, compassionate and well-acted film. I think it's well worth retrieving it from whatever limbo to which it's been consigned. Please, please, TCM consider adding it to your schedule.

  • Why not show this marvelous film?

    • tbflaherty
    • 2/25/11

    This classic movie with a great cast seems to be lost in the vault! (See others' comments testifying to this film's quality.) How about sending in a search team and putting it on the air?I can understand why mainline classics like "Kane," "Mildred Pierce," and "Casablanca"--all also available on home video--get shown so often, but I'd like to see hard-to-find movies as well. In addition to "Dark," how about Woody Allen's "Sweet and Lowdown?" For these, TCM would seem to be our only hope.

  • The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

    • enaj55
    • 12/6/10

    This film is by far my favorite film of all time. I spent many nights in the 1960's babysitting and watching this flick. It came on the tube constantly during those years. This film was an education and I find it very hard to believe that it isn't available for purchase. I have been looking for this film for years. We need a protest here asking the powers that be why this Oscar winning movie isn't available. If it isn't going to be available on DVD then why isn't it aired more often. My family thinks I made this movie up.

  • The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

    • Sandy
    • 8/14/10

    I loved viewing this movie whenever it came on the late show. I was allowed to stay up late on Friday and Saturday nites when I was younger to watch movies and this was one of my favorites.A great cast. Preston shines and I believe Shirley Knight was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress in her first movie role.Eve Arden has some very funny and moving scenes and Dorothy McQuire is always perfect. The same for Angela Landsbury. I also loved the score by Max Steiner. I wish TCM would air this movie more often since it is not available on DVD, which I find hard to believe.

  • Dark at the Top of the Stairs

    • Dan
    • 7/18/10

    Please locate and air this film.This movie used to be broadcast regularly on late night TV in the 60s and 70s, however, it has disappeared and I can no longer find it even on DVD or video. To this day, this film has some of the most touching and human scenes of relationships and longing. A mature film that adolescents can also watch. I did at 14 and loved it. Wonderful performances by an all star cast set in Oklahoma during the 1920s as the characters try to adapt to a changing world. Worth searching out and waiting for.

  • Dark at The Top of The Stairs

    • Katy
    • 5/5/10

    I saw this movie back in the sixties when I was a teenager and have never forgotten it. It was deep , thoughtful and well acted and made a lasting impression on me. I sincerely hope that it will be shown again and will available on DVD. It's too important to be forgotton.

  • Flawless and Beautiful

    • Dennis Morris
    • 5/2/10

    As down to earth simple as this movie is, it is so well conceived and presented that I know I will never forget it. From the writer and right on through the cutting room, the creativity never waned; I often wonder what may have ended up on the cutting room floor. Please make this classic gem available on DVD so I may enjoy it in perpetuity... (say, that last bit rhymes!).

  • The Dark at the top of the stairs

    • Rose
    • 3/16/10

    I saw this movie when I was 12 years old, it made such an impact on me, I never forgot it. Been looking for it for years!! This movie is done so beautifully please bring it back!!

  • Dark At the Top of the Stairs

    • Doris42
    • 1/30/10

    Very memorable movie and would love to see it again.

  • Would love to see this movie again

    • bobbi
    • 1/1/10

    Unforgetable 50 years later!

  • the dark at the top of the stairs

    • m hunter
    • 6/5/09

    this is a wonderful movie and i would like to see it on dvd.


    • Frank
    • 3/19/09

    In addition to "Dark....", I have been searching for a long time "About Mrs. Lesllie" with SHirley Booth and Robert Ryan. Beautiful story well-acted by two great talents.

  • Why isn't this on video?

    • Mark
    • 2/20/09

    This is a great, well-written, and beautifully acted movie that, for some reason, comes in under the radar. It's a shame more people can't see it. It has been memorable for me since I was a child.

  • PLEASE:Give it a shot!

    • nseMoy
    • 1/31/09

    I saw this movie when I was young, and had never been exposed to the issues of prejudice. Over the years I have really missed not getting to see it. I would like to compare my feelings now after seeing it, now that I myself have weathered the world.


    • Michael Penny
    • 1/21/09

    Will I live to see this film? What's the hold-up? A film of a play by William Inge who also wrote PICNIC, BUS-STOP, THE MISFITS, ALL FALL DOWN, SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS? And with THIS cast? It must be spectacular! Please let me know if it ever happens!


    • wil1941
    • 1/4/09

    I saw this movie many many years ago.It is a excellent movie. It'a in yourvaults, I don't understand why you won't release it. I DON'T EVEN THINK IT'SAVAILABLE FOR SALE.

  • The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

    • Genie
    • 11/4/08

    This movie is worth watching jut for the wonderful performances of Angela Lansbury, Robert Preston and DOrothy McGuire. It shows a different side of the 1920's with insight on love, marriage, women making it on their own and infidelity that are applicable to today's world! Great movie. TCM Please show it!!!!!

  • what's taking so long!

    • tashia
    • 10/26/08

    I NEVER seen this movie but I like the sound of it.Why do TCM air good intresting, movies,like the top of the stairs The Fox,The Scapegoat but never see then again you always seem ti air the mainsteam classics.There is another worth while movie called Toys in the attic.Please start showing these films

  • Who decides what comes out on video?

    • J F Cox
    • 9/21/08

    As an ardent fan of Eve Arden I have been searching for this movie for a very long time. Are there any plans to make Dark at the Top of the Stairs available soon? Is there someone we can write to to make this request? Thanks

  • What's the hold up ?

    • Ron Mitchell
    • 9/5/08

    Two of Robert Preston's films have been unavailable for much too long...Dark at the Top of the Stairs, and All the Way Home !! Great stories, great acting, great americana !!!!

  • Shame on who's covering this film up

    • J.C. Catlow
    • 8/19/08

    Went to opening night to see this and have been haunting shops since to get a copy for my all time good family movies. Marvelous cast great story and acting was superb. A real sleeper that should be available for all generations.

  • A well told story

    • Jennifer
    • 5/25/08

    This movie was a well told story. The actors acted in this movine & didn't rely on computer enhancement. Robert Preston, Dorothy McGuire, Eve Arden, Angela Lansbury were all good actors, who stood the test of time.

  • one mans struggle for his family.

    • don pursell
    • 3/23/08

    Being from okla. and remembering my parents & grandparents and the stories they told of these times makes this an important movie to keep those memories near and dear to me.

  • Astonishing...

    • Colleen
    • 1/23/08

    Considering the issues adroitly addressed in this movie, issues still facing our 'modern' times, it is an astonishing neglect that it is not widely available in all media. All of the several cast members are more than rich in talent and recognitions. The portrayals are sensitive and nuanced. It is not a sad movie, yet it is hugely thought provoking.

  • good family movie

    • bob
    • 12/11/07

    good family movie

  • a Hidden Jewel

    • Karen
    • 11/27/07

    A wonderful film with a great cast. This film never got the recognition it deserves. The subject matter....anti-semitism, adultry, frigidity is very unusal for the time the film was released. Great performances by the entire cast Eve Arden is terrific, as is Dorothy Mcquire, Angela Landsbury, Robert Preston and a little known actor Lee Kingsolving. I recorded this on VHS when it aired several years ago and I am glad I did because this film is rarely, if ever televisied. It is on my top ten list of all time favorite films. Every classic film buff should see it. I wonder why TCM never airs this film. I hope TCM will consider running this film for others to enjoy and I hope to see it released on video or DVD soon....

  • Robert Redford's Inspiration?

    • Mike
    • 11/5/07

    The candor of the script makes it almost like a documentary or that your overhearing this couple's conversation. Not too many films with this kind of honesty with Robert Redford's "Ordinary People (1980)" being one of them.

  • Great Movie

    • Pam Gieseke
    • 8/12/07

    This movie marks great performances by Dorothy McGuire, Robert Preston, Shirley Knight and little known Lee Kingsolving. Oscar nominated, Golden Globe recipient, it is a shame that this movie has not been shown on TCM or included as a DVD offering. I saw this film over 30 years ago and it still impacts me to this day. I would love to see it again.

  • Terrific movie

    • Judy Henning
    • 5/1/07

    I believe this is one of the best movies that was ever made, its a shame that no one shows it. Why not? With all the junk they have on dvd's and not this one is unbelieveable. Plese put it on a dvd so that I can buy it, been looking for it all over for years.

  • Dog in manger?

    • J. Alec West
    • 4/15/07

    Why is TCM "sitting" on this Oscar nominated film? If TCM doesn't market it, it should be released into the public domain.

  • Great Movie

    • Denise
    • 3/13/07

    When I think of all the junk thats available on DVD and this one is not, it makes me sick to my stomach. Why is this movie not on DVD for puchase?

  • Great Acting

    • Debbie Crawford
    • 3/7/07

    I loved watching this movie Iwished that TCM would see to it getting on DVD, every classic movie lover should have this one in their collection.

  • It's an important film, and it's missed

    • Beth Cameron
    • 2/9/07

    I have always remembered The Dark at the Top of the Stairs for the impressions it left on me. But it wasn't until one of my university students committed suicide that the haunting dialogue and poignant portrayal of the young man in that film became so real. It is an important film with very real characters and messages to share with today's audience. It is such a shame that it isn't accessable. It would be wonderful if it could be shown of TCM. Is that possible? Eve Ardon is outstanding in this film, and it is an ambitious and brilliant performance by Robert Preston and the entire ensemble.

  • Excellent play!

    • Linda Gordon
    • 4/27/06

    I have read the screen play because I have been unable to view the movie. However, my husband, has seen the movie years ago and stated that it was indeed and excellent movie. I was hoping that it would be release again to viewers.

  • Excellent Movie!

    • Debbie Crawford
    • 4/7/06

    I cannot undertand why this movie is not on DVD. The acting and storyline in this movie is off the chain. Ruben Flood, played by Robert Preston, is major!Dorothy McGuire, as usual is great!I love this movie, althought, I was sad when the boy the daughter met committed suicide, because his Jewish heritage.Excellent Movie!

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