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Dangerous Crossing

Dangerous Crossing(1953)

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Dangerous Crossing When a bride goes on a ocean... MORE > $14.95
Regularly $19.98
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After newlyweds Ruth and John Bowman board an ocean liner for their honeymoon, John carries Ruth across the threshold of their cabin, number B-16, in which stewardess Anna Quinn is arranging flowers. John leaves to visit the purser's office, and when he does not meet her later, Ruth becomes worried. Meanwhile, Dr. Paul Manning reports to Capt. Peters that 3rd Officer Jack Barlowe has been confined to quarters with stomach pains. Confused and upset, Ruth goes to the purser's office, and after he tells her that John has not been by, a steward informs her that cabin B-16 has not been reserved, and that she is booked into cabin B-18 under her maiden name of Ruth Stanton. Concerned about Ruth's hysteria, the purser sends for Paul, who tries to comfort Ruth while investigating her story. Officer Jim Logan, who was working on the gangplank, does not recall seeing John with Ruth, and Anna flatly denies having seen them in B-16. Paul then takes Ruth to see Peters, who initiates a search of the ship, although he is suspicious of Ruth's claim that John has their tickets, passports and marriage certificate. Realizing that Peters distrusts her, Ruth runs off, and Peters orders Paul to keep a close eye on her. Later that night, John calls Ruth and tells her that he is hiding because they are in terrible danger. John promises to call the next night then hangs up, after which Paul informs her that the search of the ship has revealed nothing. Ruth insists that John is aboard somewhere, and tells Paul about John's call, but he suggests that she had fallen asleep and dreamed it. Ruth disappears again, but when Paul finds her, pretends to cooperate so that he will not deem her crazy. In the bar, Ruth tells Paul that her father, to whom she was very close, died four months ago, and that she fell "ill" afterward. Deducing that Ruth had a nervous breakdown, Paul questions her until she exclaims that she and John are in danger. Paul calms her by prescribing some "normal activities," and the next day, Ruth's paranoia dissipates as the charming doctor spends time with her. That night, John fails to call, and Ruth investigates the luggage hold in case he is hiding there. Her search is interrupted by the appearance of a steward and a menacing European man with a cane, and the frightened Ruth runs away. Paul learns of her adventure and gently reproaches her the next day, telling her that she must trust him. Ruth muses aloud that although she and John had intended to get acquainted during the voyage, she is instead getting to know Paul, who in turn conceals his attraction to her. That night, as Ruth paces in her cabin, Anna enters and relays her regret that she could not help her earlier. After Ruth leaves for dinner, however, Anna makes a phone call and tells the person on the other end that their plan is proceeding on schedule. Just as Paul and Ruth are seated for dinner, Paul is called to Peter's office, where he learns that Ruth's acquaintances are unaware of her marriage, and that she did have a breakdown after her father's death. Peters wants Paul to confine Ruth to her cabin, but Paul, still unconvinced that Ruth is insane, refuses to lock her up. When Paul confronts Ruth with the new facts, she reveals that her father's ne'er-do-well brother had threatened her after her father willed his company to her. Realizing that Ruth may indeed be in serious danger, Paul promises to protect her. Reassured that Paul believes her, Ruth returns to her cabin, where she gets another call from John, asking her to meet him on deck. Their meeting is interrupted by the well-meaning Paul, who does not spot John in the thick fog, and John tells her to meet him later. Ruth runs from Paul, and when she causes a commotion, Peters orders Paul to lock her in her cabin. Paul reluctantly agrees, then visits Barlowe in his quarters. Unknown to Paul, Barlowe assumed the name "John Bowman" in order to marry Ruth, and has been feigning illness to prevent discovery. Barlowe tells Paul that he is feeling better, although he grows agitated when Paul innocently reveals that Ruth has been confined to her cabin. After Paul's departure, Barlowe calls Anna, who is his partner in the plot to inherit Ruth's fortune by killing her, and tells her to engineer Ruth's "escape" from her cabin. Anna visits Ruth and leaves the door open long enough for the still-sedated woman to leave, and Ruth then meets Barlowe on deck. There, Barlowe reveals that he has succeeded in convincing everyone that she is crazy, so that it will be assumed that she committed suicide when she goes missing. Barlowe attempts to throw Ruth overboard, but Paul arrives just in time. The two men fight, and Barlowe finally falls to his death. Soon after, Anna confesses all, and a search of Barlowe's cabin produces Ruth's documents. Peters apologizes to Ruth for his mistrust, and she graciously forgives him. The comforting Paul then assures Ruth that she has many happy tomorrows to anticipate, and as he leaves, adds that he will be part of them.