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Danger - Love at Work

Danger - Love at Work(1937)

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When Allan Duncan quits the law firm of Parsons, Hilton, Trent and MacMorrow, he tells the senior partners that the task they have given him is too difficult. Duncan's job was to obtain the signatures of the Pemberton family so that a piece of their land can be sold. The family members are very eccentric, however, and Duncan could not entice them to sign the required forms. J. B. Parsons and Hilton decide to give the case to Henry MacMorrow, a junior partner whom they believe has had too easy a life. Henry accepts the assignment and confidently states that if he does not succeed, Parsons can fire him. Henry boards a train bound for the Pemberton home in Aiken, South Carolina, and on the way, meets the youngest Pemberton, ten-year-old prodigy Junior, whose obnoxious behavior drives Henry to give him a kick in the pants at the Aiken station. Henry's rash action incurs the wrath of Junior's older sister Antoinette, whom the family calls Toni, and she does not let him explain. Henry reaches the Pemberton home first and is greeted by the other family members, who mistake him for Howard Rogers, Toni's latest fiancé. When Toni arrives, she explains that Henry is not Howard and, despite her earlier anger, grows to like Henry, who unwittingly leads her to believe that he is poor and the sole support of his widowed mother. Toni promises to help him, but her plans are foiled by the arrival of Howard, a very aggressive man who convinces the family that Henry must be a fake. Overwhelmed by the chaotic atmosphere, Henry flees home to New York City, where he is fired. In order to follow Henry, Toni convinces her family that their neighborhood is being quarantined, and they all go to New York. Toni finds Henry in Central Park and learns that he has lost his job. They obtain the signatures of Toni's family, then head to the countryside to get those of her Aunts Pitty and Patty and Uncle Goliath. While Toni and Henry are meeting with Pitty and Patty, Howard, still convinced that Henry is up to no good, assesses the Pemberton's land. Howard's car gets stuck in a stream and begins to leak oil, which Howard takes as evidence that the land is rich with oil. On the way back to New York, Henry and Toni are caught in a rainstorm and spend an innocent night in a nearby barn. The next day, Howard persuades the family to sell him their land for $125,000 and also convinces them that Henry, who is actually a millionaire, is a crook. Toni, who has fallen in love with Henry, is furious about his alleged deceptions and breaks off their relationship. Howard then learns from geologist McIlvane that the oil came from his car. The family has already spent his money, however, so he agrees to Junior's idea that he sell the land to Henry for $100,000. Toni then tries to call Henry, but he refuses to speak to her. Just then, Pitty and Patty arrive and reveal that Toni and Henry spent the night together in the barn. Seizing the opportunity, Toni acts as if she has been wronged, and the family insists that Henry be made to marry her immediately. They all rush over to his apartment, and Henry happily agrees to marry Toni.