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Curse of the Demon

Curse of the Demon(1957)

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The working titles of this film were Night of the Demon, The Bewitched, Casting the Runes and The Haunted. The film opens with an image of a Stonehenge-like ruin over which an offscreen narrator states: "It has been written since the beginning of time even unto these ancient stones, that evil, supernatural creatures exist in a world of darkness. And it is also said man using the magic power of the ancient runic symbols can call forth these powers of darkness, the demons of hell." The film was produced at Associated British Picture Corp. Studios, which is abbreviated on the print as A.B.P.C. The Copyright Catalog lists the film's running time as 95 minutes, which according to a modern source, was the running time of the British release.
       In an interview contained in a modern source, director Jacques Tourneur stated that he was opposed to showing the demon. Tourneur said "The scenes in which you really see the demon were shot without me. All except one. I shot the sequence in the woods where Dana Andrews is chased by a sort of cloud. This technique should have been used for other sequences. The audience should never have completely seen the demon....They ruined the film by showing it [the demon] from the very beginning." In a different interview Tourneur explained, "I wanted, at the very end, when the train goes by, to include only four frames of the monster...but after I had finished [the film] and returned to the U.S., the English producer made that horrible thing [the monster]."