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The Cowboy and the Senorita

The Cowboy and the Senorita(1944)


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After a spate of bad luck, prospectors Roy Rogers and Teddy Bear ride to the town of Bonanza, where they hope to find jobs. On the way, Roy and Teddy Bear find a gold charm bracelet lying by the roadside. The bracelet was dropped by teenager Chip Williams, who has run away from the ranch she lives at with her stepsister, Ysobel Martinez. When Roy and Teddy Bear arrive at the Bonanza Club, owned by local bigwig Craig Allen, they learn about Chip's disappearance and volunteer to join the search. When Chip's bracelet is found in Teddy Bear's possession, however, the searchers conclude that he and Roy have kidnapped the youngster. Allen and his henchman, Ferguson, take Roy and Teddy Bear to Sheriff Gilbert at Ysobel's ranch. Ysobel believes their story though and does not hinder them when they escape from their captors. Later that evening, the two fugitives finally meet Chip when she helps herself to some of their dinner, and she explains that she ran away because Ysobel is about to sell her late father's supposedly worthless gold mine to Allen. Chip's father told her that he had buried a treasure for her there, and she is determined to find it before Allen takes possession of the mine. When Roy, Teddy Bear and Chip go to the mine to begin Chip's search, they are apprehended by Gilbert's posse, and an angry Ysobel reprimands Chip for running away. She also offers jobs to Roy and Teddy Bear to make up for the false kidnapping accusations, and soon Roy convinces Chip to tell Ysobel about the treasure box. Ysobel gently scoffs at the idea but agrees to let Chip search for it. Before they leave, however, Ysobel tells Allen about the treasure, unaware that he is trying to swindle her out of the mine in order to get the box for himself. Allen and Ferguson reach the mine before Roy and the others, but Ferguson bluffs his way through the situation by claiming that they have the right to begin digging before the sale is finalized. Roy's suspicions are heightened, but Chip is happy when they find the box, which contains a letter to be opened on her sixteenth birthday, which is that day. In the evening, Ysobel throws a birthday fiesta for Chip, after which Chip reads the letter. It tells her that the treasure is her bracelet, the surface of which must be scratched to reveal its secret. Chip is disappointed, but Roy decides to get the bracelet from Allen's office, where it was being held as evidence in the alleged kidnapping. After Roy takes the bracelet, Allen tells Ysobel and Chip that he stole both it and money from the safe. The posse looks for Roy and Teddy Bear, who are hiding while attempting to solve the riddle hidden under the bracelet's surface. Ysobel's ranch hands agree to help Roy for Chip's sake, and they examine the mine again using the riddle's instructions. During their search, the men find a rich vein of gold ore and dig up three wagonloads of it to take to the courthouse to prove Chip's claim before Allen's deed is finalized. Despite being chased by the posse and Allen's men, Roy and the others make it just before Ysobel signs the papers. Allen and Ferguson are arrested for fraud, and soon after, Ysobel hosts a fiesta to celebrate Chip's riches.