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County Fair

County Fair(1950)

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Nora "Ma" Ryan, who operates a hamburger stand at the county fair, asks her daughter Loretta to place a bet on a horse that Loretta's beau, Tommy Blake, is riding in the next race. Loretta accidentally places the bet on the wrong horse, and when the cashier refuses to exchange the ticket, Peter Brennan, who has been standing behind her in line, buys the ticket and then gives it back to her for good luck. Loretta joins Peter in the box seats that belong to his father Tim, a wealthy racehorse owner for whom Peter works as a trainer, and they watch as Tim's horse wins, making the ticket Peter gave back to Loretta worth nearly $200. Peter asks Loretta to meet him later by the Ferris wheel, but she instead goes to the stables with Tommy to see his new horse. Disappointed, Peter goes to the burger stand, and when Ma tells him that she won a race by accident, Peter realizes that she is Loretta's mother. The next morning, Peter makes a date with Loretta for that evening, and he and Tommy agree to race their horses the next morning. When Peter suggests lunch at the burger stand, Loretta, embarrassed by her humble circumstances, feigns a sprained ankle to avoid accompanying him, and she later has him drop her off at a false address to hide the fact that she lives in a trailer park. Tommy's horse defeats Peter's the next morning, but when Tommy sees Peter lending Loretta his car, he realizes that something is going on between them. Later, Ma's down-on-his-luck friend, Sad Sam, tells her that he is about to lose his horse, Henry the Eighth, because of his debts, and Ma buys the old horse at auction. Peter uses his influence with the racing board to see that Ma is accorded all the status and privileges of an owner, but the expense of owning a horse begins to drive Ma into debt. Peter convinces the board to fix a non-betting harness race to allow Ma to win, and all but one of the drivers, Grattan, agree to cooperate. On the day of the race, Tommy forces Grattan's cart into the rail, and after Henry the Eighth, with Loretta at the reins, wins the race, Tim claims the horse for $1,500. Later, at the Brennan Farm, Peter asks Loretta to marry him, and she happily accepts.