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Conspirator A newlywed suspects her... MORE > $15.95
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In London, in 1949, Melinda Greyton, a beautiful, eighteen-year-old American, attends a ball with her friend and sponsor, Joyce Penistone. The otherwise dull evening brightens when handsome, serious Maj. Michael Curragh of the British Army asks Melinda to dance. Despite their age difference, Melinda and Michael are strongly attracted to each other and begin a whirlwind romance. One day, however, Michael receives a mysterious, unsigned postcard at his home and, donning a hat, mackintosh and eyeglasses, takes the Underground to an old house. There, Michael meets a Russian named Alek and gives him a coded account of a General Staff meeting he attended. After complaining to Alek about the amount of time that the "Party" demands of him, Michael breaks that evening's date with Melinda and travels to Wales, where his beloved aunt Jessica lives. Sensing that her nephew, whose Irish mother exposed him to the activities of the Irish Republican Army during his childhood, is lonely and confused, Jessica advises him to find someone to love. Michael then telephones Melinda and invites her to join him. Although Michael's sudden departure had greatly upset Melinda, she accepts without hesitation and quickly ingratiates herself with Jessica. During a playful rabbit hunt with Jessica's grandchildren, however, Melinda becomes upset when Michael displays no empathy for a rabbit whose legs have been crushed by a trap. Michael apologizes for his insensitivity and, after professing his love, proposes. Following a lavish London wedding, Melinda moves into Michael's flat and is welcomed by Michael's housekeeper, Broaders. Soon after, Michael is summoned to another clandestine meeting and tells Alek and his secretary about his marriage, reassuring them that it will not interfere with his work. When Alek informs Michael that he has violated Party rules by marrying, Michael asks to talk with Radek, the "general director," but is informed that Radek never sees anyone. Sometime later, Michael tells Melinda that he has to visit his old army servant, Taploe, and cannot accompany her to a bridge game with Joyce and Capt. Hugh Ladholme, Melinda's former suitor. During the game, Hugh refers to Michael's servant by a different name, and Melinda is filled with suspicion. When questioned later, Michael calmly informs Melinda that he had another servant besides Taploe and reassures her that he is not having an affair. Melinda's uneasiness returns, however, when she finds his fake eyeglasses and mackintosh. After learning that Melinda has sent the coat to the cleaners, Michael yells at her to retrieve it and grabs her when she refuses. Michael then demands that she act like a proper wife and, stunned, Melinda apologizes. After a period of calm, Melinda inadvertently discovers an uncoded message that Michael was intending to give to Radek, which reveals that Michael has been spying for the Communists. Although Michael tries to justify his activities by telling the horrified Melinda about his uncaring English father and his exciting life among the Irish rebels, she can only see him as a traitor. When Melinda threatens to leave unless he gives up spying, Michael agrees to stop. Shortly before Michael, Hugh, fellow officer Henry Raglan, and their superior, Col. Hammerbrook, are to leave with Melinda on a hunting trip to Norfolk, however, Melinda intercepts another unsigned postcard. Distressed by Michael's duplicity, Melinda insists that he resign his commission or face exposure by her. Michael agrees and tells Alek that he is resigning from the Party, but Alek coldly reminds him of the loyalty oath he took. Alek then announces that Radek has ordered him to kill Melinda. Soon after, while hunting with Melinda in Norfolk, Michael contemplates shooting her, but before he can, his rifle accidentally fires, just missing her. Back in London, Melinda, unsure whether Michael intended to shoot at her, confides her situation to Joyce, who advises her to leave Michael immediately. Meanwhile, Alek and his secretary, who reveals himself to be Radek, demand that Michael complete his assignment, or face dire consequences. Upon arriving home, Michael discovers that Melinda has been packing and tries to stop her, struggling with her on the stairs. Broaders enters and interrupts the fight, and Melinda flees. Desperate, Michael goes to the old house, but finds it abandoned. When he phones Radek at the Russian embassy, he is told that "Michael Curragh" is dead and, understanding the meaning behind the pronouncement, stumbles home. Just then, Melinda arrives with Hugh and Hammerbrook, but before they can confront Michael, he shoots himself. Hugh then informs the grieving Melinda that Hammerbrook had known about Michael's spying for some time but, for security reasons, allowed him to continue. Aware of how the public would react if Hammerbrook's decision were known, Hugh asks Melinda to say that Michael killed himself because she had left him and, through her tears, she agrees.