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Come to the Stable

Come to the Stable(1949)

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  • Come to the Stable

    • diane
    • 4/4/16

    I've lost count of how many times I've watched this beautiful movie! Loretta Young has been my favorite actress to watch for as far back as I can remember and she glowed in this role! Her deep Catholic faith added to the sincerity of her part and just watching this movie makes me feel good. It's a shame we live in a time where movies like this are a thing of the past because our world is starving for these wholesome, clean family friendly movies of days past, where the whole family can sit and watch it together and actually get a moral lesson out of it. Well, that's this movie! Don't miss it!

  • Heart Warming

    • James
    • 12/20/15

    Once again I start by thinking how mediocre Loretta Young was and once again she 'owns' me 10 minutes in. A delight with a fine supporting cast. Great to see Dooley Wilson again!

  • Music from "Come to the Stable"

    • Romagno
    • 3/31/15

    The Gregorian Chant theme is actually the "Miserere" by Allegri. Quite a beautiful piece.

  • Come to the Stable (1949)

    • Diane Lane
    • 12/25/12

    Great movie loved the story- could see this happening after the war- things do happen for a reason. Would love to know when it will be available to purchase.

  • THE MUSIC......!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kathy
    • 3/31/12

    The movie is heartwarming...I love it-----but the music is simply Beautiful...if I can find that Gregorian Chant CANTAINA ROMANO..I would play it every day during my prayers...!...Pleae show this movie during upcoming HolyWeek!.

  • come to the stables

    • phillip vanover
    • 3/6/12

    I love that movie. I love the music in it. Can't wait for the movie to go on sale.

  • This Film Turnied On the Sentimental Waterworks

    • Ellen
    • 3/6/12

    OMG, what a marvelous film. Claire Booth-Luce wrote such a heart warming story. Who knew Sister Margaret and Sister Scholastica could achieve such lofty goals. BUT when they needed another 500 dollars to extend the contract on the temporary hospital in Betlehem (yes), a gentleman who had lost his faith, came through for them. Loretta Young and Celeste Holme were lovely, and the supporting cast was great. This film not only was a flashback for me remembering the nuns and Catholicism from my youth but a well written/directed venue of the other lifestyles of the supporting cast. Sister Scholastica used to play tennis professionally before she took her vows and it manifested itself trying to win $500 if she could win a set with against some annoyingly good players. It's worth a watch. I highly recommend it.

  • Come To The Stable

    • Arlette Gaffrey
    • 3/5/12

    I love this beautiful movie. It is the kind I grew up with, clean and refreshing.I hope you bring it back soon and especially at Christmas time. When I was young we had so many wonderful movies like this that always came out at Christmas time.I give this lovely movie 5 stars. I'd give it 10 if you will allow it.Thanks again and do bring it back soon. I would love for my grandchildren to see it.

  • A Christmas Tradition

    • Bill
    • 3/2/12

    When I was a child, viewing this movie with my Mother was a Christmas tradition. Irregardless of when it was scheduled to be televised, we always watched it. I continue the tradition and fondly recall the days of my youth and my dear Mother.

  • What a movie!

    • Rosalie
    • 2/28/12

    This was a really great movie! The story was refreshing and Loretta Young was outstanding as the Nun. Sure hope that TCM runs it again.

  • Come to the Stable

    • Darlene
    • 2/28/12

    What a beautiful movie. I would love to have this on DVD. Please show it more often and around Christmas. So special. Darlene

  • Childhood Memories

    • Debby
    • 2/28/12

    I have always loved this movie. I was first introduced to it by my Dad when I was a child. To this day, whenever this movie, or other such great classics air on TV, my Dad or I will contact the other to alert the other that they're on, so that we can both watch them at the same time. This is a movie that simply makes you feel good when you watch it, with it's simplistic faith, and emphasis on the possibility and power, of human acts of kindness. I wish it was available to purchase on DVD, as I'd love to surprise my (aging) Dad with a copy of it .... and get one for me to share with my children.

  • Thank You!

    • acarey
    • 2/27/12

    Dear TCM, I love your channel. I love your commitment to revitalizing old films. I cannot believe that a movie such as this existed and I never knew of it before. Thank you so much for finally airing it so all of us could enjoy this story. I hope you make this part of your yearly Christmas/Holiday line-up.

  • Heart Warming

    • Dediea
    • 1/2/12

    This is a movie that was shown every Christmas Eve in the 50's and 60's and now it is never shown. It has a wonderful lesson that young children today could use. Although the main characters are nuns the story is universal and heart warming.

  • Wonderful Christms Spirit

    • Chloe
    • 1/2/12

    This is a wonderful Christmas movie and I would love to share it with my family and friends... but it is still not available on me out TCM!


    • Carol
    • 12/29/11

    I loved this movie as a chid, and had the video tape as an adult. But still no DVD?? And rarely shown on TV!! My sister was rescued by Hugh Marlowe! It was in the 1960's. She was walking in Central Park in New York and a group of hippies came around her and her baby carriage and were dancing and jumping up and down. She was somewhat frieghtened ...and then a gentleman came over and asked if she would like some help. It was Hugh Marlow....she recognized that beautiful voice....he told the hippies to step aside and let this young mother through..which they did. He escorted her until they were out of the park. My sister told him how much she loved Come to the Stables...he thanked her...she said he was very kind and very charming. And this happened Christmas week!

  • Why have I never seen this on TV?

    • Brooksie
    • 12/27/11

    Come to the Stable is a great movie. The Music is memorable. Yet I can't remember ever seeing it on TV. It should be included among the Christmas Regulars. I look forward to seeing it sometime in the future.

  • Come to the Stable

    • Ursula
    • 12/18/11

    Great Movie - will be shown in February - could also be shown as a great Christmas Movie. Please show it more often. Loretta Young and Celeste Holm are great and the story is wonderful.

  • one of the greatest

    • carolyn
    • 12/18/11

    a great holiday film - wish you would play it on Tcm!!!

  • I'v e been searching for this movie

    • Linda
    • 12/17/11

    great holiday movie. I remember watching it with my mom who is now deceased. I keep trying to find it on DVD. Sure wish you would play it. This movie and miracle of the bells are two of the best "sleeper" holiday classics that never get aired.

  • come to the stable

    • tina gross
    • 12/16/11

    Still waiting for this wonderful movie to come on DVD. I write you every christmas time to see if you have done anything about getting it on DVD. I guess you arent' going to do anything about it so will not try again,and hope to see it at least on t.v. A sad fan of this movie.

  • Come To The Stable

    • Dan Wilhelm
    • 12/11/11

    I have been looking for this film for many years and TCM never has it. It is one of the best holiday films ever.

  • Come to the stable availability

    • Fiss
    • 11/25/11

    This is one of the best Holiday movies ever. It's a shame that it is not available. Please, please, please TCM help me out

    • 11/19/11

  • Where is "Come to the Stable??

    • Judy
    • 11/19/11

    I checked on 01/01/2008 and it was not to be found. Nearly 4 years later it is still not available! Please find it, if only to sir on TCM. I notice that TCM recycles the same movies over and over, sometimes within the same 2 week period. It would be so refreshing to see "Come to the Stable" in the lineup. I watch only TCM. If this movie is ever played, I will see it. Even if TCM can't get the movie to air, I will still be a devoted fan, but what a nice treat to get what I want!

  • great movie STILL not available!

    • rb
    • 7/8/11

    I love this movie and am really surprised that it STILL is not available on DVD, even here at TCM, if only in a collection. Highly recommended, if you haven't seen it.

  • come to the stable

    • pamela daughtry
    • 1/27/11

    I loved this movie. It was quite inspiring. I'm sure all Christians would love it too since it portrays God as He is- sovereign and in control in the affairs of mankind. It was so innocent and refreshing. I wish it would be available on DVD, but if not could you air it on TCM periodically. The first and only time I saw it I was just checking on TCM to see if a good movie was on and I just stumbled upon this treasure. I have been trying to see it again for a long time.

  • Divino

    • Sonia
    • 12/13/10

    Um dos meus filmes preferidos. Um filme sensvel e emocionante que transmite uma mensagem de amor ao prximo e compaixo pelos mais necessitados. Eu fiquei chocada do Filme no fazer parte do acervo do TCM , pois este filme um clssico muito conhecido e j deve ter sido lanado em DVD e se ainda no foi lanado deveria ser exibido em VHS para que os telespectadores pudessem ter ao menos a oportunidade de ver o filme e no de ficar frustado.

  • Come to the stable

    • Elaine Gross
    • 12/12/10

    Of all the crazy and silly christmas movies they show every yr,can we please have a very innocent and moving one. COme to the stable. I have not seen it in yr's and I wish they would show it at least at Christmas time. But would rather they put it on DVD. Come on TCM you have been my favorite show for quiet some time,and I want to see this movie again soon. Please and pretty please.

  • Maravilhoso

    • Sonia
    • 12/12/10

    Este filme um clssico. Muito belo este filme com a talentosa Loretta Young, pois transmite a mensagem de compaixo e amor ao prximo. Celeste Holm est excelente no filme. Este filme merece 10 estrelas.

  • Come to the Stable

    • Larry
    • 12/5/10

    A well produced, well scripted Christmastime movie. I haven't seen it on tv for years and would love to have this released on home video to be cherished for years to come. A movie that reminds you of Its A Wonderful Life!

  • Come To The Stable

    • Gordon Brown
    • 2/11/10

    This is an inspiring story beautifully acted by Loretta Young and Celeste Holm. I have tried to find it for several years but have been disappointed that no one sees fit to issue it in DVD form.

  • A true "Make you feel good" movie

    • Daniel Patrick Bills
    • 3/28/09

    This heartwarming film is strangely missing from all the other Christmas type movies of the 30s & 40s (Christmas in Connecticut..The Bishops wife. It's a wonderful life...etc. But it definity belongs there.When I relate the films plot to people who have not seen it or even heard of it the first thing they say is "Of I'm going to get that", then I tell them they can't because it isn't available.Such a shame to deprive so many people of such a great picture.The acting is superb by all in it.Most moving performance is by Thomas Gomez, I get goosebumps just thinking of it. Use your influence TCM to help get this great film released, or at the least please show it and we'll know what to do.!

  • kind of movie needed today

    • Chris
    • 12/16/08

    The story reminds me of the true story of how Mother Angelica and her sister community founded the EWTN Catholic media enterprize in Alabama.These things can and do happen in the real world. We need more inspirational movies during the Christmas season. I would hope that TCM would show this along with their other fine offerings.

  • This Movie needs to be released!

    • Sherri
    • 12/1/08

    In today's ups and downs where we have so many people losing their homes and jobs. We need this movie to be released to uplift them and all of us for that matter, and show how God can work to help in mysterious ways the people who need more but have less.

  • Just a wonderful movie.

    • Don
    • 10/28/08

    Considering all the lousy movies that TCM puts out on video,this gem would make and evening of movie viewing just wonderful. It seems that the suits are not paying attention.


    • sally
    • 8/26/08

    I hope our votes isn't a waste of time and some of these great movies, like this one, is released to the public on DVD in a timely manner.

  • where to see movie

    • leslie
    • 6/10/08

    You can find this gem of a movie online with Netflix. It is free to view online if you are allready a Netflix member. I just watched it and it was great!

  • The irresistable force of this little know movie.

    • DJ Covey
    • 2/27/08

    A brilliant cast support this wonderful story. Innocence at its best. It mixes Nun's,the Church, WW2,the Mafia and Hollywood all into one film.I love this film......

  • Childhood memories

    • Monica
    • 1/6/08

    I attended a very small Catholic school. For a special treat we would go to the church basement for movies. The nuns would fuss with the big reels, but it was always fun. No heat, we stayed bundled in the coldest part of the winter to watch a film. I would love to have this movie on DVD as it is a part of my childhood memories.

  • Wonderful movie for Christmas

    • judy mullinax
    • 1/1/08

    But I would watch it any time of the year. I always loved it when I was a child and especially loved the music. Please play it soon.

  • Great Holiday Film

    • Lois
    • 12/3/07

    I can remember this film being shown every Christmas for many years. It has not been shown for so long. The story is well done and the acting is great. Please bring this classic back to life.

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