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College Holiday

College Holiday(1936)

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Dick Winters falls in love with Sylvia Smith at a college dance, but before he can learn her complete identity, she is called away to California where her father is ill. Sylvia discovers that her father's beachside hotel, Casa Del Mar, is failing, despite the help of his new business partner, J. Davis Bowster, a publicist and bandleader. Sylvia decides to stay on to help save the hotel, and the creditors agree to wait one month before allowing eccentric chewing gum heiress Carola Gaye to call in the mortgage loans. After being chased out of the hotel by the angry creditors, Bowster runs into Carola and her friend Professor Hercules Dove, who are dressed in Greek togas and are on their way to the hotel. Bowster convinces Carola to give him money on the pretext that he will supply her with young college students for her "Bodies Beautous" project, a eugenics experiment that she is conducting with Hercules. To that end, Bowster travels across the country by train collecting hundreds of young men and women, among them Dick, Johnny Jones, Eleanore Wayne and Daisy Schloggenheimer, who, on her mother's advice, slugs any man who tries to kiss her. In order to delay Carola's takeover of the hotel, Bowster allows her, Hercules and Hercules' daughter Calliope, who has arrived with her friend, George Hymen, in a Greek chariot drawn by white horses, to believe that the students are taking part in their eugenics experiment. The students, however, believe they are participating in a summer music program and vacationers are drawn to the hotel by the promise of a collegiate musical revue. Calliope immediately starts taking measurements of all the male students in an effort to find a "perfect man," whose physique matches that of the statue of Apollo. Bowster spends his time trying to hide the truth from everyone and, in accordance with Hercules' wishes, to prevent romances from blossoming between the students. He finds this latter part of the task impossible, for among the many students who have fallen in love with each other are Eleanore and Johnny, and Dick and Sylvia, whom Dick finally has tracked to the hotel. After a rehearsal of the musical revue, Hercules gathers the students around Calliope and asks her to use her psychic vibrations to select perfect mates, although the students believe they are selecting dance partners. Calliope does not match students who are already in love, and when an electrician for the show accidentally gives her electrical shocks, she interprets them as vibrations to guide her in the pairing of students. One evening, the arranged couples are gathered in Cupid's Garden, a set complete with fake moon and perfumed breezes, courtesy of the electrician. The students rebel and regroup with their loved ones, much to the horror of Hercules and Carola, who threaten to call in the mortgage by mid-week. Bowster apologizes to the students for his deception, and Dick inspires everyone to save the hotel for Sylvia's father by going ahead with their inter-collegiate minstrel show. The day before the show, the sheriff arrives to arrest Bowster for fraud, and Carola displays an injunction to prevent the show from occurring. The students hide Bowster from the law, and shortly before the show the next day, they trick the sheriff, Hercules and Carola into a basement meatlocker and lock them in. In the meantime, Calliope has discovered her ideal man is George. While Bowster introduces each act, a swami whom Carola has brought to the hotel hypnotizes the students into releasing their captives, who have burned the warrant in order to keep warm inside the meatlocker. Hercules asks Carola for the injunction, but she refuses because she is too engrossed by the swami to be bothered with it. Bowster is then lowered from the ceiling and announces the close of the show.